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  1. Fr0Z3nR

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    [​IMG] 72hr Winter Classic
    January 17th @ 4PM EST, 2014 to January 20th @ 4PM EST, 2014
    Rules and Regulations | Upload Thread


    Congratulations everyone! 72hrs later we have 30 entries! I have done a preliminary check of compatibility issues. All of them follow standards as they should. That being said, as testing occurs and maps get played, if any of them still break any rules I reserve the right to remove them and any votes they have been given. I will post here if a map is disqualified. Please do not post here unless you are voting! If you want to make any comments or remarks, please do so in the original thread (Link at the top).

    The entries are as followed:
    cp_berry_72 (yes, 2 entries)
    ol_kaptankul_72 (yes, it is ol. if this causes an issue, please tell me.)

    These are all 30 maps. The voting rules are as followed:
    • There will be a 2.5 week period of voting. You will be asked to play all the maps (or as many as you are able) during this time frame.
    • When you have played the maps, you will make a post in the VOTING THREAD, stating the 'best 3' maps that you feel played well, had good balance and complimented/fit with the provided theme of the contest. You MUST provide a few sentences (1-3) saying why you feel the map is in your 'best 3'. An explanation is needed for each map. Failure to provide 3 maps, and accompanying explanation for each will result in your vote being null and voided (It won't count.)
    • You can edit your votes at any time during the duration of the voting period. Once the thread is closed at the end of the voting period, all votes that have been cast are final.
    • Can't vote for yourself, sorry!

    Results will be determined as followed
    • At the end of the voting period, the voting thread will be closed.
    • Each map that receives a vote is given 1 point.
    • The map with the most points will be deemed the first place winner. Second most will be second and third most will be third.
      Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 maps.
    • Once votes are tallied a results thread will be posted with the total results and winners.
    • Incase of a tie in the top 3 maps, and only the top 3 maps, I will provide a short voting poll to break the tie. You will vote for ONE map. This tie-breaking voting will last only 72hrs. At the end of the 72hrs, the map with the most votes will be given the highest rank of the tie breaker. Second most, second highest. This will happen for any and all tie-breaks of any size in the top 3.
      Example: If three maps all have 16 points and are tied second place, then those three maps will go into a tie-breaker voting round. A poll will be created with all three maps. At the end of the 72hr tie-breaker voting period, Map A has 5 votes, Map B has 3 votes and Map C has 9 Votes. Map C will be awarded full second place. Map A will be awarded full third place and Map B will be placed in 4th place. There is no prizes for you, Map B!

    Where can I play these?
    Both of our servers! Head back to the main page and click on either of our servers in the upper right corner!

    How can I install these maps?
    Simple, you can extract all the maps from the download below to your SteamApps/Common/<your user name>/team fortress 2/tf/maps folder, there will be all the other maps (ending with .bsp).

    If you're a server operator, here's the directory of all the maps for single DL's.

    >>> You can Download the Map Pack HERE <<<
    Voting closes Feb. 5th, 2014 at 4PM EST.
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  2. Micnax

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    Good luck to everyone who entered!
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  3. Fish 2.0

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    Reserved for my voting over the nest while! Congrats to everyone who managed to get a map done.

    Finalized List of Maps (subject to change)
    1. arena_bakscratch_72

      Holy crap, this map is so much fun to play medic on. I really like how the gameplay is very vertical - often your team either has the height advantage or doesn't - and it's nice because that doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to lose. I like the fact that you do actually have medkits, however I feel that the placement of them in this map usually leads the end of the rounds into the spawn areas. I think keeping them in the middle room or to the sides of it may have worked better.
    2. dm_egan_72

      I'm picking this one because it's really, really fun. Uh, VSH in legitimate TF2 is something that could really catch on. I hope you release a prefab for everyone~
    3. cp_berry_72

      I would have made this my #2 over egans but that broken ramp going from A -> with the hallway just broke the deal for me. really liked how it's pretty fun to defend B, and fun to attack B. A was annoying, because you were either inside your spawn getting camped or on the point with no inbetween. I think maybe focusing everyone closer to A and not so spread out towards the cliff might be able to fix this.

    Maps that I really like:

    • koth_garuda_72 [Really well balanced map. Nit-picky technical issues arise, but gameplay is great.]
    • pl_ym_72_2 [I find the game play on this map fascinating. Why are there chokes in open areas? Crazy, but fun.]

    The only sad thing about this competition is how little theme was incorporated by a lot of people. I think making a map where the gamemode that already has setup timers (or not going out of your way to make the theme work) a cop out imo. I might not have done the best job either with 2 decals, but hey - I'm not voting for myself.
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  4. LeSwordfish

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    Note to self: You've played all the pl and plr maps.

    Ones I especially liked: Takabuschik, YM.
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  5. Berry

    aa Berry spooky scary skeletons

    Positive Ratings:

    1. dm_egan_72

    Good-looking map, plays well (amount of height variation fits the mode well), and best for last: custom mode. Plays pretty fun, hopefully he finished it up nicely, and even more hopefully he releases the prefabs! (I'd really like to see how some stuff was done)

    2. koth_grizzly_72

    Again, fairly nice looking map (although there's a lot out of place). I really like how solid it is, and there's enough for each class to do generally (although scout feels a tiny bit out at times).

    I've said this before, but I'd love to see this extended into a 5cp.

    3. koth_vacon_72_2

    Really enjoyed it, looks pretty nice too. Only thing I can say is the map feels tougher than usual for engineer (although there's a really killer spot just before the point). I felt like there was something going on the room leading up to the balcony just past spawn, but it was too far away from the action to be usable (which is sad because it was good). The detailing is nice as well, and I like the subtle use of water.

    Slightly swaying towards YM and vacon's maps. Eleryn's was also pretty good, but the sightlines were a huge killer for me.
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  6. Prestige

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    i hate to agree with berry

    -It looks good and it's always fun in one way or another. Good job making your own gamemode also in 72 hours. Idk what I would even improve or change about it within your control.

    -Solid koth. The 160-u doorway props are overused and annoying when entering the point area. I don't see much reason for them to be there in every exit. I think the underpoint area could be improved also.

    -the finale is good and fun. the beginning isnt so bad once i played it a few times. overall, solid. some parts need some tweaking.

    just outside: pl_player, koth_roflman, koth_alex76, pl_waffe, cp_trotim, ol_kaptankul
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  7. GreySlime

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    First of all...

    Hello ! I'm a new user and that's my first post :) I'm italian so i'm sorry if my english isn't the best... Hope to stay good in this community!

    So... All the partecipants at the contest did an awesome job, compliments to all of you guys ^^
    Btw i played each map with a couple of friends and that's what we had decided...

    TOP 3

    3rd. arena_bakscratch_72
    A funny map, nice-looking and playable with each class without advantages/disavantages... Maybe the line of sight is a bit short for sniper, but that's not a ig problem... Personally i really like the cp_foundry-like style, but i think the train wasn't the best choiche for a small map like that... Random deaths aren't fair deaths in arena mode in my opinion... It seems that it is inspired at arena_well and at arena_lumberyeard, and thats how an arena map shoul be! Good work

    2nd. pl_ym_72
    Good payload map! Maybe a bit unfinished on last point but you poor guys had only 3 days so that's not a problem :) I really like the idea of a "mountain"-like map, starting from the top and deploy the bomb at the bottom, very interesting and original! The train is not a problem when you learn its timing and the ambientation choosen (alpin style i think it is) is very good-looking... Also this is a very funny map to play as a spy (my main class) cause you have a lot of routes and i really appreciated it! The only defect in the map is the red spawn, it's too confusionary, i really didn't know which way go or what stair choose to reach the frontline :/ btw awesome map, congrats!

    1st pl_crash_72
    Oh god this map... The blu team's spawns are masterpiece! Coolest spawns ever ^^ Also the entire map is well made and fun to play, what can i say, i think this deserve the victory of the contest ;) If i have to find some defects... Maybe the final point could be more spectacular, i don't know, it seems a bit ordinary (?) but i like it anyway... Great job ^^

    So that's it... Remember that this are only personal opinion... Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

    ...and of course let the better win!
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  8. owly-oop

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    I've played all the maps :O!

    Maps I liked:
    dm_egan - really unique and goofy :D

    fredrich - it's on the dim side but i liked most of the layout. didn't like how whoever owned the point had height advantage watching the doors the losing team had to go through

    garuda - I didn't play this for long but it was pretty and had cool geometry edit: just played this and liked it! the colors were pretty too

    player1 - it was big but i never felt like i was constantly getting shot at by snipers. i liked the layout but i don't know if it's too easy for blue, it feels like it. fun to play on though

    mlj - i hated it at first then i really liked it. i think you should lock c, having more than 2 objectives to do makes the game kinda chaotic and free-for-all like.

    kaptan_kul - i love the gamemode you have, it can definitely work, i just think the map needs to be different

    waffe - I liked the layout of this map, fun to play on :) i don't know about the gamemode, people were kinda confused and just going everywhere. and when I played blu got spawncamped :( def think you can salvage the layout

    3rd: pl_waffe

    2nd: koth_garuda

    1st: dm_egan
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  9. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

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    Played them all, here are my votes:

    • cp_aly_72_4 - I like this one because I thought the first point would fail miserably and it doesn't It's fun for both blu to attack and for red to defend.
    • cp_yacan1_72_a1 - I'm not entirely sure what it really is about this one but I had the most fun out of all on this map. It still needs work as it was a litle tricky for red but great potential already.
    • koth_fredrik_72 - Played this one several times and had an absolute blast every time. People said it was hard to capture the point back but I didn't think it was too hard. Great fun.

    Honourable mentions:
    • koth_vacon_72_2 - Fun, but a little bit spambowly on the point itself. I did like how the point rises from a pit.
    • dm_egan_72 - While I love the gamemode, I feel it would be unfair to vote for dm_egan. The gamemode is fantastic, but the map is terrible. Since the gamemode is what (i feel) most people are impressed with, I believe this entry to not be within the spirit of the 72 hour contest.
    • arena_bakscratch_72_2 - Fun and nicely detailed for 72 hours. Would have made top 4.
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  10. Crash

    aa Crash func_nerd

    Positive Ratings:
    Super clever, I love it. There are some balance issues, but it'll be like that forever. I enjoyed seeing this one progress throughout the contest. It's incredible that you not only managed to essentially recreate VSH map-only, but even improved it with the respawn/ control point functionality. Could use some sort of mechanic to make the "mutant" selection a bit more fair, though. Very impressive for a weekend worth of work. Map itself is so-so, but it works for the game mode.

    Feels a tad derivative of Sawmill, but I really enjoyed this map. I'm not normally an Arena fan, but I had fun here. Lots of height variation, and plenty of ways around middle. The control point pulling into the station is super clever, plus I love any use of the small cp model. Looks almost nearly Valve-quality with the detailing. Maybe a bit too much health for Arena, but it still works. Solid gameplay, solid map, good work.

    Really interesting mechanic at the end. Definitely brings something new to 5CP. Feels like maybe a bit too much of a reset, but I'm not sure how you could change that. Final definitely has gameplay issues, specifically it needs more routes, and it's rather dark and sniper friendly, but not bad at all. Sudden death was an interesting twist. I was worried about sightlines at mid at first, but they seemed to work well. I think this map has a lot of potential, but I still had a lot of fun on this version.

    Excellent 72hr contest. I had a ton of fun participating and seeing what everyone else created. Thanks for running it, Frozen!

    I DEFINITELY think we need a preliminary voting round for future 72hr contests. This was such a slog to judge every map against each other, and I think a lot of good maps may have been overlooked due to time constraints.
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  11. Grizzly Berry

    aa Grizzly Berry

    Positive Ratings:
    3. cp_frozen
    Solid 5cp map. It was just a lot of fun to play. With a bit more work, it could be a really nice map. Looking forward to seeing what people do with it in the Tale of Two Skillsets contest.

    2. koth_fredrik
    Just a fun KotH map. Really liked the middle arena, a lot of room to run move around and I really liked the little room under the point. The area right outside of spawn could use some work, but overall I just really enjoyed playing on this map every time it came up.

    1. arena_bakscratch
    Nice arena map. Seemed like whichever team could get to the high ground first and control it would win, but nevertheless it was really fun and looks really nice. Impressive what Bakscratch was able to accomplish in just 72hr.

    Just outside the mark:
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  12. Bakscratch

    aa Bakscratch Finisher of Maps

    Positive Ratings:
    So iv still got a few to play so here is some maps I liked.
    I have explained many of times that I do not enjoy PL so I will probably not vote for any of the submissions even if the maps are really nice, I dont enjoy PL in general so I feel I cant vote on them.

    cp_aly_72: Being the first map to be finished and played I feel it was under a lot attack over some things in the map, Sight lines being the main thing, I feel there is no problem over the sight lines, The ones that were a problem were fixed but most of the other sight lines were fine, Compare the sight lines here with the ones in upward they are the same. Game play the map is really fun and entertaining there are some problems with A I feel but the general layout was very fun to play on with different classes. Overall really fun!

    dm_egan_72: Well this is something new and fun! This was really fun playing in the early stages and got better the more you added to it. Giving the blu an objective was a really nice idea, I could see a lot of people trying to copy it (unless you make it public). Overall super fun!

    cp_berry_72: This map really upset me when I saw you changed the layout, The map had a really nice choke but you ruined it :( But It is still a really fun entertaining map to play on!

    koth_grizzly_72: I enjoyed this map a lot to but there seemed to be some problems between spawn and mid. I really like the design of the point, I like the small bit of wood you put there nice touch. As I said when Iv played it the battle seems to be around the areas between mid and spawn. Overall really nice, just need to sorta the areas between spawn and mid out.

    koth_garuda_72: This was a really fun map, The middle point was really nice I like how once capped more routes open up and the little window was a nice touch. But unfortunately there are some problem first the clipping :( I was really upset playing as scout with babies face blaster and having to jump over small curves. Also I feel at time the spawn is easy to camp, but this only happened a few times.

    pl_ym_72: Now I know I said I hate Pay load but YM did some thing different and awesome which I really love! I love the idea of the hillside (I was tempted to do a 5cp on a hillside) I found this map to be really fun! Some places are bad but that's the map, the sight lines arnt bad as people make out to be. Overall one of the few PL maps Iv liked and enjoyed and all so the detailing is amazing! GJ YM!

    koth_alex_72 Ill write something better later.

    Still gotta decided on which ones to pick but I have some ideas.

    1. cp_aly_72_4
    2. koth_alex76_72_a4
    3. pl_ym_72_4
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  13. milkkore

    milkkore L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:
    I tried all of them and my 3 favourites are:

    1. pl_ym_72_2
    2. cp_xzzy_72
    3. dm_egan_72

    Maps I also liked:
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  14. Waffe

    Waffe L4: Comfortable Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Maps I've liked so far (in no particular order):

    pl_player_2_72; Best banana EVER. So far, I've had most fun on this map
    arena_bakscratch_72_2; Solid gameplay and visuals. Usually not into arena, but it was fun
    pl_ym_72_2; It's like christmas morning
    cp_aly_72_4; I like the style and layout of this map. Last point little unbalanced (in favor of BLU)
    koth_vacon_72_2; Fun to play on, nice visuals, bit too open for me
    koth_fredrik_72; Again, fun to play. The doors leading to the point are easily camped though (the losing team rarely recapped)
    pl_crash_72_2; Cool sub, and the ice looks great. Too narrow for my taste

    Have yet ~half of them to play. Looking forward to try dm_egan_72, after hearing about the gameplay ;)


    - arena_bakscratch_72_2
    - cp_aly_72_4
    - koth_fredrik_72
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  15. Doctor_Snuggles

    Doctor_Snuggles L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:
    My top three:

    1. Cp_Aly - I got really good feeling while playing this map and really liked the desing.

    2. Pl_Ym - Really cool map and layouts. I like big open maps and well, this is now one of them.

    3. Koth_Garuda - I liked playing this map, Nothing much to it. One bad thing I noticed was that everybody always took the shortest route to the cap from spawn, so it left the other route unused for most of the time.

    Good job everybody and huge thanks to the mappers.
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  16. Exactol

    aa Exactol Certified Hammer Hacker

    Positive Ratings:
    My choices are:

    1. arena_bakscratch_72_2: Nicely detailed, very fun to caber on
    2. pl_crash: Dat sub though. Also really fun to play on
    3. pl_ym: Pretty fun map, also great for cabering
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  17. Erich

    Erich L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:
    1.: dm_egan: A well-detailed map given the time constraints, in addition to a really fun custom gamemode.
    2.: arena_bakscratch: A well-rounded arena map that again, is detailed quite nicely. Can't say I have a flaw with the gameplay, and always props for someone who makes an arena map.
    3.: pl_YM: While it needs some work, it is well-detailed, and I can't quite say I've ever seen a layout like it. Also +1000 points for the best gameplay feature, trains.
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  18. Freyja

    aa Freyja ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Positive Ratings:

    One of my favourites of the contest, the geometry is really interesting, it mixes up the traditional 5cp structure that gets used sooo often. Last is probably the weakest, and 2nd needs another way for the defenders to get up to it easier (it seemed to always get capped really quick), but I really love mid and the geometry around it. YM says the mechanic ruins the map and he may be right, although it rarely came into play and when it did it was feeling very stalemately, so I actually quite liked it. I thought it was a really creative entry with a lot of new ideas that I haven't seen in 5cp maps before, and that's why it gets my vote.

    I really like this map too. It's a pretty solid koth map while still breaking the "viaduct format" that plagues so many maps, while keeping /enough/ of that format that it still plays great. I played engie for most of my time, and I liked that there were good sentry spots but they weren't overpowered and could get destroyed really easily, I had a lot of fun trying to defend my sentry. Visually, I don't like how the grass feels with the clean aesthetic of the gorge buildings, sawmill grass suits brown wood and metal better, not bright, clean, white. If I was to give any criticism, it's that the building in the middle across the point could stand to be lowered a bit in order to block some of the sightline across the point, forcing snipers to come down out of their territory a bit more to fire onto the other side. Some of your displacements coming out of the water (which needs to be scale 1 texture!) are a bit too steep to walk which is annoying also. I voted for it because it's easily one of the better playing maps this contest, I never actually got bored on this map like I did on so many of the others, I always felt there was something I could do differently. Additionally it has a fully textured aesthetic which is always impressive for the time period (conjoined with such a good playing map!).

    This is one of my favourite maps of the contest also. The visual style is great, and the train! I love the train. It works well for arena I think, perhaps a bit too much health though I never found it an issue. I think it's a little cheating to make an arena map because they're quite easy ;) but I can't deny that this was very fun. It has a good variety of heights and there was never any place that was boring to fight in. I voted for this because it's easily one of the highest quality maps and while arena, it doesn't devalue the fact that it's far better than a lot of arena maps and the most detailed of the 72h maps.


    It has potential but atm it's a little boring and chokey, the areas seem to be rather flat in themselves and some things are just there for no reason, like the pool of water on 1-2, which I feel could be intergrated better into the area as a whole to make it more interesting. Glad to see you added that extra route instage 1 though. Also, more signs, or a less confusing (more open helps) layout.

    I love the idea, it's excuted well and one of the most fun maps of the contest. Some balance could be done like disabling hunstmans, and I think red needs a better respawn area, but definately one of the most enjoyable maps of the contest.

    I like this map quite a lot. The geometry is interesting and probably the map's strongest...well, strength, and the theme is interesting although not to my taste. Considering I'm judging only on gameplay, this map plays pretty decent for a koth. I like the idea of the point getting more open and more dangerous the round goes on too, though I think there should maybe be a bit more pezazz for the doors opening so you know when it's happening.

    This koth map is pretty nice too, I like the mid area but the area between the spawn and mid (with the train bridge) is boring and doesn't server much purpose apart to pad out the distance (which is a bit too long as it is). The pit doesn't offer anything to the area apart from being an annoyance in restricting movement, it should provide a low route into the point area or some sort of reason to go down there to make fighting in and around it more dynamic. In summary: mid is fun, but the rest could use some work. The aesthetic is the biggest part that lets this map down for me. I remember watching in your video that you wanted to combine the clean look of gorge and process with desert, but I think the clean, bland look really needs the green of the trees and grass to balance it out.

    This is just huge, it was big during the contest testing and you made it larger it feels? The areas themselves aren't bad per se, but everything just feels large. Also you were missing hdr cubemaps. Ironically, some parts were too cramped, like A, blue spawns directly under the point, give them some breathing room first!

    This map was okay. It was fun at parts, though some of the open spaces (like the area before final, and final itself) were a bit uninteresting to fight in with a lack of buildings to climb on, stuff to jump around, etc. The rocks in the area before final did this but not to the same extent as your other maps.
    The thing that bugged me most about this map was the trains. I love trains, but the fact that there's one right outside blue forward (which you can't hear coming from inside) is annoying, but that wouldn't be so bad if the trains weren't made of acid! Seriously, why does touching the train anywhere kill you. Make only the front kill you, and just give the train a blocking damage so if anyone jams it, it kills them, but you can still touch it without a horrible death. Also, there's no good chokes before final which means the map plays very similar each time.

    It's okay. The geometry is just a little weird, it's all big and blocky and so all the heights and that feel very binary. Mainly though, you either need a lot more signs or to make the layout a little more intuitive. Making more "open" spaces usually helps with this and lets soldiers and demos love you. Also, that beam on A that when capping the point you can barely see past, yet red cna shoot down on you from behind is frustrating. Also windows for blue spawn would be great it's important for blue to be able to see where red is, what medigun they have, etc etc before charging in. The geometry is nice in some places, I really like B, but the rest of the map is a bit eh. A is very easily held by a sentry above the door, and blue spawn roof should be clipped.

    I think the main issue with this map is that you never kno where the enemy is coming from (at least on blue), and that the win condition for blue is very unclear (what is it?). Blue started leaving on the game I played because it felt very pointless for them. I kept getting ganked from behind by red because I had no idea where they were coming from and it was very frustrating. Playing as red, we managed to win easily by camping blue's second spawn with just a single demo also.

    Easily one of the best maps of the contest, it's got a bunch of original ideas, they're executed well and I see people voting to play this map all the time so they must agree. One of the parts I didn't like is the B building. It was long, straight, and there was no where defensable to hold it. Additionally, I don't think I ever saw anyone use the lower floor, I certainly never have in a match, the holes just served as an inconvenience when I fell in them.

    I've played on this map for 6 or 7 rounds now and I still don't understand how the mechanic works at all. I don't think it's explained well enough, or the hud just isn't clear enough to understand in the middle of the game. Additionally, the map is just...empty. The main map plays well enough, but it's big and blocky and there's no interesting props to hide behind or climb over, no subtle height changes on the ground, etc. Hopefully you can address these if you continue working because I feel this map has a lot of potential. Also, I'd love there to be a way for non-jump classes (+scout) to jump onto the big roof that seperates the sides easier, something like that sheet metal on barnblitz.

    Don't really know how to critique this map, we played for so long on it but I never really saw anything more than final and second because it was near impossible to psuh back out. In fact, I've had more stalemates on this map than all other 5cp maps combined in my entire time playing tf2.

    This map is hillarious. I'm not sure you deserve for me to do a decent review. It's pretty fun, but I didn't really spend my time playing thinking about how it was playing :p

    I like the idea of the layout, but it's not executed very well. Second is litereally next to mid, so there's no where to defend or push between them, and there are lot of exploitive spots people kept abusing, like jumping up to the beam that seperates spawn and mid.Overall I think it has potential but you need to fix the big glaring issues before I can make a real judgement.

    Your map is really big and confusing, either add more signs or make it a little more open and less cramped and convoluted so you can get your bearings easier. Additionally, you can cap C without owning A or B, and blue wins when they cap C? Wht's the point of A and B? The point areas in general were pretty fun, but everything in between was confusing.

    This map, for plr, is incredibly spread out. The carts themselves are very seperate once they get past the first area. Additionally, the map in general is pretty flat - there are some height variations, but they seperate big, flat areas which makes the map generally uninteresting to fight on. The final area especially is just a big, flat box.

    Missing cubemaps, respwn rooms and respawn visulizers. A medic got into red spawn, and camped, and we had to wait 20 seconds to respwn!!, and your cp alerts for red is broken. The map seems pretty fun but is all chokes, so blue is funnelled into one route often, and yet so is red so the team with the cart seems to win every time. Final doesn't have enough places to hold and is probably the easiest point to cap.

    I exited spawn and got completely and utterly lost. There were no signs for A - except for one over a closed door. No door opened, not even the spawn doors when I managed to make my way back into spawn. I ended up suiciding just so I could get my bearings, that is not a good sigh. The map was confusing, D was too easy to cap after only having capped A (because a jump class could get up there and only jump classes could effectivly defend. Steel's is so open and low that other classes can shoot across the gap even when no points are capped). This entire map is 'Is this door locked? Probably but I can't tell. I feel a bit biased against this map because I was so frustrated in the match I played it, so sorry about that.

    I'm not really sure what to think about this map. It's pretty for a 72h map, if a bit samey (needs some green grass), but the tall buildings means it feels really cramped and in fact is in a lot of locations. The points themselves are kind of uninteresting, just square areas in the middle of a flat plane - which can work, but I'm not sure it did here. A good red team can hold blue in spawn very easily, but it's hard for them to defend anywhere else because of the large sightlines looking at the defensable spots.

    It was very hard to take the point back once one team had taken it. Additionally, there was constant complaint about very bad fps. The entrances to the point area where small and few, and the point holder had view over every one which lead to a chokey spam fest. This map has potential but you need to widen a lot of the paths and scale the map up I think.

    I'm sorry to say, but the gametype just doesn't work. 5 minutes is a very long time to do nothing, and deathmatch gets boring very fast. Additionally, the map is large and dark, it's hard to see what team people are on. I like the theme and I like the idea of progressing from outside to inside, but as red I never even saw the outide of the map, only really the final room.

    I think you already know most of the issues with this map, forward spwawn, last too defendable, etc, so I won't bore you with that. Just one thing: Whistle must stay!

    The game mode is just confusing at first, especially with the setup time that ends before the setup timer has ended? The room is incredibly easy to defend once red has some good sentries set up, in addition, it's so dark you can't see them or tell which team players are on.

    Berry 2:

    Berry 1:
    I'm not sure if that broken door was meant to be used, I assume it is which might void a lot of my complaints with this map. Without that door, blue's funnelled through one door (and the ledge around it) which means they have to enter one area...where red has height advantage. The flank still requires you to enter that area first, which often gets you killed. I don't really know what to say about A because it was always capped so fast, maybe move it back from the spawn, gorge A/D maps usually have A pretty far away from blue compared to multi stage maps.

    This was pretty neat. The main issue I had was that it was quite cramped, especially in mid and the lower areas. The big staircase should we widened by 100% at least also. I say just stretch out the whole map so there's more room to fight in and it should be great.

    This is a pretty solid koth map. It has nice routes, mid is fun, it has a good amount of stuff to break it up. The side route that goes behind the point does seem to break the koth convention a bit, and not in a good way. There's no point in holding mid when the enemy can just get behind it with no worries. Generally a pretty fun map though, at least from what I played, although it could do with a bit more health.
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