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    This month's newsletter was written by Valkyrie (Valerie on the forums) so thank/yell at him when you see him.


    Hello my fine friends, the newsletter is back and now it has 100% more Valkyrie.



    The biggest news of August has to be that our very own Egan is hosting a Detailing mini-contest. If you have the itching to practice your detailing then this is the perfect contest for you, but act fast, there is very little time left until they are due. I wish all the contestants luck.

    The Pacific Pack , which was mentioned in the June newsletter is into a full swing of production with maps and assets springing up all over the forums. The project is still in its early days and is still in need of even more maps and assets, if you feel up to the task please submit any work you want for it. Even if it does not make it into the final pack it will be a great experience.

    Maps and Assets Highlight

    This month has been rather busy with maps and assests:

    Dr. Element has very kindly released The rafflesia pack, this model was made to be used as part of the pacific pack. These bright and attractive looking flowers would look great in your map, it comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. Go over to his post to have a better look and to download them.

    Now for the big one, there have been a large number of maps released this month. Most notable are:

    Phi’s cp_sunshine, a very interesting and fun 5cp map. Hop onto the forums to have a look over it.

    Pawlakov’s cp_amelinium, as a new member to our community I extend you the warmest welcomes and look forward to seeing some maps from you, as for the map it is an attack/defend map based of steel.

    TheSlagApollo’s cp_sattalite, this is another new member to our community I also extend you the warmest welcome I can. I look forward to see more maps from you. The map itself is currently un-playable but should be released shortly. I look forward to it being part of game days.

    And an honourable mention goes to DonutVikingChap for his insane updating speed on his map ctf_infiltration . A 1 flag ctf map that has gone through a wide number of versions in the past month.

    Tutorials, Resources, Guides and Discussion

    The big one here is LeSwordfish and his Mann vs Machine buildables prefab . For those who hover around chat will know that LeSwordfish has been working his socks off making this prefab for public use. It adds extra buildables you can put into your maps for players to use. Each of these cost a certain number of points to acquire. Go over to its thread to find out more about this amazing prefab and so that you can download it yourself.

    That’s everything that has happened this month, I will see you all again at the end of September.
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    Thanks for info about my map :D
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    No problem :)
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    What? No talk about the maps that keep popping up in gamedays? I've almost learnt their names!
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    Good read as usual, it's getting me motivated to make something for the pacific pack!
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    I'm not really sure where to go for this, but could I possibly get a feature in the next Hammer newsletter? There's an arena map I've spent far too long on that I've finally made playable, and I'd be very grateful to get all the play testing and feedback I could get!

    A huge thankyou in advance, and for reading this
    Sincerely, GooGuGajoob