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    Recently, the TF2M Discord saw the addition of the #crossword channel, dedicated to solving Joel Fagliano's Daily Mini series. I kinda stepped in to help organise this and push it to its highest potential. The Daily Mini provides the perfect opportunity for a small challenge each day and is meant to be for fun.

    Wanna join in?
    It's super easy!
    • Often, someone will post a link to the Daily Mini (usually at 0200 UTC on weekdays and 2200 UTC on weekends; this may vary).
    • Puzzle solvers are presented with two sets of clues: across and down. Each clue is numbered and corresponds with the start of the word in a grid. Players must solve the puzzle and their time will be present upon doing so.
    • In the TF2Maps’ Discord, hop into the #crossword channel and post your time. This will be recorded in the data collection spreadsheet (unless otherwise specified).
    To aid in presenting any factors that may contribute to a time, the following tags may be included in your submission: mobile, assistance, drunk

    Clicky Links
    NYT Daily Mini
    Analysis and Notes Document

    Have any questions or suggestions? Just let me know!

    Happy solving!
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    howwww did you track down the first date I posted the Mini (September 20, 2017). That's stellar.

    I'm thrilled to see the Mini elevated to its true form. I'm granting you official MiniMaster status.