The Penguin Infection

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Arne, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. Arne

    Arne L3: Member

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    This is a true story!

    So. I heard that a link has said that can change your current avatar to a avatar resembling a penguin with a plum hat.

    [​IMG]'+encodeURIComponent(g_sessionID)"> This link will change your avatar to said avatar above. Use this on your own risk.

    This was spread to my friends like a fire or a rabies virus that turns every people it touches to zombies.

    When I checked my friendslist, since this post was about 6-7 friends got fooled and became penguins.

    ...and this man is responible of the 'infection'.

    And this is one of the chats I had when I spread the link.

    den 14 december 2012
    19:50 - Dïcecübe: Click this. I dare you!
    19:50 - Dïcecübe:'%5Cu002Fgames%5Cu002F8970%5Cu002FselectAvatar%5Cu003FselectedAvatar%3D14%26sessionid%3D'%2BencodeURIComponent(g_sessionID)%22%3E
    19:50 - Xeramøx: wat
    19:50 - Xeramøx: wat
    19:50 - Xeramøx: wat
    19:51 - Xeramøx: o_o
    19:51 - Xeramøx: my avatar
    19:51 - Xeramøx: :s
    19:51 - Dïcecübe: Hahaha
    19:51 - Xeramøx: what the fuck is that
    19:51 - Dïcecübe: Fried spy and Steveh + Rawkun got that too.
    19:52 - Xeramøx: oh god :/
    19:52 - Xeramøx: its a hack?
    19:52 - Xeramøx: or a bug?
    19:52 - Dïcecübe: No.
    19:52 - Dïcecübe: It's a link with a bunch of command lines i guess.
    19:53 - Dïcecübe: And shnabub is the source of this
    19:53 - Dïcecübe: 19:45 - Shnabub:'%5Cu002Fgames%5Cu002F8970%5Cu002FselectAvatar%5Cu003FselectedAvatar%3D14%26sessionid%3D'%2BencodeURIComponent(g_sessionID)%22%3E
    19:45 - Dïcecübe: Lol.
    19:45 - Shnabub: welcome to the pinguin army
    19:45 - Dïcecübe: You hackor!
    19:46 - Shnabub: welcome to the pinguin army
    19:46 - Dïcecübe: You almost scared me!
    19:46 - Dïcecübe: I tought my account got hacked!
    19:46 - Shnabub: xD
    Shnabub has changed their name to Shnabub *Penguin Army Commander*.
    19:53 - Xeramøx: derp
    19:53 - Xeramøx: link that to gordon
    19:55 - Xeramøx: hahahaha
    19:55 - Xeramøx: 19:55 - The Gordon Freegineer: WUT
    19:55 - The Gordon Freegineer: HELP ME
    19:55 - The Gordon Freegineer: AHH
    19:56 - Xeramøx: 19:55 - The Gordon Freegineer: AHH
    19:56 - The Gordon Freegineer: NO
    19:56 - The Gordon Freegineer: YOU BETRAYED ME
    19:56 - Dïcecübe: Sent it to gordon
    19:56 - Xeramøx: shit
    19:56 - Xeramøx: i clecked again
    19:56 - Xeramøx: :3
    And few minutes after I got a other reaction.

    20:06 - The Gordon Freegineer: well
    20:06 - The Gordon Freegineer: shit.
    Well. If you still don't trust me. I got a link here. (Posted it as a link because it's a 1920x1080 picture.)

    Well it was anyways fun.
  2. Burnout6010

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  3. GPuzzle

    GPuzzle L9: Fashionable Member

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    This title is perfect for a L4D2 map set in Antarctica.
    "Penguins were cute... Until now."
  4. Seba

    aa Seba DR. BIG FUCKER, PHD

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    The link is just the link Steam pages use to change your avatar, like the TF2 or L4D2 ones. It's nothing special.
  5. Arne

    Arne L3: Member

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    However, it was 'special' for the (almost) all of the steam users, from my point of view, who don't know or haven't encountered yet this 'freature' of using the links.
    And... honestly I have few friends who has used steam for almost 6-7 years now. They didn't know of this either.
  6. Yacan1

    aa Yacan1 D I G I T A L I N F L U E N C E R

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    The automatic avatar thing is pretty recent actually. I don't think seniority is a part of it.
  7. Pocket

    aa Pocket func_croc

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    Clearly this is part of an elaborate ARG Valve has launched to promote Steam for Linux. Quick, everyone download the avatar file and experiment with changing the extension and trying to open it in other programs!

  8. Rone

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  9. HQDefault

    aa HQDefault ...what

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    Question... can you change the avatar BACK?
  10. Muddy

    aa Muddy Muddy

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    Ah, I remember this. I was one of many victims of that prank.

    Also, gg on unnecessarily digging up a two-year-old thread.
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