The 2019 72 Hour TF2 Jam Showcase!

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    Header by Diva Dan, Kubeking, and Void. Featuring content from Ducksink, Square, Majora, Diva Dan, Sedisocks, Barno, Jeddyk, Erk, BiedroN, PootisGodAnimations, AxioMr, Kikouille Master, Pybun, and Hutty.

    It's that time again! Our most recent charity Jam wrapped a few weeks ago, and now it's time to showcase some of the best content you all made! Get ready, because this time we're showcasing exactly 100 of the best things made during the Jam!

    The Numbers

    This year we received 387 entries, a bit lower than last year's 625 entries. But don't worry, as together we've beat last year's total donations by over $2000, giving us a total of around $6500 (and counting!), through cash, and item, and round-up donations as of writing this post! All of this is going to The Trevor Project this time around, a cause that's important to a lot of us at I'm very proud of our entire community who came together to raise this much.

    Of those 387 entries,130 were maps, 33 were items or models, and 178 were drawings, SFM renders, or other works of visual art. We also got 8 videos, two entries of music, and one entry labeled as food. Despite the lower number of entries, the quality has gone up! Last year we had 95 showcase items (15.2% of the 625), but this year we have an even 100 (25.8%)!


    Before we begin, some thanks are in order to those who helped make this whole thing possible. Special thanks to @Void for organizing the jam again, and a shout out to @Idolon for creating and organizing the spreadsheet of entries we use to sort through them. Also a quick shoutout to @Geel for setting us up with a way to accept TF2 items as donations, as well as the "Round Up" donation feature on (which was responsible for much of the donations this time around!)

    Next up is everyone who helped sort though the entries for the showcase: @Berry, @Another Bad Pun, @Diva Dan, @Erk, @Flipy, @LoovyTurgz, @Idolon, and @Startacker! I'd also like to personally thank the rest of staff, the server mods, and our silver stars as well for watching chat while I was streaming. Thanks! Oh, and extra huge thanks to @LoovyTurgz for running near-continuous map tests for 30+ of the 72 hours. And as always, a shout out to @Crash and @Fr0Z3nR for creating the Jam concept in the first place. We wouldn't get to do this without you!

    I'd also like to thank the Trevor Project for partnering with us for our third charity drive! We broke our donation records this time, and we are looking forward for doing more Jams in the future. And finally, I'd like to thank you—yes, you—the one reading this! Without you and the rest of the community there would be no jam. I'm honored to be able to call myself a part of this amazing group of talented people who hang around

    Now that that's out of the way, on with the showcase!



    Let's start our showcase off strong with the rather lengthy Meet the Mapper comic by winter jacket! It's well worth a read. And speaking of monochromatic art, we also have the Airshot Bride by Loth!

    Next up we have the beautiful hand-drawn Dispenser by I.E.L 2, and the super neat Builders League, Unite! by EndMark_3!

    If you'd like some art with a bit more depth, check out Lo-fi Longcat's Monster Bash Voxelised, or perhaps the Lego Payload Cart by zandergb.

    If you're looking for a cuteness overload, be sure to look at Healing by TheLazerSofa, or JeannP's New to rocket jumping! If you want more Soldier after that (albeit less cute), we've also got the Solders' Salute by FunkEdge!

    If you're looking for more of the team in one picture, look no further than Beach Day Mercs by DemoN K!ng, Zefraxus, and Wick666, or The Team, created in Gmod by ✘─│─ʀ.Karate II.

    We got some great artwork of the Spy this year as well; the Ratification of the spy by Crispy Patty is a particular highlight, as well as the super cute Pixelart Spycrab by Appa!

    Just like last year, Pyro got a lot of love. Up first is one of my favorites, the Dreaming Astronaut by VR456, shown right.

    Pyro tries his hand at cooking in MOTO's oh no, and looks to the stars in lights by le bucket. They also look not to the stars, but directly at you in Dactir's Pyro fan art.

    To round out the Pyro collection, we also have the stunning JAWS | Pyroshark Recreation by loley and the wondrous just a small little tiny minuscule pyro by The Bran Man. They're so cute!

    We also got a great collection of 5 spray paints posters by onra77. I love these!

    And finally my favorite bit of artwork, the cover to Beep Man's Adventures by Veliass! Incredible work!



    Let's move on to the weapons and cosmetics next. If you're looking for boots, we've got some of those! Check out the Squeaky Swampers by Pixenal (shown left!), or the The Slippery Slippers form the talented nuggetboi.

    We'll get the hats out of the way next, since that's what you're all here for anyways. Up first is the double whammy of food-themed hats, the Jelly Doe-nut by Void, and the PPPAP by RIKUSYO. Great work you two, I'm still having nightmares!

    For some more standard hats, check out NeoDement's magical Runic Robes, Gigazelle's Clipper's Tricorne, or The Keanu Weave by Barno, SediSocks, and Majora. No, you're breathtaking!

    If you're more of the French persuasion, we've got some cosmetics for you! Check out the Hatellite by Ducksink and Square, the Phantom of the Battlements by Flipy, or get comfy with the Smoking Gunman (shown right) by Big Bob, Tabby, and Hotrod McCoolguy!

    We've got one weapon model worth showcasing this time around, and it's The Scouting Scoundrel from Petachepas and Vipes. Great work!

    Next we have two cosmetics that I totally didn't put together just because they sound funny together, the Summer Shorts by JZeeba and Tabby, and The Packin' Meat by Pie_Savvy, Patrezak, and DJB2401!

    And finally, we have the ultimate crossover event with The 2Fort Knight by staff member Diva Dan. Please direct all complaints towards him.


    Warpaints/Unusual Effects

    We've got some warpaints for you as well, and a lot of them are distinctly tropical in theme! We've got Fish Tank by Aeprl (shown right), Pineapple Appetite by Firebirdjr, and Stripped Shell saph to help get you into that tropical mood.

    If you're looking for something a less tropical, Overlord Lettuce has you covered with their warpaint,
    Engraved Danger.

    We got a few unusual effects as well, of note are Broken Affection Cheesypuff, MarkUnread, Muhai, and Grambee and Bloodpool Rytu.

    My personal favorite, however, is the Ray Of Sunshine by medadon, which is based off of our charity medal! Super neat!


    Now for some models and props that aren't cosmetics and hats!

    This time we had two entire reworks of existing player models. First is the Pyro remake (shown left) from BiedroN, and second is the Concept Art Scout by Alaxe and Uberchain. These are both incredible, and you should check them out!

    We got some vehicles this time around as well; a Golf Cart by FGD5, and Train Crane (technically a Derrick Train) by Asd417.

    If computers are more your thing, check out the Mainframe Console by DrSquishy, or the computer_low_drive by AsG_Alligator.

    Finally, we have the Medic Coffee Cup by I'm gonna snake that ass. I'm not going to comment on this one, I think it speaks for itself.


    SFM Artwork

    Up next let's take a look at the mercs in creative roles! First, we have some Engies doing some Mini-Mapping with Micnax (shown below), and then Scout tries his hand at painting in [GCS] Bogdan Gray's Draw me! And finally, we've got the mercs participating in a theatrical production in American Mercenaries by PootisGodAnimations.


    If you want some more action, have a look at MiragH's Persian Marauder, Ansanie's The Attack of the Dead Men, or the excellent The 72h Summer Jam SFM Poster Vulgar Jack-Priest.

    For some more styleized renders, check out The Crate Depression by DUCKY 2, Doctor for the 72 Hour Jam 2019 by ▲Daddy Leo, or Sunrise in Pyroland by R3DCyclops.

    Also be sure to check out Feels like Summer by Cinna and Cave Elevator PrivateerMan!

    What's this? A challenger is approaching in Scout Bats the Home Run by NotSoHoriz! Be sure to check out the updates tab on this one, there's a Hightower smash stage in there too!

    And finally my personal favorite SFM artwork this time around, In A Jam by The Scurvy Orange!


    Animation, Video, and Audio
    We got some neat things in the Audio/Video department this time around as well! Up first are our animated SFM creations.

    Ronald_D_D returns again this year to grace us with Nathan Vetterlein's sweet Scout voice in The Scout: !@#$%es LOVE Cannons! Following that, WingDing infected our hearts with Virus Doctor.

    In the realm of non-SFM videos, there's two we'd like to highlight. First is Delfy's Double Penetration, and second is the wonderfully animated Scout's Ice Cream from Sgt. Pinecone. Be sure to give this one a watch, it's quite the animation!


    And in the music department we got two EPs this year: Heavy's Karaoke Night - 3 Track EP by Mikroscopic, and the live-band production, Genuine Anger - Specialized Killstreak EP by Badger_, B0 Jangles, and Kelan Moore (the cover art is shown above). Great work, all of you!

    Maps and Other TF2 Assets

    I've stalled long enough, it's time to talk about the maps this year!

    Up first is a trip to the moon with Sandwhip's CTF map Theia.

    Then we'll head back down to earth and visit some steep hills and bunkers in Luther's koth_steephill and Skelly Odin's koth_barrenbunker.

    We got a lot of Player Destruction maps this year, each taking a unique approach to the mode.
    Deliver gifts from your fallen companions to purgatory to appease the cat lamps in
    pumpeak by pumpko, or go nuclear with FrostHoneyJuice in their nuclear reactor map, Ignabyl.

    If you're looking for something swampier, check out the dynamic capture zones of 14bit's Waterlog, shown right. If you're looking for something a bit drier, visit the raging infurno that is Mr.B3TA's Engulfed. The map also fully supports Pyrovision, which I believe is a first for one of our Jam entries!

    If you'd rather be destroying robots over players, check out Wilfire's MvM Warehouse!

    Next up we have two arena maps that were both made in the last two hours of the Jam: Bigg Outpost by our staff member Berry, and Panic by our server mod Startacker. Great work for such a short timeline, you two!

    We've got a few more polished arena maps for you as well. Check out nesman's aptly named nesmanjam or Tumbolisu's confusingly-named Arena 1p32471. I'm seriously not sure what this means, is it a type of plastic or something? Googling it give no answers. Please help.

    To complement health and ammo packs, the extremely talented Yrr gifted us with some Alternative Pickups (shown above and left), and showed them off in her map Hot Garbage!

    If you're looking for more gimmicks like that, we've got them! MegapiemanPHD, ChargingTurnip, TheFluffyCart, and Boby321 all teamed up to create a brand-new* gamemode in gd_powerbreak72_a1, which tasks players with destroying the enemy team's generator. Here's a look at the generator and its shield on the right!

    *This was technically done years ago in gd_rodense, but we don't talk about that one anymore

    If you want your gimmicks more explosive, raid the beaches while being bombarded with mortars in
    Leviathan by the talented Xelily.

    If you want your gimmicks even crazier, try out BigfootBeto's KOTH Procedural (shown below), which randomly reshuffles each round to create a different map every time! Or check out a complete rework of the infamous cp_orange with ⁽ᴵᴰᴳ⁾CaptainRussia94's Orange Space Plaza Event, which sends cp_orange into space and adds a healthy dose of crazy to the mix.


    Speaking of reworks of maps you know, check out Khuntza's tc_ordyh, a mirrored version of everyone's favorite TC map, Hydro.

    And finally, some detail scenes. We'd like to highlight the moody Silo by Jeddyk (shown below), and the sunny Watchtower by Erk!



    This year we got 3 TF2 fangames as well, and they're all good enough to showcase!

    Up first, save the world from the Crate Depression in Team Fortress Project 2.5 - Penurious Purification, a bullet hell shooter from Brogrammist and cyclomantis, or relax and throw Scout from his mini scooter to cause the most damage in Kikouille Master's Scouttasturvat : Moped dismount!


    Finally, be sure to check out ErectAMercs, a TF2/Pokémon mashup brought to you by hutty, the creator of 2017's Cart Crawlers.


    Physical Crafts

    For our final category, we've got some great physical crafts. That's right- TF2 things in the real world!

    First we have some Origami TF2 logos by tekt, and some super cute Needle felt dolls by AnneSQF. We also have some Medic and Soldier emblem badges by medical father, and an incredible Animated Spycrab from AxioMr!

    We also got two in-game items recreated in real life: the Philateler Hat, recreated by Ixy, and an IRL dispenser, created by retrolego. Great work, both of you!

    And finally, a very special entry from our server mod, Startacker; The Cow. Since we passed our $2,000 donation incentive, Startacker will be creating a wooden cutout of the Medic in the same style in the coming days. Stay tuned!


    What's Next?
    Hungry for more? Be sure to check out all 387 entries by heading on over to the 72hr Jam Entries download category! We a lot of great stuff that we just couldn't fit into the showcase, so go check it out!

    Everyone who participated will receive their medals after the next TF2 update (when the medal gets added to the game!) and all donors to the Trevor Project charity drive will receive their donator medals soon.

    Here's an update on donation incentives while we're at it:
    Amount Incentive Status
    $1,000 Void updates frontline Done, get it here!
    $2,000 Startacker makes a class cutout Done, see it here!
    $3,000 14bit dyes his hair Red or Blue based on a poll Done, see it here!
    $4,000 UEAKCrash dyes his mohawk pink Done, see it here!

    It's always exciting to see what we can do together as a community, and all of us here at are eagerly looking forward to whatever is next in store! Thank you everyone, be sure to keep a lookout for the next Jam!

    If you're been counting, you'll have noticed that were only 99 items in the showcase. That's because we have one more that we couldn't fit anywhere else and thought was neat enough to highlight on its own! Presenting Meet the Engineer translated into Kriol (Australian Creole) by [NGPU] Revetron. See you next jam everyone!

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    It's nice to see so many people giving up precious sleeping time to slave away in a community of a game for charity!
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    this years jam was very cool thank you all
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    Kinda sad that I didn't make it in, but congrats to everyone that did! I'm super proud to see what this community has accomplished in just 72 hours! Here's to hoping next year's is even better!
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    Oh hey. There I am! Grats to everyone that got into the showcase. It was a blast to participate! (Get it? Blast? eheh)
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    Great work everyone! Some good stuff in here.
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    A large variety of nice entries, as always. Here's to next year!
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    Good job to all involved, I hope I didn’t annoy you too much!
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    Congrats to all the winners and big thanks to all the volunteers who made this happen.

    See you at the next Jam!
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    Shame there were less entries this year, but it's nonetheless impressive!
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    that silo detailing is so good!!!
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    Congrats to everyone with their entries!!!! , it was a fun jam and i cant wait for the next one
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    That Pyro remodel! Good Job indeed!!
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    Scouttasturvat : Moped dismount!

    I knew I'd recognise that parody name from somewhere! The original devs even made a Sauna one as a prototype for a (originally) mobile app version and you could put a picture of your face onto the ragdoll and slap it with a tree leaf stick thing. It was a weird and fun thing but I didn't expect to see a parody of it here!

    Maybe that's what the "Jump in hot coal" could be referencing.
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    It's heartwarming to be in this showcase, as a pyro remake creator. I've spend my last moments in stress because I had everything done besides renders and screenshots and I had 10 minutes to do it (even my great PC cannot handle SFM and Blender in that time). Probably I've posted my download 2 minutes before the end. I'm very happy to see my hard work in there.

    I'm also glad to see other content not only from this showcase, but also from entire event. I'm very proud to see existence of this community like that. This is what I live for.
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    woo made it in the showcase this year!
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    I can't believe I made it on the showcase!! Thank you very much guys!!
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    I'm honestly surprised my shitpost Orange map got on this list, but hey, all in the sprite of making what made tf2 great, right?
    Awesome jam thou, Look foward to the next one!
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    Same here, very surprised and happy to have made it on. Good job to all those that participated!
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    good job to everyone who got on the showcase, im honestly surprised there is barely any comments here, so much good stuff!
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