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    [​IMG] 72hr Winter Classic
    January 17th @ 4PM EST, 2014 to January 20th @ 4PM EST, 2014
    Rules and Regulations | Upload Thread | Voting Thread

    Welcome to the first ever 72hr Winter Mapping Classic!

    As was suggested at the end of the summer 72hr contest, here is the winter classic. A time to bundle up with your favorite quilt, a big mug of hot chocolate and map like you've never mapped before. If you're Australian, I don't suggest doing this, instead get a nice pair of shorts, sunglasses, a tall class of lemonade and chill out by the pool. This contest is becoming a twice yearly thing, so I've adjusted rules to take that all into account. Please read through this post outlining the new rules and features of the contest so that you are well aware of what is going on.

    "PREP UP, MEN!"

    So, quick backstory on this. Since I was worried about conflict with a potential Major contest, I didn't want to create a theme the would pigeon-hole people into a single game-mode, theme or state of mind. Making a theme that pushing into a game-mode makes testing boring. Making a theme also makes it that way. So I went with something vague. I want to emphasize, I really was worried about this, probably a bit too much. Anyways, I decided on a few things and came down to "Preparation" as the final voice. Okay, cool. At face value people could use set-up game-modes to get away. Maybe there was a preparation game mode (Hold-the-flag, defusal, Multi-stage). Cool, that worked for me, I could think of a bunch of things with that. The issue was, it didn't sound very 'fun,' which is what I wanted. I was playing MvM and heard the soldier say "Ready Up, Men!" I was thinking 'Sweet, Ready up and preparation work together! I'll just use a play on the phrase and say "Prep Up, Men!"' Awesome. And thats what I went with.

    Idea behind using a theme:
    For this contest, I will be including a theme that will be announced at the beginning of the build period. It could be anything from a picture, a quote, a location, a person, a movie, a piece of music, a fruit or vegetable, to a chicken. It is your job to interpret this theme and integrate it into your map. How you do this is entirely up to you, but know that it is part of the voting. This is similar to how Ludum Dare does their competition theme. It will be broad enough to encapsulate the entirety of the TF2 Universe, but will make you think about how you design your map. Again, this theme is not just telling you the theme of the map. It could influence your environmental theme, your sounds, your sky or how the map actually plays. For example, if I gave you this image as your theme, you could have a tropical island theme. You could have a lot of vertical elements to your gameplay. You see the guy is dressed up like he's from the medieval times, you could use medieval mode in your map. The interpretation is up to you! (Image courtesy of ArenaNet, 2013: 'Bazaar of the Four Winds' Concept Art)

    • Respect the time limit! You may NOT start making your map in Hammer in ANY way shape or form before the start of the time limit. I cannot effectively restrict this, but take this into consideration; This contest is meant to challenge your skills at working effectively and quickly coming up with good solutions. If you cheat, you're only demonstrating your own lousyness to yourself. That doesn't feel good.
    • You MUST have the map done and submitted before the 72hrs run out. This is very important, because there is no "grace period". Done means done.
    • Any physical size allowed.
    • Any gamemode is allowed, you are welcome to use a non-stock gamemode (such as CSF or Tug-of-war), but choose wisely. SD and MvM Maps ARE ALLOWED. (For MvM See additional rules in the MvM rules section)
    • Your map somehow incorporate the theme into it somewhere. How you interpret the theme and include it is entirely up to you.
    • You cannot use an already-started map or assets from it. However, you can begin 'sketching' out, on paper, a layout and planning before the contest begins (this is recommended if you want to make a large map). If you have an old vmf lying around that you want to use, you'll have to remake it from scratch.
    • Maps must be able to spawn 32 players (16 per team).
      Unless it is an MvM Map, then it must support the Standard Team size
    • Any amount of detail is allowed. However, it's a good idea to concentrate on gameplay and making sure everything works in time for the deadline.
    • No collaborations are allowed!
    • Custom content is allowed, but only if it's made entirely by yourself using your own resources OR it's made by someone else who has already made it available to the public. However, please remember that very large file sizes are very annoying to download, so keep your map small by avoiding too much custom content.
    • You are allowed to use A Boojum Snark's resource library and other such packs and prefabs, such as the lighting library.
    • You are allowed to use Fr0z3n's Map Start-up Prefab
    • You are allowed to test your map as many times as you wish during the 72hrs. There will be impromptu's hosted by staff/members throughout the 72hr time period. If you have the time to have your map tested, it is HIGHLY recommended that you test it.
    • Your submission MUST follow this naming convention: <gamemode>_<nickname>_72 (You don't have to use your full forum name, but make sure it's recognisable as your map. For instance, I would name mine cp_frozen_72). For multiple entries (or if your map for previous competitions had the same name), append a number at the end of it (i.e. cp_frozen_72_2).
      In previous contests we had a lot of maps that did not follow this convention. That won't be tolerated this year. (For realz)
    • You may submit as many entries as you want, but you'll have to judge for yourself whether or not this is wise.
      It is recommended that you focus on only ONE entry.

    MvM Map Rules
    These are just additional rules relating to the use/creation of popfiles for 72hr contests.
    • You can use existing Valve Stock Popfiles as a template and only a template. You cannot use similar or exact copies of popfiles from stock maps.
    • You cannot use custom popfiles made by others.
    • You CAN make a popfile before the contest starts, as long as it abides by the previous rules.
    • The use of to generate pop files will be allowed.

    Your map will be disqualified from the competition if it breaks the follow rules:
    • Your map does not follow the set naming convention
    • Your map blatantly does not fit with the theme provided for the contest.
    • Your map crashes the server/clients (unless it is a server issue, not a map issue. This will be investigated on a per-map basis)
    • Your map includes assets/sections that are from other maps (this includes anything you've made)
    • Your map is fullbright/TOO dark (That is, it is impossible to see/decern the other team or teammates from their surroundings)
      This will also include maps that are too BRIGHT on LDR AND HDR (it has happened)!
    • Your map is a trade map.
    • You have broken any of the previously mentioned rules.

    After the 72hr mapping period is over, I will check maps for incompatibility issues, make disqualifications, etc. If you suspect that a map has broken a rule (or 2 or 3...) please contact Fr0z3n ASAP. After all maps have been reviewed and necessary disqualifications have happened, I will open up the voting. This process should take no more than a day and a half. You are encouraged to play maps while I do this, as it will help me get through it quicker.

    Voting will be done differently for this contest, than the previous contests.
    • No matter the amount of entries for the contest, there will be no preliminary vote. All entries are 'finalists'
    • There will be a 2.5 week period of voting. You will be asked to play all the maps (or as many as you are able) during this time frame.
    • When you have played the maps, you will make a post in the VOTING THREAD, stating the 'best 3' maps that you feel played well, had good balance and complimented/fit with the provided theme of the contest. You MUST provide a few sentences saying why you feel the map is in your 'best 3'. An explanation is needed for each map. Failure to provide 3 maps, and accompanying explanation for each will result in your vote being null and voided (It won't count.)
    • You can edit your votes at any time during the duration of the voting period. Once the thread is closed at the end of the voting period, all votes that have been cast are final.

    Results will be determined as followed
    • At the end of the voting period, the voting thread will be closed.
    • Each map that receives a vote is given 1 point.
    • The map with the most points will be deemed the first place winner. Second most will be second and third most will be third.
      Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 maps.
    • Once votes are tallied a results thread will be posted with the total results and winners.
    • Incase of a tie in the top 3 maps, and only the top 3 maps, I will provide a short voting poll to break the tie. You will vote for ONE map. This tie-breaking voting will last only 72hrs. At the end of the 72hrs, the map with the most votes will be given the highest rank of the tie breaker. Second most, second highest. This will happen for any and all tie-breaks of any size in the top 3.
      Example: If three maps all have 16 points and are tied second place, then those three maps will go into a tie-breaker voting round. A poll will be created with all three maps. At the end of the 72hr tie-breaker voting period, Map A has 5 votes, Map B has 3 votes and Map C has 9 Votes. Map C will be awarded full second place. Map A will be awarded full third place and Map B will be placed in 4th place. There is no prizes for you, Map B!

    I reserve the right to change the length of ANY voting period, standard or tie-breaker, at any time if I feel that the current announced length will hinder voting. Reason for this include, but are not limited to: Not enough votes being cast, too many maps entered to be safely played in 2.5 weeks, voting fraud is detected. I will not shorten the voting period for any reason at any time. 2.5 weeks is the official minimum voting time.

    You are encouraged to stream progress of your work. If you are planning on streaming, you can PM me the url to your stream. On the day of the contest, I will make an annoucement that has all of url's to all the streams. If streaming, please keep it some-what clean. No Porn or adult pictures, videos, sounds. If it is going to be an over-18 stream, please set the appropriate warnings so that viewers are prompted before going to your channel that the stream is over-18.

    Ice Crystal
    Fish 2.0

    After voting, the prizes will be distributed as followed:

    First Place will receive the first choice of THREE games from the prize pool!
    Second Place will receive the second choice of TWO games from the prize pool!
    Third Place will receive the THIRD choice of ONE game from the prize pool!

    The Prize pool is located here.
    Monoco - Donated by Eyce!
    Spliter Cell Chaos Theory - Donated by Dr. Element

    I'm always taking donations, I'm a poor college student so if you want to donate any sort of game, I will give you credit for the donation on this thread and be forever thanksful!

    Please make sure to read all rules and regulations of the contest as they are not the same as previous contests. Any questions should be asked either via PM or in this thread via Contacting me through Steam is not a reliable way to contact me as I may or may not be at the computer when you message me.
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    Aww yeah, my time to shine.
    Just wondering how many people will do KotH maps again, there were quite a lot in the last 72hr contest.
  3. Fr0Z3nR

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    We shall see what the coming months have in store.
  4. Crash

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    You must be thinking of the one that was ran before that right around the time of STAR's KoTH contest. The last one only had 3 in it.
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  5. Micnax

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    Oh, yeah, my mistake. I forgot there was one after the one I entered... has it really been that long? D:
  6. Pocket

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    Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping...

    I know, hard to believe TF2 is six years old now. When it first came out, that's how old Halo was!
  7. Terwonick

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    cp_frozen release confirmed! :p

    Maybe I'll actually get to enter this one!
  8. grazr

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    Damn, i was hoping to stick with my sexual innuendo naming theme. Last was pl_gloryhole, next, cp_piles or koth_crabs. Then people could arbitrarily vote it 0 marks again because the name makes them feel insecure rather than judging the map on its actual qualities.
  9. Fr0Z3nR

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    You have about 1 month until the contest!
    Again, review the rules so you aren't caught with your pants down come the weekend.

    The prize pool is looking okay, but I'll still accept donations. These will go towards this contest and future contests!
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    It was brought to my attention that I didn't clarify the rules on uses of pop files in MvM maps, so I'll give the official rules on that now.

    • You can use existing Valve Stock Popfiles as a template and only a template. You cannot use similar or exact copies of popfiles from stock maps.
    • You cannot use custom popfiles made by others.
    • You CAN make a popfile before the contest starts, as long as it abides by the previous rules.

    This will allow you guys to just replace words rather than build one from scratch. Which I'm finding fair.

    These rules are found in the offical post under the "MvM Rules" section.
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  11. Berry

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    One more thing that I'm not sure is perfectly clarified; Is usage of (custom sites that make the .pop for you) allowed?
  12. Fr0Z3nR

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    Updated in rules.

    EDIT: also, 2 weeks til the start folks!
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    Other update!

    Roflman's defusal game-mode IS ALLOWED for the contest.
    You can get the Prefab here!

    Nice work Roflman!
  14. YM

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    Time off: requested.
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  15. Tumby

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    I am SO gonna fail at this, but who cares.
  16. Fr0Z3nR

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    I'll be away for the next 36hrs, but I've received 1 direct question and bunch of hints dropped at me from many others that people might like the ability to start early or late. I would like to hear some opinions on this. The issue is, that we do have a theme this time and if you start early, you'd need the theme early.

    That being said... due to something that you shouldn't know about, but will be announced in the next couple weeks, I would also be more inclined to announcing the theme 2 days in advanced of the start of the contest. Do people want to do this?
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  17. Grizzly Berry

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    I'm not sure how I feel about letting people start early, but I do like the idea of knowing the theme beforehand.
  18. Valkyrie

    Valkyrie Guest

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    knowing the theme before had would be useful for people planning, but I dont like the idea of starting early
  19. nightwatch

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    I think that starting early should be allowed (providing those that start early end early too, obviously) but that there should be some restrictions: no public communication with the community on the subject of the contest should be allowed outside of the normal 72hour period. By this, I mean that you shouldn't be allowed to share screenshots or put up a download link in chat or have someone run an impromptu of your map before the contest begins for everyone else - I feel like it would ruin the hype and make it seem less like a community event. But it's your contest and to be frank it doesn't matter very much.

    And I am all for revealing the theme ahead of time. Stop dropping hints and let us steep our minds in creative juices!
  20. Zwiffle

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    I don't care either way. I like the flexibility of allowing people to start early. Since everything is based on the honor system anyway, I don't really see a problem. Maybe just require people to upload a map once every 24 hours or something to verify they're being honest?

    If you're really concerned about being fair then keep it a secret until the official start date, but it doesn't seem to me like this is a very serious competition - it's a bit of fun, that's it. 72 hours isn't enough time to get a finely balanced, detailed, optimized map (for most people,) so I would argue keeping it loose is a good idea.
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