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    Our clan recently ran a test of some custom maps that we were considering putting on the server, and at the end we ran a vote of which ones to keep. There were only about 24 people max on at one time, but I thought it might be interesting to some of the authors:

    plr_panic_b2 69% yes
    koth_basalt_rc2 87% yes
    ctf_haarp_test6 87% yes
    cp_stark_b2 100% yes
    cp_coldfront_rc3 82% yes
    koth_shockwave_test1 89% yes
    koth_traingrid_b1 69% yes (will be made into a melee map)

    Congratulations on the 100% YM! I really liked how the main entrances to each point used that same gate, but I felt they could be sticking out of the cliffs a bit more in some places. Also, the upside down grain machines on the ceiling of spawns looks weird, maybe pipes would be better. Overall the map felt new and interesting, but I still picked it up very quickly.

    I know this is quite old now, and maybe the version we played isn't the most up to date, but I felt there were a bunch of OP sentry spots, especially around the second cp of the first stage. I enjoyed the outside bits more than the inside bits.

    It was hilarious fun, but getting stuck in the walls is a pain, as are sentry guns...

    Not sure if this is an old version, but people complained it wasn't 'cold' enough... I noticed that the blizzard effect was missing. Apart from that it was amazingly well detailed and played like a charm.

    I couldn't stick around for the others, sorry. I have some demos that I'll convert later.
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    It's a bug that comes with custom weather particles. It occasionally isn't rendered. Recording a demo and stopping usually fixes it.