The PSU on my computer totally blew out

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Vincent, May 2, 2011.

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    And that really sucks I tell you huuuwhat. I've had it for roughly 2 years, I think I finally pushed it over the edge when Portal 2 came out. I had that running plus Hammer and many many many many other programs for a good 34 hours straight at a time. (I love you Spring Break).

    So, with the fact that I need a new PSU in mind I would like to ask if anyone has a recommendation for a 600W+ PSU that's under $65's?

    The cheaper and more reliable the better. Thanks.

    Protip: PSU means Power Supply Unit. :thumbup:
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    Been there done that, sucks when it's the only usable computer, eh?

    Right after I got Psychonauts, too.
  3. Terr

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    Those are easy to find as long as you like explosions and sparks.

    Find one that's been reviewed by the guy with PSU testing equipment.