The Areyon Scout Drone

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    Wow just found about this device used by the rebels in Lybia to help in the fight against Gadahfi - after the rebel government became a recognised political body.

    It's made just down the road from me in Waterloo, one of Cda's tech hubs.

    This thing is amazing - will probably be bought but the truckload for the US Military.

    The big US suveilance drones cost about 40 million - this thing costs only 120,000, weighs 3 pounds, fits into any backpack and can be used by front line combat troops while IN COMBAT and you can be an expert in how to use it an about 1 hour of training. It's amazing and already used by the department of homeland secutiy. Check out the videos!
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    Wow that's really great Picture QUality on that drone.