The Hammer Times: Feb-May 2013 Newsletter

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    May 2013 Newsletter

    Hey everyone! We're ridiculously late but anyway here's a recap of everything this past 4 months.


    In Major Site News, our 9th Major Contest, Mann vs Machine has been and gone. The results are in and the winners have been announced! Check out for the full results. Thanks to everyone who participated, tested, played and judged the maps! In the meantime, how about posting some ideas on what you think would be a good idea for our next contest and why we should do it in our Contest Ideas thread?

    Raven Software have once again begin their Level Design Internship Program and IrishTaxIDriver has invited our members to get involved and participate. More information here: Ends July 1st.

    With Yyler leaving the site staff team and TF2maps as a whole our MvM server that he owned and graciously donated to the site is now long dead, the good news is we've gone and made one for ourselves! The ip is (click to join). The feedback plugin and uploading are all setup for it thanks to Ravidge and Drp. I've uploaded all the contest maps so there's something to play on over there for now.

    Ex-Staff Frozen has just put the thread for his 4th almost-annual TF2maps's 72hr Mapping Contest! Starts Friday June 21st. Click here for more details

    In TF2 news, EVERYTHING HAS EXPLODED! The dreaded STEAMPIPE update for TF2 is here and the SDK made completely unusable unless you preemptively backed up a bunch of files before you converted your client to the new format. Here's a FAQ Valve made if you still have more questions on what's changed with Steampipe.

    Dont fret though, Fletcher from Valve has very kindly opened up the beta steampipe compatible SDK up to the public, just opt into the sdk_tools beta for TF2 through the Betas tab in your TF2 Properties from in the Steam Library. More info in Jethro's thread here. The SDK beta is a very early release and expect some minor issues if you choose to opt in for the ride, like that's ever been problem before.

    In minor site and server news...
    • One of our Members, Selentic taken over Sunday Gamedays and pulled them back Saturdays with a Funday on Sunday instead. Go send him a PM just saying a single 'thanks, you're cute :3', he loves that.
    • The stock 24 player server should be all fixed now, thanks to Ravidge again

    Maps and Assets Highlight
    A couple maps have been moved over to our Map Showcase with some of our more finished maps and 3DNJ retools his map kong king into Arena gamemode
    and a few assets popped up over the last quarter
    Also, Rexy did some MASSIVE changes to his Tiny Boy Payload Cart and finally assigned MASS to it. I'm so sorry He isn't - theharribokid

    Tutorials, Resources, Guides and Discussion

    • Things I Wish I'd been Told When Making my First Map -
      Yet another helpful list of tips for the newest among us (and maybe some older ones that just never learn). Take a good read and get yourself on the right path from the start, there are many pitfalls in source mapping, luckily posts like these are here to help.

    • TrenchBroom, a user created Quake 1 map editor -
      Who knew that mapping for Quake was still a thing? Nevertheless a man has created a new mapping editor from scratch for this old game. Quake is very heavy on it's BSP editing and as such this tool focuses a lot on improving that aspect of mapping. Very nice to see what he's done and then we can all join in and be mad because these features aren't part of TF2 mapping yet.

    And that wraps up these last few months, Don't forget to join our Steam group (Link) for announcements on major site events as well as Map testing events and impromptus. If you just want to be informed of these newsletters every millenia to catch up on what's going on around here like our Facebook page (Link) where that's pretty much all that will be used for! See you next time
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    I still have my 12 slot european server we can use for the site if we need it :)
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    contest* ?

    Please don't hate me ;_;
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    You forgot the foolsday. That was a blast.