The 2022 Summer Jam Showcase!

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Oct 5, 2014

Header image by @Suna, featuring Jam entries by @Erk, @~={Mr. Mild}=~, @Spektral, @troffel, @Cucumber, @Diva Dan, Square, @pivotman319, and @DudeTheNinja

After a about month and a half of counting, sorting, and organizing, it's time to show off the best of the best when it comes to this year's 72hr TF2Jam! And hold on to your butts, because it's the biggest showcase yet at 140 entries!

The Numbers

This year we received 908 entries*, shattering last year's total of 345 and our previous all-time record of 742 set in 2017! We also shattered our previous donation record (around $10,000 in donations from 1122 different donors) by raising $17,916.40 total from 1616 different donors! This year the money went to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), an international, independent organization that provides medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, and more. Way to go, TF2 community!

*779 being eligible for medals, with the rest being early, late, stolen, low-effort, deleted by the creator, or second/third/fourth/fifth entries from the same person

Here's a breakdown of the 779 valid entries we got:
Map                143
Weapon/Item        7
Cosmetic           21
Warpaint/Texture   41
Unusual/Particle   12
3D Model/Prop      22
SFM                220
Artwork/Image      297
Video              33
Music              10
Craft              26
Food               3
Other              73


Before we get to the entries, there's a few people I need to thank! Huge thank you to @Suna and @nesman for organizing the Jam this year, as well running the official Twitch Stream of the event. If you'd like to watch the Jam coverage, the full VODs of the show will be up on the official YouTube channel soon!

Speaking of the stream, thank you to all of our incredible guests! You all made the stream so much more fun, and I hope to see some of you back next year!

Special thanks to everyone that helped sort the entries and donations: @Sonoma, @Pdan4, @14bit, @DoctorDoomtrain64, @Flipy, @Alex.bsp, and @Erk. The showcase wouldn't exist without you!

And—and I say this every year—I'd like to thank you, the reader, as well. Without this community the Jam wouldn't exist. I'm constantly amazed by everyone's talent, and look forward to seeing what you'll all do in the future.

Without further ado, on to the showcase!

Lets Build a Map Together.jpg

Up first is our Artwork entries! To kick everything off, we have Lets make a Map Together by @Squidward... no wait.

Dusky Strummin.png
We also got a few other Engineer-based artworks this year, so be sure to check out Dusky Strummin' (shown right) by @ThatMrFoxx, EngiDeer is EngiHere! by @Pocket_Deer, and Little gun by @Nice Guy (which features female Engie!).

Speaking of genderswapped characters, don't miss out @Pdan4's 3D model of Mister Pauling.

And since no showcase is complete without an appearance from the Administrator, be sure to check out this incredible Administrator Portrait by @~={Mr. Mild}=~!


Up next, let's take a look at some art of Pyro! First, we've got some old-school animated goodness from @Muddy with Steamboat Pyro. Be sure to check out the black and white version as well!

Since this is the summer Jam, it seems a lot of the Pyro art we got is full of summer time fun! Check Pyro's Vacation from @Overlord Lettuce or have some ice cream with Pyro Summer by @bluminade.

Pyro also seems to be getting in on the Jam action with some lemon-flavored-Jam-themed vitamins with I want some Vitamin U by @dudeDOS!

And looking past summer, it seems Pyro is already warming up for Halloween in Pyro's Graveyard Shift by @Spektral.

Turning our attention to a few other mercs, check out spy gaming by @Kosharik545 for a bit of badassery from everyone's favorite sneaky stabber, or Operation: Frickin' Sweet Ninja Scout (Cartoonish Style Drawing) | #tf2jam by @thepieskyhigh for some awesome Scout action.


Taking a break from the mercs, let's take a look at some other subjects we got artwork of! Above is @Chickenman456's incredible pl_walkingbread Prop Designs, which are for a theoretical map they did concept art for that made it into last year's showcase! And speaking of concept art, don't miss @iiboharz's Acme Steel, a recreation and render of some early TF2 concept art made in Blender. And on the topic of artwork of maps, @scarfie made a cool stylized drawing of Steel's B point in steel. Neat!


And to transition us from map artwork into pixel art, have some pixel art of Hightower in @Mustard.'s Isometric Hightower (Pixel Art) , or some Demoman/Heavy/Spy pixel fun with @harrold_real's Demo & Heavy, both shown left. Well done!

And one more aside before returning to the mercs, check out some mechs in Warring Mechs by @Vipes!

Rettungsschwimmer 1.png

Above you'll find The Rettungsschwimmer by @MantaMagnolia, and if you're looking for more Medic artwork, check out Medic by @cult123 and danke! by @mei.

If you're looking for some sweet art of Demoman, be sure to take a look at @★|BestarAG|★'s wonderful pencil sketch of Demoman (shown left) or a beautiful look into Soldier and Demo's friendship made in Gmod with @36R49's Forest_hause.

For a bit of a wackier exploration of their friendship, don't miss @Wuxhiff's Critical S*ht Poster, a new take on a classic meme in the form of movie posters starting Demoman and Soldier! And if you're looking for a more serious homage to the medium of film, don't miss Akira Movie Poster (GMod Render) by @shawty, which features Scout stepping into the main role in this incredible movie poster!

And speaking of posters, check out @« KeyGen »'s Soldier Propaganda poster too.

Next up, Sniper! He's got a bit of a smoking problem, but at least it looks cool in @troffel's brilliant 72hr jam - it's apples mate. Speaking of headshots of Sniper (pun intended), don't miss my sniper by @Cucumber. And speaking of Cucumber, they made a second entry called sniper:) also featuring Sniper, but this time hanging out in the pouch of a kangaroo! I love this one, well done.

And to round out the artwork section, we have five (yes, five!) entries from @ゆず the nowhere king. We've only got room to show off one here, so below is the incredible finding yourself, but be sure to check out finding yourself (animated), The burning you feel? It is shame., The burning you feel? It is shame. (animated), and time to get sunburnt. All five are absolutely stunning!



It's time for some 3D stuff, in the form of new cosmetics and weapons! Most of these entries have links to their workshop pages for you to vote on if you click through to the downloads, so don't forget to vote for any you see here on the workshop if you like them! First up, check out this incredible backpack for Demoman by @MC_Labs15, the Barrel O' Booty (shown below).


Animation (237).gif
As usual, we got a few cool Pyro cosmetics this time around. Don't miss the Pyshroom [Hat] on the right by @Toad ☂, Folvaen, Bonk, Lazersofa, and Tiik, which has jigglebones! For a bit of summer Pyro fun, check out the Flammable Floaties by @Brodzilla, and for a combo Spy/Pyro mask, check out the Happy Sappy (Cosmetic Item) by @Diva Dan and square.

And speaking of Spy, check out @Ye Welsh Tabby's (CONCEPT ART) Louis XIV set for Spy, which is concept art for a very regal set for spy!

And for a bit of multiclass fun, check out @Yikes's Blinds.

Finally for cosmetics, we also have a cool hat for Scout, the [72 HOUR JAM] The Hatchet Hare by @Awan™, RicePrezPip, and Hotrod.

To round out this section, let's take a look at a few weapons, starting with the Minecraft-Styled Sniper Stock Weapons by @DudeTheNinja, some cool Minecraft-styled replacements for the stock weapons, packaged up as a mod for easy use!

And finally we have @⸸⛧Luzifer⛧⸸'s Cool Coconut (2022 72 Hour Jam) (shown below), a new throwable weapon for Scout with a tropical flair. Neat!

1920px-Bananabay_main.jpg (1).png


It's time for Warpaints! Like with the cosmetics, most of these have links to workshop pages for you to vote on if you click through to the downloads, so don't forget to vote if you like them! First, keeping with the summer theme, we've got @Jacov's Summer Bonanza (shown below), which features custom wear that makes the sand look more wet the more worn out it is!

Showcase 1.png

Mondrian Machine.png
Speaking of custom wear, be sure to take a look at @HbiVnm's Wicked Wizardry War Paint which also has custom wear.

On the left you'll find the super cool (and team colored!) Mondrian Machine Warpaint based on artist Piet Mondrian's artworks by @RandomCuts, which I must say looks great on TF2 weapons. And if you're up for more grid-based skins, check out @Tomma #savetf2's chess-themed Check mate! or @Psyke's pipe-based Pipe Dreamin' - War Paint.

If instead you're looking for some funky florals, don't miss @Frillard's Floral Funkin' War Paint. Or if you prefer your weapons to look like health packs, look no further than @Renim and TwoTonMoon's Immunized - War Paint.

If you're into something a bit cleaner, be sure to take a look at @Fireshock's Team Worked War Paint, which is beautiful in its simplicity.

Also, be sure not to miss Borrowed Time - War Paint by @bubba_ either, which is a neat clock-inspired skin for your favorite weapons. Never forget what time it is again!

Finally for Warpaints, we've got this clever Jam-themed one from @wagoseal and Kellik, the Summer Jam Summer Jammed (shown below)! Very cool, very creative.


Unusual Effects

We got enough unusuals this year to warrant giving them their own (albeit short) section! Above you'll find the Summertime Celebration unusual effect by @Buck Frickem, what I believe to be our first ever unusual taunt effect in one of these showcases!

If you'd prefer your unsuals attached to your head, check out the Mackerel Mania | Unusual Effect featuring a fish in a water tornado that you can wear on your head above the hat of your choice, made by @Kerpongle, VocalicStorm8, and Scout Time.

Finally, don't miss out on @mokky and Tired Swiss's ★ Unusual Effect: Jimi Jammed! [72hr Jam], a very cool celebration of the Jam in the form of an unusual, shown right. Sweet!


We got a lot of videos this time around as well, and not just SFM animations (those will be down with the SFM entries)! Above you'll see the super neat Bonk Commercial by @Delanz_Unoriginal and Nik Bars, and if you're in the mood to find out what it tastes like, why not check out Scout's Drink by @SoupGuy7 to see what it's really made of.

Just below, you'll find the impressive TF2 Brickfilm (work in progress) by @Virtual XVI, Spamil, Ogromny Chuj, and quadrifoglioverde, an almost two minute TF2-themed stop motion film done entirely with Legos. Stunning!

Since it wouldn't be a showcase of all facets of the community without one, don't miss this year's chosen clip montage, Pyro Montage by @PyroHam!

And finally for video content, be sure to take a look at Soldier U1 Style - 72hr Jam (shown below) by @Kecko, Alt, and Wulfrayne, which is an entirely in-engine cutscene of TF2's Soldier in Unreal 1. They've included the files as well, so if you've got Unreal you can check it out in-game too!


We also got some really creative audio entries this year. Returning to follow up last year's showcase-worthy entry is @Sarexicus with dramatic duel, a song built from various in-game sounds, stingers, and songs. Check it out below!

And speaking of using bit of existing songs to make something new, don't miss @Narpas's Soldier of Dance (Kazotsky Kick) Fugue, a fugue based on the in-game song of the same name. It even includes sheet music! And speaking of re-imagining the music of TF2 into something new, don't miss @Whittaly channeling ULTRAKILL by making the TF2 Main Theme but in the ULTRAKILL OST style!

If you're looking for something different, why not give Team Fortress 2020(+2) - Main Theme (remake) (shown below) by @Polybrow a listen? It's quite a neat reimagining of the TF2 theme.

And to finish off the audio section, be sure to watch the mvm trailer but with wuxia movie music by @c(-w-c), a re-imagining of the MvM trailer with Chinese wuxia movie sounds in place of the usual TF2 MvM soundtrack. It hasn't been uploaded in a way I can embed here in the showcase, but believe me that it's worth clicking through to the download to check it out. It's really good!

3D Models/Props

Robro 3000.png
To kick off the 3D Models and Map Props section, we've got @Bonk Nickeltoon back with another LEGO model for the fifth showcase in a row, this time with the LEGO RoBro 3000, seen left!

We've got a few TF2-related 3D models made in MagicaVoxel this year too. Don't miss the Voxelised Health and Ammo Pickups by @Lo-fi Longcat, or the super cool Scout weapon in MagicaVoxel by @DRG Engineer (which is more than just one weapon, unlike the name suggests)!

If you ever wanted to replace the in-game skeletons with the crash test dummy from Expiration Date, you now can with @Pinewabble's Expiration date crash dummy. Neat!

If you're looking for map props you can use in-game, we've got a lot of those too! If you're looking for a larger prop for your maps, check out @Tumby's 72hr - St. Sampson Harbour Crane. Inversely, if that's too big, why not make use of @BigfootBeto's Snow Shovel? Or if you need something small to hold up something big, don't forget @Bakscratch's Beam Support props!

Finally, check out the stylish A Tape Recorder model (also an artwork that took way too long) by @Veliass, seen below.

poster final223.png

Other TF2 Assets

If it's not props you need, but still want things you can use in TF2, look no further than they few miscellaneous TF2 assets! To spice up the walls of your maps, check out @norfolk's norfolk Map Travel Posters showing off a few of their past maps, or if you want a bit of snow check out @Skeleton Hotel's Snowstorm Particle, shown below:

And if it's ever bothered you that TF2 doesn't have item descriptions for many of the hats in the game, @Eshap, Lawdee, Mitchy, and Ixy have got you covered with Added Item Descriptions - 72h Summer Jam 2022, a mod that adds item descriptions to more than 70 items that are missing descriptions! Check out some of them in this video below:


And now for our namesake; the maps! To get us started, check out the beautiful Zwiemuhl by @Dasprucegoose (shown below), a snowy CTF map with some great spytech intel rooms.


If you're looking for more CTF maps, don't miss @DrSquishy's Miniscule which features the capture zones at mid, or @Trotim's ctf_trot22, which features some nice angled geometry and works in both TF2 and TF2C!

And speaking of maps for various TF2 mods, check out @Jameson's Brutality 72h DM map for Open Fortress for some London-based DM action. And speaking on Deathmatch (but not Open Fortress DM for this one), we also got an Animal Crossing New Horizons-themed DM map, dm_newhorizon, by @Chromsmith!

And on the subject of tropical islands, why not visit @itsJakub's Island get away, for some Dodgeball?

And if you want a vacation even farther away, take a trip to outer space with @Aulli's Comet (72hr Jam) (shown right), which features a unique take on the space theme and a super neat custom mode where teams escort or try to destroy drills to the enemy side to drill for points!

For a different take on the space theme, check out koth_sol by @ethosaur, which takes place on a space station orbiting the sun. Check out the first of their three timelapses of their progress below, or check the thread for the other two parts!

The other two KotH maps we're featuring this year share a common theme; something's moving in both! Check out koth_havenstad_72h_a6 by @Commingle for an interesting take on KotH with a control point that moves towards the enemy's side while captured, don't miss the Clustertruck-inspired koth_cluster by @staryoshi06 in which the whole map is on the back of moving trucks similar to Helltrain or Convoy!

On the left you'll find the super cool cp_tankard by @GuardianAngel and Lil Boomp, a 4CP Medieval map. I love the point designs, very creative!

If 4CP is too much, why not try some 3CP? For your 3CP fix, we've got Seal by @savvaisnotagirlolbbq which has some super neat caves (and seals!), and @fiend's Sleight, which features fast, offensive-heavy rounds (and is also their first TF2 map ever)!

Taking a quick break from TF2 entirely, we got a few maps for an entirely unrelated games! @Duck Lemon has recreated KotH Harvest in DOOM, with GZDoom koth_harvest 72hr, and @Idolon has recreated cp_steel's A point in Half-Life: Alyx in CP_STEEL in Half-Life: Alyx


As usual, we got a lot of Attack/Defense maps, so we'll go through them based on the number and organization of their capture points!

First up, the 2cp ones. Don't miss @Grizzly Berry's beautiful Tomato (shown right) which was made entirely on his livestream, or @toopliss's Agate which features some fun point designs. To round out the 2cp A/D maps, we've got @Wilson's Backalley 2022, a 72hr remake of a 2020 72hr remake of a 2016 72hr remake of a different 2016 72hr remake of a previous map, I think. There's been so many that it's hard to keep track of at this point!

Moving on to 3-point Attack Defense maps, we've got two Gravelpit-style ones to show you. First is @Asd417's Cornkeep, which was Degroot Keep-style with a final point on a timer, but has since be converted to standard Gravelpit-style. Finally for Attack/Defense, we've got @14bit's cp_14bit_72 (shown below), another Gravelpit-style map, who's A Point is bisected with a moving sawblade!


If you're looking for Domination maps, we've got a few of those too! Check out the crazy, high-flying action of Shudder by @Wuxhiff, which features tons of verticality, grinders, and lots of jump pads. Have you ever wanted to play TF2 while in the middle of kaiju battle? Now you can, with @OctoBlitz's domination map, Kaiju!

Taking a break from restrictions of "gameplay" and "sightlines", let's take a look at a pair of details maps! On the left, you'll find @Erk's Jam Dam 2022, a densely-detailed scene featuring a giant dam. And don't forget to give cp_72alexdetailing_a1, a nice desert-y scene by @Alex.bsp, a run around too!

If you want to good looking map that you can play, give Jungle Jam from @SuperLuxDeluxe a test, and bask in the fast-paced, Jungley, 2cp Arena action!

Taking a quick peek into the realm of A/D CTF, check out @Maid's Thaw, which features some great brushwork, or @pont's wildly impressive Steeltype A/D CTF, adctf_pont72hr2022! Sweet!

And finally, check out the absolutely crazy payload map Beyond Time by @JackHunderwald, a crazy mashup of tons of different maps including Dustbowl, Doublecross, 2fort, Lumberyard, and more, as seen below. Wild!

2022-07-24 22_19_46-Greenshot.png


Now we've gotten the things made with Hammer out of the way, it's time to take a look at things made with another one of Valve's tools: Source Filmmaker! We'll be mixing animations in with still images this time, but to start we've got Jam Showcase regular @Ronald_D_D back with another animation! This year they made The Scout: Yer last delivery KID! SFM [72hr TF2 Jam 2022], a take on the Fallout: New Vegas intro but with Scout and the other TF2 mercs.

Speaking of Scout, check out this cool synthwave Sfm poster by @Firestarter and Shaman, or this high flying Jetpack Joyride by @pivotman319!

Up next, we've got a few vertical posters, which are hard to include since they take up so much space in the showcase! First, make sure to check out Strange things by @Star in a pond, an incredibly atmospheric piece featuring Engineer. Next, our choice for which one to actually embed in the showcase is Medic by @Daddy Leon, which deserves to be shown in full below:



For a Demoman-focused poster, don't miss Into the Breach from @Nalzurin (shown right).

If instead you'd like some SFM renders of Soldier, check out my first GMO by @DJ dj (who made three different entries this year!), or Evil Dead Fortress (a fun reference to the classic horror-comedy film Evil Dead 2) by @BoraY!

If you're looking for something a bit more animated featuring Soldier, check out [SFM] Contested by @Festivized-Nugget, Joe Go Dub!, I shit pee, Vapor19, and Big Blu.

And for one more Soldier-focused piece, don't miss the incredible Tengen Toppa Team Fortress by @Limta Roulence, shown below!


TF2 72hr Summer Jam BBQ Watermark.png
And speaking of robots, check out @_Cat_'s Engineer helped heavy but something went wrong..., a two-and-a-half minute long SFM animation in which Engineer turns Heavy into a cyborg so they can go steal an intelligence briefcase. Impressive!

For some nice summer vibes, don't miss your invitation to Engi's BBQ Party, presented by @Tscendrik (shown left).

For some more group shots of the mercs, be sure to take a look at @EggHead's Battle on the Badlands, or @OPLOM9FF's super neat car chase in For TF2 JAM (which also features a couple of behind-the-scenes pics in the thread!).

For a couple of renders featuring two subjects each, check out Scout and Demoman high-fiving in 72hr Jam - High Five! by @Clockwick and Punch, or Pyro and Soldier arm wrestling in Triple Vs ASAP by @Triple!

While you're here, don't miss The Manhunt (SFM Animation) by @Dribbleondo - Au Yeah, a short animation featuring Red team slowly closing in on Blu Soldier's location hidden away in a snowy cabin:

And finally for SFM renders, check out the delightful I guess the tractor broke down by @tomix7, shown below.


Digital Stuff

We got a lot of fangames this year, but before we get to those we'll start off with The Scream Fortress Brawl Special by @Alkyne, which is a fictional TF2 Halloween update page. Neat!

pyro gif compressed.gif
On the right you'll find Pyro Rush by @pataya, a fun little Pyro-themed rougelike where you have to escort payload carts through randomly generated stages full of soldiers. It's quite fun, give it a try!

If you'd rather make hats than fight, check out Hale's Hatterie by @sour dani, Peachdalooza, justyn, and Lexzach, which tasks you with manufacturing hats for Saxton Hale as one of Mann Co.'s newest employees.

If you've got an itch to speedrun, why not give Going Straight to the Point by @Zirk a shot? It's a fun little 2D platformer based around rocket jumping and trying to get the fastest time on each stage. Super impressive!

Finally, we've got Teufort Survivors by @Zimennik, Omletus, ManTF3, and Uksus (shown below), which is a TF2-ified version of the game Vampire Survivors! Featuring 5 playable characters and tons of upgrades, it's quite an impressive little game! Incredible work to you all that made this, it's really fun!


Physical Stuff

And finally, on to all the cool physical crafts that were made this year! Have you ever wanted actual, physical Botkiller Keychains (shown below)? So did @Yotts_, so they 3D printed one, turned it into a mold, then casted it in real metal! Be sure to check out the thread for WIP pics and descriptions of the whole process; it's really neat!


If you've got an interest in other reproductions of in-game items, be sure to check out @ZeBadmedic's reproduction Bombinomicon (shown right), or a cosplay version of the Hitman's Heatmaker by @YuSher, Scorch, and Bonjabo made from actual metal, wood and plastic!

If you're looking for TF2 hats in real life, be sure not to miss @vikapen's reproduction Ghastly Gibus hat either!

We also got an actual, wearable LEGO gunslinger| TF2 by @Killer_Vanya_666_228_post that also can spin just like its' taunt in-game! And speaking of Legos, check out this neat lego pixel art pyro by @grayman. Fantastic!

While it was about submitted about 8 hours before the Jam started and was unfortunately disqualified from being eligible for a medal because of that, we thought we'd showcase @Reixi2525's TF2 Birthday Cake IRL anyways since it's so good looking and we don't get many food entries.

For something a bit more heavy-duty, check out @☘️NACHO_'s entry, CNC TF2 Logo - Summer Jam Entry 2022, in which they carved the TF2 logo out of a block of wood with a CNC machine!

And to wrap up the crafts section, check out @Qroul's Pyroman and @cock's Plasticine hoovy, both made from plasticine and both shown below!


What's next?

Want more? Be sure to check out all 779 valid entries by heading over to the 72hr Jam Entries section of the download category!

Participation and donation medals have already been sent out and the cutoff date has passed; if you did not get one and think you should have, we are very sorry but cannot hand any more out.

Thanks for making this the most successful Jam yet! For us at TF2maps, we'll be taking a short break from major events, but be sure to keep an eye out for this year's Major/Minor contests, the last few challenges in Season 3 of Microcontests (our 24hr mapping challenges), and more! And to send us off, here's one final entry that I feel captures the spirit of the Jam: Teamwork by @Moth. See you around!

tf2jam20227 final2.png
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Sep 18, 2010
Was a great jam, I look forward to the next ones! And also thanks for showcasing my map!


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Aug 14, 2022
There is an overwhelming amount of AWESOME stuff in this thread. Fantastic jobs to everyone involved. Truly inspiring work!

Dribbleondo - Au Yeah

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Jul 22, 2016
Oh sweet, I got featured! Not my best work though, even for the Jam.

There's always next Jam. Great work, as always fellow TF2 Jam people.


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Aug 3, 2017
My Bombimonicon is in the showcase :D
Was really a Fun Jam and many great entries. So excited for the next one ;)


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Sep 6, 2020
Thank you for another great jam and yet another feature!
Big fan of this year's physical stuff in particular- those plasticine mercs melt my heart