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Discussion in 'Server Events' started by Fr0Z3nR, Jan 18, 2014.

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    So, short open-discussion post here. It was suggested in a test today that should host a 72hr Mapping Contest charity event. This was something that I have thought about doing years ago, but decided against it because of logistical issues, interest and being unsure as to how to even monetize such a thing. We continued to discuss other options, like an Iron Mapping tourney + stream, etc, maybe doing something like "Awesome Games Done Quick" where it's just a solid multi-day stream where we can raffle off items, have bid wars, etc, all while mapping and playing TF2 For charity!

    What charity would we do this for? Also make that suggestion

    Anyways, I'm not saying it's happen, I'm not saying that there will be a possibility of doing it.... but, just if we could do it, how we could we do it?

    So far the suggestions include:
    • 72hr Mapping contest, lots of streaming, possible involvement with others, Donations, bidding wars, etc.
    • Custom Map Cup - Open HL/6's tourney. A comp tourney where we play nothing but custom maps. Possible Bidding wars towards which maps are played when!

    So, discuss away.
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    I don't have much to add, but I definitely like the idea. If we could get a few of the more prominent members of the TF2 community involved, I'm sure that would help with spreading the word.
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    I think this is a good idea. Charity evens will often bring in a large amount of community activity, especially if we can get support from some charities (humble?), valve staff or famous tf2 streamers (star_ etc). Only issue with doing a mapping stream style event is that majority of the audience for a mapping stream is either modders or mappers, not general public. With speedrun charity events, the general public can watch because they have some idea of what they're viewing, and their interest is still peaked by all the glitches and tricks the speedrunners have. As with a mapping stream, the pace is very slow and not very many people from a public audience will actually stick around.

    That's the problem here, mapping isn't a spectator sport.

    On the other hand, if say we get some famous tf2 streamers on board, they can stream themselves playtesting and commentating on playtests DURING a 72hr comp, we give people the spectator sport they want to watch, and still bring some attention to the mapping community. (Not to mention getting some feedback from some professional players).

    I'm not sure how the money comes in though. Just stream donations? Not sure how bidding would work, what would you bid on?

    Could audience members bid on streamers, buying time and forcing them to playtest our maps for extended periods of time?
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    I support this idea. I like streaming, and I usually talk to people in mumble or play stuff in the corner so it's not painfully boring. Not sure how else to make mapping interesting.
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    Sorry I'm gonna be a realist here, I doubt it's going to be successful. Mapping is not fun to watch unless you know the person mapping, and even then it's kind of sleep inducing. Especially if the streamer doesn't talk.

    How many mapping streams have you seen with more than 20 viewers. Not many, and how long did they keep even that viewer count? probably ~1 hour. How many of those viewers were not mappers themselves?
    Actually, the only thing that springs to mind is 2f2f's Iron Mapper event back in 2009.

    Let's talk about AGDQ.
    They can do what they do because they're all there in the same room. And speedrunning can be casually enjoyed by viewers without too much trouble. There are definite low and high points, moments that are very intense and super difficult to pull off. Even if you've never played the game before you can sort of tell when something cool is happening, and the people who do know gets all hyped in the chat.
    Furthermore there are thousands of speedrunners. So they have a decent viewer base from the get go.

    Do you really think something like that is going to happen when watching maps being made for a 6 year old game. No matter how impressive your mapping is, you don't get hyped up about anything in hammer. And since I doubt mappers will fly to a LAN to map for a little bit it's not going to have that live-audience feel. The commentary will at best be few dudes on mumble, and that turns really bad once you have more than 3 people who likes to talk. Jokes also don't work as well without a crowd reaction etc etc.

    Sorry I just can't see how this is going to work.
    You'll only get other tf2 mappers to watch, that is my prediction.
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    if we got some popular streamers to be testing the maps as we made them, it could be a very successful stream though. People might not watch the mapping itself, but maybe the gameplay could be the focal point instead?