TFKart SMK Mario Circuit 4

TFKart SMK Mario Circuit 4 v3

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Apr 6, 2018
TFKart SMK Mario Circuit 4 - A port of a Super Mario Kart course, complete with 3 lap logic.

This map was originally a submission of mine on GameBanana since February the 22nd, 2018 and has last been updated on March the 15th, 2018 according to that site. This map has in its entirety been reposted to, and GameBanana will continue to be the prime source of downloads and information regarding the map.

TFKart SMK Mario Circuit 4 is my first every TFKart map. I was heavily inspired by tfkart_smkbowserscastle_v4, however this map has much more than just spellbooks. At the time of writing this post, this map is currently featured on Rushy Servers' Wacky Maps servers.
It features a multitude of other improvements, including boost pads, a lower ceiling to control the parachute spell's insane height, a checkpoint system that supports 3 laps, forced crouch zones on the oil spill and the sand on the map, and new distance-fading parachute zones so the spell is actually useful. To avoid being forced to crouch, you can jump repeatedly across the sand, a substitute for Super Mario Kart's drifting.
Special thanks goes to Highquality for the material proxies used in this map, and to Rick N. Bruns for their super-helpful map of the level.

Known bugs
This map is not playable in single-player due to the Arena gamemode and the checkpoint system that kills off idlers and slow players. It must be played with 2 or more active players. This map also requires specific server code if playing on a public server to keep all players in karts at all times, for it is possible for laggy players to spawn in without a kart, an issue that persists throughout the rest of that player's lives. Another potential issue is for a kart to start slow at the beginning of a race, as if in sand. To resolve this, simply drive into and then out of the sand on the sidelines.

Nintendo - Super Mario Kart
Taro Bando, Soyo Oka - Super Mario Kart music
Rick N. Bruns - Map proof of concept
Highquality - Material proxies
Jack5 - Map designer