tf_logic_holiday - Xmas?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by EArkham, Nov 1, 2014.

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    This entity only has options for "Halloween" and "Birthday."

    I'm guessing you can't use this to force Xmas effects? Specifically the xmas lights on all rope entities.

    For some reason I was thinking that was a forced particle effect, but I might be thinking of the L4D2 lights on Dark Carnival since I can't seem to find them.
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    I always thought that the xmas was the same as the birthday...but that doesn't makes sense since birthday adds in a TF ball to the spawn room, and I don't think there are any lights.

    Now I'm curious.

    I know there is a command called tf_force_holiday 1 (birthday) and tf_forced_holiday 2 (halloween), and as you mentioned there are only 2. tf_forced_holiday 3 would make the most sense although from my experience that doesn't seem to do anything.

    Maybe there is another condition that valve activates during xmas that we (or I, rather) don't know about. I have never found a particle for lights in any of the files so its probably a condition that they enable.