TF2M Migration Bugs

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Mar 15, 2013
Again, we won't be able to fix it, it's been too long since the migration to even be able to fix it. If you really want to you are welcome to make a new download page to have accurate view counts. Modifying Xenforo code can and will have unintended consequences on other pages and because this is very minor it doesn't make sense to break other things.
I understand that changing code can have unintended consequences, and in some cases that can warrant delaying the fix for a short time until the most qualified person is available to do the job (although if you have a proper test environment set up, the risks of making such changes should really be minimal). In this case it should hopefully be a simple, local and isolated change that would both fix an obvious problem and improve the site for anybody looking at older downloads (of which there are a lot, besides just mine!). There is no reason not to fix it (or at least look into it).

Besides, what is the point of having a thread for reporting bugs if you weren't planning to fix any bugs? Have you really put yourselves in the situation where everyone responsible for the code has vanished from existence and you are now bound to the current state of the site until the next major migration? That would be very unfortunate for everyone involved. What will you do the next time something breaks? What if the entire database gets corrupted under your noses? What if the site gets hacked and account data gets stolen, etc. etc. Basically, there surely has to be someone responsible for making sure the site works on a basic level, such as displaying the right information and not silently corrupting stat counters in the background while most things seem to be working. If I were you I would actually prioritize this as something that needs to be checked as soon as possible to make sure there is not some serious underlying issue, which is partly why I reported it in the first place.


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Mar 17, 2023
Hello, I'm having a problem, after recovering my login my maps of my authorship are no longer in my account, even logging in with steam.

Image above my account that I don't have access to and the maps.

Below my current profile without maps

My Workshop link: