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    Hi.Yesterday,I wanted to test a custom map.The spawn room is ready in the 2 teams.But,when I spawn, my player fall in a "void" whitout end.I spend 5 minutes of my life,falling down,looking for my map.It never show up:crying:.Isn't that akward:(? Does anyone have a solution to solve that problem?
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    Your spawnpoints might be too close to the ground. This will make the player glitch through the floor. Try to raise them a few units above the floor ;)
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    Wrong thread to be asking this. If you do not have any info_player_teamspawns in the map, the default location where the player spawns is at 0 0 0. You could move your map so the origin is inside the map as a safety measure

    Edit: The Mapping Discussion fourm is a better place to ask about problems.
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