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    Hi there guys. I'm wanderrful a.k.a wand a.k.a Love Steals the Day a.k.a patriot from commFT. I used to broadcast alongside leogeo2 at and I am now broadcasting with djfivenine and schetter at I've also made videos explaining, analyzing, and introducing the competitive community to maps, both custom and not.

    The head of CEVO messaged me and Kuiper (also from commFT) a while back to help him out by picking the map pool for his next season. Furthermore, he tasked us both with basically becoming the Supreme Court of competitive maps. I wrote an article explaining what we'll be doing here on the commFT front page a week or so ago.

    One of the guys in those comments asked me to come here and introduce myself to you guys so that you at least know that there's some group out there to try and help you guys get your maps noticed (assuming they're good enough for proper competitive play, of course).

    The majority of the people in our group are people whom Kuiper and I feel are experienced enough to give the best feedback possible on each of the maps we look at.

    I can't agree more with vilepickle, and Kuiper and I are probably the most open-minded people in the competitive community right now. One of our goals with the group is to have enough of a good reputation to be able to properly introduce new competitive maps on an official level.

    Right now we're in the process of going through all the custom maps we can find that look like they could be appreciated and accepted by the competitive community. Our first order of business is to find maps for CEVO's map pool, but after that we will be constantly looking at maps and trying to work with you guys to make them good enough for competitive play.
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    There's not much to say other than thanks for the assistance and that I hope this can help ramp up the total usage of custom maps in tf2. You may look at trying to bring new modes into competitive while you're here as well. This, combined with a recent effort shift for competitive gamedays by Flame, Freelance Fox, and many others in the community may bring along more maps for competitive and force people to develop quicker, more robust map strategies and whatnot rather than the same overused ones.