Major Mapping Contest #12: Dynamic CP

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Dec 27, 2012
dynamic-cp-composite-scaled.png Major Mapping Contest #12
Dynamic Control Points

Aren't you tired of seeing all those boring, normal maps being made for normal, regular situations? Well, if you are you're in luck because our next contest is going to dynamically make you do something more dynamic in a dynamic way! If you can't already gather, the 12th Major Contest is going to take inspiration from the famed Dynamic Payload contest, but take it in a whole new direction with the mode everyone (READ : Control Points fans) will love! So grab your hammer, and.. Hammer a map that's not just any map.. But a dynamic one*!

*Also a Control Points map.

End date:
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The contest will begin as of this thread being posted and will end on February 2nd 2016 at 8PM GMT, when the Upload Thread in the Contests subforum will be locked and further entries will very likely be disallowed for entry. Please note your map must be posted in the Dynamic CP Upload Thread in the Contests subforum, and not just have a thread in the Contest Entries subforum below our Map Workshop.


  • MUST be either a Control Points mode map (5/3CP Push, Attack/Defend of any amount of stages, CPs or CP layout, Domination i.e. Standin) OR a Territorial Control map
  • The map must contain a dynamic, or intuitive element based around your Control Points. For example: A control point on an elevator, routes that change as a Control Point is captured. A large portion of your score will be based around the inventiveness of how you create the 'Dynamic' aspect of your map.
  • Forward & backward spawns are NOT considered dynamic.
  • Unique CP layouts ARE NOT considered dynamic on their own, though their usage is welcome alongside dynamic elements.
  • Arena and King of the Hill maps are NOT allowed.
  • Medieval mode is allowed. Medieval mode does not count as dynamic.
  • Fullbright maps will not be accepted, as they break some servers
  • Collaborations are allowed
  • Must be able to spawn 32 players (16 per team)
  • Maximum of two entries per authors (including team collaborations)
  • No straight out copying or stealing content from other maps, official or otherwise. This includes maps that you yourself own. Inspiration and ideas are good, just make sure you built it yourself for this competition.
  • staff are allowed to win, Contest judges are not.
  • Custom content is allowed but needs to be made publicly available if not made by you by at least one week before the submission deadline. If you made the content yourself you do not need to release it.
  • A forum thread is not required for entry, but is encouraged. If you do make one for your entry (or entries), please put it in our Contest Entries sub-forum. Please note your map must be posted in the Dynamic CP Upload Thread in the Contests subforum.
  • Definition of dynamic: dynamic means anything that changes the gameplay based on the actions that the players take. Whether that be changing the layout, changing their objective, offering them choices that alter the way the map plays for each result, or changing the opportunities they can take to win.

  • Judging will be the usual judging procedure consisting of a public vote and official judges. The public categories will be Dynamicness, Fun and Aesthetics (judges will vote on a larger pool of categories). These will be split 30/35/35
  • A submission thread will open up on January 26th 2015, 1 week before the final deadline. On February 2nd 2016, maps will be reviewed for any rule breaking. Following this the public voting thread will be opened for public vote. More information on the voting procedure, when the time comes. (But it'll be based on the previous contests)
  • Your map must be submitted by February 2nd 2016 at 8PM GMT.
  • If you are interested in judging, please contact me and I will add you to the list of potential judges. If chosen, I will contact you an adequate time ahead of the end of the contest to confirm that you are still interested and explain what you will be doing.

First place: Three games from the prize pool (and first choice), Mapper's Medallion, three months VIP. Your choice of up to 200 dollars worth of Creative Software. Please see this list for the list of appropriate apps.
Second place: Two games from the prize pool (second choice), Mapper's Medallion, two months VIP
Third place: One game from the prize pool (third choice), Mapper's Medallion, two months VIP

The Prize pool is located here.
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Stale air
Aug 31, 2014
Under 301 club!


Stale air
Aug 31, 2014
Anyone wanna collab? I've got cookies.

I'd be looking to, PM me, or I'll PM you if I have any specific ideas/interests. Mmmm, cookies...
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Mar 30, 2014
I kinda want to collab, but my idea is so experimental, I don't want to bring any you down with me when it fails.


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Jun 8, 2015
Does my cp_doublecap count as dynamic map? I'd say it is on the edge of rules


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Sep 19, 2014
Does my cp_doublecap count as dynamic map? I'd say it is on the edge of rules

From what I understand, you are not allowed to enter a map you already started before the contest, even if you did not make a thread for it.

Anyways, I'm in. Hope I'll do better in this contest than the last one. I'm up for a collab if anyone wants to.
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