TF2's 10th birthday is on the 10th

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Oct 3, 2017
TF2's 10th birthday is coming up so I thought I'd start a project to celebrate the occasion. The project is to get noteworthy people in the TF2 community together and wish TF2 a happy birthday in a video. Basically I've sent loads of emails out to various TF2 streamers and youtubers asking for a voice clip of them saying "This is x from y, happy 10th birthday TF2" so that I can compile them all together. The project's main hub is on reddit here: This topic shows the 100ish people emails so far and has more project-info.

Anyways that leads into what's happening here. This is's forum and loads of TF2 map makers hang out here. I was wondering if some of you people would like to be part of this project. If you know someone or consider yourself to be a big noteworthy part of the TF2 community, (after all, you're a content creator if you make TF2 maps) consider replying to this topic and saying 'hey I did this, this, this and that and would like to be part of this collaboration project.'

Thanks for your time.