The Hammer Times - May 2014

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    • This month, the biggest news is probably the Tale of Two Skillsets contest coming to a close. All entries are in, and it's your chance to go vote! Voting ends early June so go vote now!. Fantasmos has put together a nice showcase video of the maps!
    • The preliminary discussion for the 72hr Summer contest has also begun. Make sure you drop over and let Frozen know your thoughts!
    • Egan has released his first video in a series of Mapper Interviews, a series dedicated to remembering and 'putting on the record' the experiences and knowledge of veteran mappers. First up is Eric 'Icarus' Wong, creator of Coldfront, Vector, Waste and a whole slew of other maps. Make sure to forward your questions to Egan for his next interview with Sean 'Heyo' Cutino!
    • Finally, the heatmap plugin is looking for your feedback! This plugin is being designed to record multiple events from a test, including kills, sentry placements and maybe even more! It needs your help with development, so make sure you head over to the announcement thread to see how you can help. Also, head over to the marathon test voting thread to cast your vote on which map is going to be marathon tested with this plugin.

    Maps and Assets Highlight
    We've had a whole truck load of new maps and assets released in since the last Hammer Times. Instead of boring you with every single release, here's some of the highlights that stood out the most.

    • EArkham and Aly have released their Japan Pack. This is a full theme pack, complete with everything from gongs to three types of Tori gates to even Asian themed rooves (available in 3 faaabulous colors!)
    • Crash's Glassworks has been gaining steam in the competitive scene. A 5CP map nestled somewhere in an alpine setting, it's complete with, you guessed it, Glass and funny looking cliffs!
    • Bakscratch's Stallone, a small KotH map based on a picturesque, beach resort. UGC 4v4 League has picked this up for their current season! Congratulations to Bakscratch!
    • Maple Ridge is a newer KotH Map being developed by Berry~. Early testing has shown that this map has a lot of promise. Make sure to throw your support towards Berry!
    • Zeq's Cliffhanger is an interesting take on the domination game mode. A new member to our community who we should all give a warm welcome too, Zeq has created a map inspired by Halo with a unique gamemode, Domination. The visuals are very interesting and it's great to see new gamemodes being seriously developed here.

    Tutorials, Resources, Guides and Discussion

    And thats it for this decades Hammer Times. See you, next century!
    (jk, see you in a few months)

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    Also nice to see these back, wasn't Valk doing them before?
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    I don't know. I saw that no one was doing them, and I enjoyed them. So I told frozen I was doing them again. He said OK. So I started doing them again.
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    A picturesque what?
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    Seriously, we need to scrape together some cash and buy Crash some displacement training.
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    UGC 4v4 leauge. Didn't you get that?
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    I was doing them but I stopped for uni, I talked to harribo about doing them again and he said yes, but if Aly wants to do them she can, I am not too bothered either way
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