TF2Maps Demographics and Skills Survey: RESULTS!

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Mar 11, 2013
So, the questionnaire is done! The results are locked in! Wanna see some juicy stuff, you’ve come to the right place!

The results!

Graphs and summaries:

Raw Data
Inside the Zip file attached!

Correlations analysis
Inside the zip file attached!

What does the color coding in the file mean?
I’ve highlighted the Pearson correlation and significance within the excel document, this will serve as a guide to finding where significant links are. I’ve provided a brief explanation below as to what these values mean. Basically though the deeper the color, the more confident or stronger the correlation.

  • Yellow: >10% Confidence
  • Orange: > 90% Confidence
  • Red > 99% Confidence
  • Blue > 0.25 Correlation
  • Deeper blue > 0.5 correlation
Understanding Correlations of quantitative variables
If you've completed statistics at university level, you can skip this.

I did some quick analysis of quantitative variables against each other. Before I dump it all on you I feel as though it’s important to explain what exactly is going on for those unfamiliar with stats.

Correlation: This means the DIRECTION and STRENGTH of the correlation.
  • -1 is a negative correlation (The higher one variable goes, the lower the other goes)
  • -0.5 is a moderate negative correlation
  • 0 is no correlation
  • 0.75 is a strong positive correlation
  • 1 is a positive correlation (The higher one variable goes, the higher the other one goes)
Significance: The value represents the likelihood that the results came out the way they did purely because of chance. So, the smaller this value, the better.
  • 0.10 would mean we are 90% confident in the correlation
  • 0.05 would mean we are 95% confident in the correlation
  • 0.01 would mean we are 99% confident in the correlation
So, if we had to piece it all together. Let’s say we have a correlation of -0.25 with a significance of 0.10

There is a 90% confidence that the variables have a weak negative relationship.

Confused? I sure am, I have an exam in two weeks. Anyways, here’s a table of some juicy bits.

Some interesting correlations:


There's more to checkout in the excel file in the zip folder if you want to get into the nitty gritty of it, unfortunately it'd be too much for me to get into one image unfortunately (if someone can, send me the picture and i'll ad it here).

Other tidbits

Before I’m asked if I can do more analysis on the data, for more correlations. I’ve decided I’m going to leave it at this for a few reasons:
  • It will take a long time for something that I’m pretty inexperienced doing
  • In a lot of instances inference can’t be performed because the sample sizes aren’t large enough
  • Some questions were misunderstood, making it unfair to make inference on TF2Maps as a whole
All the gmail logins are, were, and never will be made public or even viewable by me.

If you found something interesting in the data, I will add it to this post.


  • TF2Maps Demographics and Skills Survey
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Mar 11, 2013
Before they're lost forever, here's the sample pictures provided


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Jul 31, 2009
No, all questions were optional, 83 people chose to vote on it, there were 90 total responses to the survey


Lets try something new!
Jul 28, 2015

Really? but theres nothing to optimize...
Well when I make my alphas I think about how my skybox is going to work, how sightlines are going to work (which can affect gameplay and optimization), and stuff like that. I may not constantly put area portals in my map during alphas, or worry about working with hint and skips, but just knowing how you can and will optimize for the later stages when the map gets more bloated with detail is very helpful.

but theres nothing to optimize...
Mapping isn't just making what you need now, but it's also preparing for the future. If you think ahead about this stuff, and just have some general ideas how you will optimize for more detailed and laggy versions, I guarantee you will have a much easier time mapping, and get less complaints about fps in later stages.

Also some alpha maps sometimes have a bit of detail or are just really big, and if I have to render every bit of that map at every second I'm gonna fucking shit. As someone without a good computer, optimization is very important to me. I'd much rather play a game that's mediocre or not the most fun, but has great performance, rather than a game that is praised by many but won't even run on the stuff I have.


Sep 23, 2011
Who is the joker who made a negative number of maps?


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May 1, 2015
It was pretty neat looking though the stats. Thank you for compiling the data and posting the results.
Mar 11, 2013
Dear Fanta,

Please make sure that axes are labeled properly.

Your probably 4th grade science teacher (and me)

What do you mean by this? I've not made any graphs myself.

Hotel Detective

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Dec 10, 2014
You have graphs. Your axes need labels to show what they represent. Is that 0 Pyro's burned 69 spies? How am I supposed to know?

Or, as like LeSwordfish said.
Here's a visual representation:

I should have labeled this Votes / Maps Finished or whatever but that's the general gist.


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Feb 7, 2008
The questions could be better phrased (especially on the questions that ask you to rate on a 0-10 scale), and maybe it would be better to show these as histograms dot plots instead of bar graphs, but I don't think you need to be this particular when the vertical axis on every single graph is voters. It honestly never occurred to me that the graphs would be read any other way.

EDIT: Turns out a histogram is just a particular type of bar graph. I was thinking of a dot plot.
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Mar 11, 2013

Do this. This is graph making 101.
Then email google and tell them this, because they made the graphs.

Google forms basically does a "hey we'll make a graph of each question" thing after a survey, which I linked here.