Winter 2016 Survey Results! (Warning, Large post)

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    I know everyone is eager to know the results of the survey, so here they are.

    There was 115 responses. Here are the responses in the roughly the order that they were asked.

    If you'd like to explain why you feel the feedback is what you said it was, you can explain it here. This is not required. (41 responses)
    • It's mixed. Many players don't know really what they're doing, and don't give great feedback. There are a great number, however, who provide amazing feedback of exactly what is needed.
    • Feedback plugin with quick, no-thought annotations has replaced more in depth forum posts
    • It's not the best, but it's better than "okay", if that makes any sense.
    • Sometimes feedback is just the same thing repeated over and over again
    • I feel as though it depends, like getting steam chat is amazing but most !Gf stuff is boring
    • Feedback quality varies from person to person. Sometimes it's good and useful feedback, sometimes it's something everyone and their mother has already said, other times it's "you should add a giant octopus that throws people around the map." Maybe there could be a way ingame to see what feedback people have already left?
    • most people post only minor feedback in the plugin, and don't bother posting in the thread until beta, when it's much less useful
    • Feedback can generally be divided into "good" or "not good"
    • Newer, less experienced members are prone to leaving under developed and unhelpful feedback. However, members and testers that are that have more experience in mapping and playing a variety of TF2 maps often leave more in-depth, useful feedback.
    • Not sure if people will take new ideas fresh without imposing their own that aren't actually considerate to the map/gameplay presented.
    • A lot of people don't reeeaaally know how to properly give useful feedback, so you often get "!gf map is not that good" and things like that
    • Some, usually from long time members, is fantastic but a lot of feedback is nearly useless
    • Most of the feedback i got, raises good points. If anything it makes you think about it.
    • the majority of the members of the community don't understand map design, focus too much on very small issues while ignoring sweeping ones (like pointing out lighting bugs or texture issues in alpha maps), and generally lack any scope in their feedback. the feedback that i have received through the feedback plugin is almost entirely worthless. that being said, there are plenty of community members who have a legitimate handle on the intricacies of design, and are never shy of constructive feedback. the feedback from those members is always excellent, the issue is really just with the general population of gamedays and the forums.
    • I can't quite say for certain as I'm just getting into mapping, I haven't even finished a single map yet (I cant even bring myself to finish one side of a koth map before getting anxious and scrapping it). But from browsing around it seems like the feedback is good and nice.
    • usually very detailed with suggestions of change
    • Feedback is often basic - focused on bugs and detailing issues rather than broader picture map flow and issues - being in imps and gamedays while your map is being played helps a lot more as you can ask for the fb you want and guide the discussion. I wouldnt test a map at tf2m and expect high level well thought out forum posts unless I was a regular and involved in the chatroom. Feedback on maps made for a competitive audience is often not very helpful - often low quality (probably to be expected because there's not a lot of high level players involved in testing. No casual 6v6 or 9v9 tests organised)
    • There isn't really discussion. You are left to form your own opinion about your map for the most part. Even if people provide feedback it's biased and typically there is no discussion about that feedback.
    • A lot of the feedback is decent. Yes, I know the segmented, rushed text is due to gameplay, but sometimes, there are unnecessary comments included.
    • an excess of useless feedback; 'visual gameplay', 'it good', 'could be better'
    • There is a general feeling of burnout in a lot of testing and feedback. Since so many maps are made and played, feedback quality declines over playtests due to volume.
    • Majority wise feedback is great, but some users take it upon themselves to write comments about the map, rather than suggestions which in turn are not helpful and only make the author upset.
    • It's as mixed bag ofc, but there is normally at least one person who knows what they are talking about
    • Gets a lot of "mapper feedback" vs player feedback. Great for technical things, not as great for just gameplay. But still very useful.
    • The technical nitpicking is good for general oversights. A problem that can pop up at times is that the feedback is misguided. This is not only a shortcoming on the feedbacker's part but also on the mapper's ability to communicate his/her design goals. feedback is only as useful as the mapper allows it to be.
    • Good, but not great; tends to be a lot of new users leaving uninformed feedback that needs to be filtered through
    • While some people write entire well-argumented essays filled to the brim with excellent feedback and observations, I feel the majority of the feedback on the forum is mainly addressing trifles or obvious problems, such as "there is a seam here" or "This is too open".
    • TF2m feedback always biases towards certain things
    • dong
    • I get most of my feedback with demos, while there are members that give really good feedback: Egan, yyler etc... There are still many in-experienced people giving undetailed feedback like: this map sucks, map is too big.... And then players who are generally unhelpful or having a bad day, so they just spam useless angry feedback. But I think that imps are just there to test how the map flows, and if I wanted detailed feedback I'd ask some of the veterans.
    • Sometimes feedback is just "this is bad"
    • The feedback shows me what an outside person feels about my map, which is invaluable.
    • Good feedback takes time. Insightful observations rarely ever happen in-game.
    • I feel like specific people give great feedback and randos suggest some pretty silly things honestly.
    • could be better but evidently (maps put in game) good
    • All of my feedback is telling me the problems of my map, and whatever is good. I like it.
    • Dedicated community, very little spam.
    • Which individuals are present and what they offer can cause large disparities in usefulness and consistency of feedback.
    • Most feedback doesn't mention what could be done to improve.
    • I think too many people, being mappers, focus heavily on detail rather than gameplay. There are usually glaring issues with maps, and those are easy to comment on, but the less-glaring ones people don't notice as easily, or just pass it off and don't give the map good, crucial feedback. There are outliers, but generally the feedback is categorized into detail or large issues. It might help to get more experienced players viewing maps more often, but I don't know what would be a good solution to that issue.

    If you could change one thing about the site, what would it be?

    • Add a "Recently Updated" section like the recently added and showcase maps ones on the front page.
    • Not really specific to the site, but make it so that when you use the !fb command in map tests it doesn't ignore your feedback if there's already feedback at that coordinate. So many times I write out long feedback and then it's just deleted cos someone else left feedback nearby and it's totally redundant.
    • Ban Moneyface. Forever.
    • BOT subfourm ;)
    • easier to use for new members (I left for a while came back and was extremely confused on how to do anything)
    • Make it more obvious on where conversations/discussions are, rename to PMs?
    • Not quite sure, just keep doing what you're doing
    • Make the donate button easier to find
    • Temporarily stickied posts at the top of "Recent Threads," for announcements/contests/staff use.
    • nothing its pretty good as is
    • The organisation of information.
    • More Imp willing staff, mostly late at night when most mappers finish an update and want to test, no one wants to imp but staff and members are active in the chat.
    • I am not sure if it exists or existed, but I would like to see an official Mumble server, which you could visit at any time.
    • A Detail or Joke Map download section, so I can pick up an April Fools map/detail map year-round.
    • More Self-reference, Irony.
    • Better support for encouraging people to post detailed feedback in the map thread
    • I'm pretty happy with the layout, but if I had to change something I would add a dedicated section for tutorials and a quick way to reach such resources from the main page.
    • Pictures on the showcase maps forum like the old site.
    • I feel the site is awesome as it is, you guys have done a great job with it <3
    • more memes
    • Make it possible to view more pages of recently updated threads.
    • There's this cool guy known as Tekku, he should be an admin.
    • There's this cool guy known as Tekku, he should be an admin.
    • ...I don't know's a lot better than it used to be!
    • its memes
    • Onsite search feature is useless, so probably that.
    • Make the donation page more visible and easier to access
    • Remove the number notfication from the "streams" dropdown menu at the top.
    • Show more threads on the home page maybe
    • A new damn logo.
    • dong
    • Live Support
    • A nicer recent threads page, maybe one that was fully fleshed out. I'm not huge on browsing forums/read and unread posts. I think a recent threads section being more prominent really helps with that, though.
    • Sometimes the search system can be a little clunky, when you want to look something up quickly and don't want to spend a lot of time with the advance search.
    • I can't work under pressure, maybe next year? ;)
    • more moneyface
    • more visual gameplay
    • Give me veteran
    • 6v6 and 9v9 competitive tests please ;)))))) :Deer: (they're coming)
    • I would direct new members toward the Introduce Yourself section so we can welcome them more easily.
    • Map testing. It's far too rigid. I think in dev maps should naturally rotate for pub testing.
    • I'd add more color, it's a bit stale with all of the grey and brown.
    • Add a link to the Uploader??

    If the scout went on a date with Ms. Pauling, where would he take her? (Warning, some of these responses are... metaphorical) (Shoutout to the "Ohio?" response person)
    • Fried chicken shop
    • The Cluckin' Bell
    • Fish mongers
    • the greasiest fast food place imagineable
    • A motel (jk)
    • ur butt
    • Har har har har...
    • To the moon and back baby :B1:
    • Wendy's
    • To the bone zone
    • The bedroom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Flavortown
    • Tom Jones museum
    • Drive in movie.
    • please don't make me think about this
    • He'd take her somewhere cheesy and then she'd creep him out by reminiscing about bodies she buried around there.
    • badlands
    • Nearest Mc Donalds
    • The milk bar
    • In n Out
    • tc_hydro
    • To the briefcase
    • The Prom
    • cp_hydro
    • KFC
    • KFC
    • KFC
    • KFC
    • KFC
    • The Tom Jones Museum
    • Olive Garden. That shit is tacky.
    • prom
    • If you're asking for dating advice just say it straight
    • At some Lookout Place with a fancy view
    • To see a sappy movie, the twerp. She would take him scuba-diving in shark-infested waters off the coast of California, to test out her new anti-shark gun. At least underwater he would have to keep his big mouth shut.
    • Didnt she get confirmed to be a lesbian, scout finding out would be interesting
    • to a giant flesh-eating bread monster's house
    • Yes.
    • Yes.
    • up the arse
    • The Boston Basher (fancy restaurant)
    • Some place with sloppy burgers for sure!
    • probably to the bedroom XD
    • "The Prom"
    • Scout/Pauling is a bad ship and u should be ashamed
    • Somewhere stupid, I'm sure.
    • spy's smoking room
    • The Mannhattan pier
    • KFC, probably.
    • Probably to KFC
    • King of the Hamburger
    • Pier
    • Hell if I know
    • Out to somewhere "fancy," but cheep
    • His bedroom
    • dong
    • ew fanfiction
    • my ass
    • The resturant called, "The Place Where Scout and Ms. Pauling Go On A Date And We Sell Pizza Here So Come Here Now"
    • That will never happen, she's not into dudes
    • To wherever he gets those buckets of chicken.
    • Some place lame
    • cp_badlands
    • no
    • the zoo
    • No idea. To Antarctica, probably.
    • koth_stalone
    • Chicken Chicken and More Chicken Emporium
    • cp_gravelpit
    • Ohio?
    • A date, duh.
    • I don't care but for the previous question my answer is actually 0 spires
    • A KFC, then to a warzone.
    • Pound town
    • nowhere
    • He is shyyy
    • sketchy and cheap movie theater
    • Popeye's Fried Chicken
    • Junction
    • bucket of chicken
    • to cp_badlands
    • a gig
    • the Green Dragon in Boston (great food there).
    • TF2 characters don't actually exist stop making up weird scenarios involving what they would and wouldn't do how the hell am I supposed to know
    • The base
    • in hell :^)
    • have u heard of undertale
    • Badlands Brawlers VS Coldfront Curbstompers Regional Playoffs
    • Hydro

    So, some interesting facts/summations
    • Of those surveyed, 2.92% are Soldier playing, VR wanting, Ferret Lovers.
    • The communities single favourite Ice Cream flavour is "Vanilla" - but more people like other flavours than they do vanilla.
    • Least favourite class is sniper. This may explain why no one likes sightlines.
    • Our feedback is pretty middle-of-the-road quality.
    • Steam chat is where most people say they are active. This seems like a logical answer. However, forums are still a better place for discussion.
    • tl;dr: Crash is a popular guy
    • Most people spend more time mapping for TF2, than playing it. (Nerds)

    I'll bring some more proper analysis in later.
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    I will bring it out as a formal opinion and general knowledge:
    Crash is cute
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    We need a voice clip of that line now so we have two :B1:
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    I'm proud that my answer is the second one. *sheds manly tear*
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    Crash is bad.


    Crash is a duck

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    I'm proud of my "bedroom "Lenny face" answer for the scout and miss Pauling question :rolleyes:
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    Crash becomes MLG


    Crash gets angry


    There were 3 "Bedroom" replies. One of them was mine, another was yours. Who's this mystery third person?
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    ...nerds. The Australian Longshootman is the best class, you just have to have patience and decent hearing, being able to shoot people in the face helps too.
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    i love sniper its just not my main :T
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    My theory that nobody here plays the game was right!

    ...and yes, crash is cute.
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    I knew my confused desperation at being creative would pay off! :D
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    Spot the odd one out.
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    Come on, you should know better than to draw a conclusion like that. Least most-favourite, not least favourite!
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    crash is my new waifu
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    Crash is a married man you guys
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