The Hammer Times: June 2013 Newsletter

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    June 2013 Newsletter

    Beep boop! It's time for another newsletter!



    The biggest news this month is, without a doubt, the beginning of a mapping pack: The Pacific Pack. To put it simply, our chat regulars got together and arranged a collection of maps, props, and other resources based around a pacific/islander theme. If you're a skilled mapper/modeler/texturer/person who imitates exotic bird calls for a living, give them a shout (in the form of a post in the thread) to offer your help. And if you're just starting out in any of the above categories, give it a shot as well! Even if your creations don't make it into the final version of the pack, you'll get a lot of feedback on your work and learn a lot for future projects.

    Equaling, or maybe ever surpassing, the Pacific Pack in ambitiousness is x6herbius's Crowbar project. Meant to replace Hammer as the leading Source Engine world editor, the program is currently in the planning/early development stages and is quickly gathering momentum. If you care to share some ideas or coding knowledge, feel free to do so in the thread.

    The SDK is, sadly, still not completely fixed. *shakes fist at Valve* Fortunately, there is a temporary workaround for Hammer; take a look at Brewskii's thread and get mapping. However, this method does not count for bloating your SDK playtime. Sorry, Snacks.

    Maps and Assets Highlight

    Sadly, no assets have been released and no maps have been put into the Showcase. However, a few ambitious maps have sprung up, most notably Fubar's tc_daedalus, a collaboration Territorial Control map meant to become part of the Pacific Pack. Fubar is looking for help with this project, so if you feel you're up to it let him know.

    Tutorials, Resources, Guides and Discussion

    The ever-fantastic Boojum Snark has updated his Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack to work with .vpk's and the new Hammer fix. Make sure to thank Snark if you see him; after all, he's the one who made all those door and gamemode prefabs you still use!

    Xi.Cynx kindly updated his Decompiled Valve Maps thread; it is current as of 25 May this year. Now you can steal even more ideas from Valve mappers!

    That's all for this month, ladies and gentlemen; we'll see you in July!
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