The Hammer Times: December 2012 Newsletter

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    December 2012 Newsletter

    Hello again! It has been a while, hasn't it? The last time we had a news post was July, which feels so long ago. A lot has happened! We have a lot to talk about.


    First: the site rules were recently updated, including forum, chat and server rules. Please take a moment to refresh yourself. It is all pretty common sense stuff, so there shouldn't be any issues. You've probably seen this already. Thanks!

    The 9th contest is upon us! It's all about Mann vs Machine, and collaboration is allowed. Get to the rules thread for more info!

    As a reminder, we do operate an IRC channel in addition to the Steam chat, so if IRC is your bag, connect here or point your client to #tf2maps on Quakenet.

    In minor site and server news...
    • There is a new map rotation on the server!
    • In addition, RTV has been disabled
    • TF2M has an official MVM server that anyone can use, like the normal server
    • Prestige, Seba and yyler have all been promoted to site staff
    • Maps in the workshop and showcase now correctly link to, so players can see where a map is getting played
    • Forum users can now use
      tags (in the same way as QUOTE or CODE) to hide large chunks of text.
      [*]SD and MVM are both selectable in the "Game type" field when posting a map (image)
    Maps and Assets Highlight
    Several great maps have been put in the showcase lately! Here are just a few:
    And great new assets? Sure!
    Tutorials, Resources, and Guides
    Many great tutorials and resources have sprung up lately. Here are just a handful:
    Well, that looks like all we have this time! Thanks for reading and we'll see you next month! As always, leave your feedback and point out anything we missed.
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