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    Straight off the other contest comes a new! and this time with some sweet prizes!. Check out this thread for all the info ***Mapping contest 05 - Payload map*** the big change? this times its a full size Payload map!. This contest is open to any member, not a member? Sign up is simple and free, Check Here: Register. Some of the Rules for the contest.

    • Map must be a single stage pl_ map (like pl_badwater) you may use any number of control points (1-4)
    • The cart may be any sensible cart sized model, the official bomb, snipergen's dirty bomb, the mining cars, the little alpine train thing, etc.
    • The map must follow standard payload conventions, no split routes or other gametype mixes.
    • Must be able to spawn 32 players (16 per team spawnroom)
    • Map must include these decals/overlays(or suitable others with "" clearly on them) at least twice (1 blue, 1 red) in your map. They must also be easily visible.
    • Map must follow conventions laid out by valve (blue attacking red, safe respawn rooms, no ladders or other gimmicks)
    • Map must be finished and uploaded by January 1st (2009) and submitted to the upload thread which I'll sort closer to finishing.
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    what are the prizes :O
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    If you follow the link in DJ's thread you'd find the full thread, and the prizes as well!

    But since I know you're lazy :p