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  1. Fr0Z3nR

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    Positive Ratings:
    [​IMG] Major Mapping Contest #12
    Dynamic Control Points


    To start off, since it wasn't officially stated afaik, public to judges votes will be weighed 55/45. If I am incorrect in saying this (for example, if Berry said it a while ago, and I didn't see it/forgot about it, please let me know with a link to the source and I'll adjust accordingly).

    Voting Categories:
    Alright, we'll keep this nice, quick and simple. There are 11 entries. I ask that you judge at least 8 of them in the next 2.5 weeks. Your voting categories are as followed:

    Dynamicness - 30% - How well does the idea of a "dynamic CP element" play into this map. The interpretation of how dynamic something needs to be to be considered 'dynamic' is up to you.

    "Fun" - 35% - This is kind of our easier-to-understand-version of the 'design/gameplay/balance' category from previous contests. While, 'fun' does imply a bit of an opinion, it's more than that. Consider things like, why are you having fun, or not having fun. Are you not having fun because you keep getting rolfstabbed by a spy? Is that because it's a good spy or because there's a lot of really good spy routes? Do not judge this category off just one playtest! Play the map often! Think critically about your value.

    Aesthetics - 35% - how does the map look? Is the theme appealing? Is it coherent and does it make sense? Does the map feel like an environment that could exist in the world of TF2, or is does it just feel like a level in a videogame? Hows the lighting? Hows the colour choices?

    Please rate each of these categories from 0 to 10. Please keep them whole numbers, do not use decimals, fractions, abstract or imaginary numbers. Remember you are judging based on these entries, and what they are now. While all these entries have potential to be great maps, thats not really what we're looking at right now.

    For your and my convience, here is a handy table that you can use to fill in your values. Simply copy/paste it into your post, just replace the XXXX's with your score.

    Map name | Dynamicness | 'Fun' | Aesthetics
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_alloy_rc1a XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_blizzard_b1a XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_catalyst_a1 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_hadal_b2 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_intrusion_a6 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_reactor_b4c XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_ricochet_a6b XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_sulfur_b3 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_winer_a3 XXXX XXXX XXXX

    Public voting will end on Feb. 23rd, 2016 by 11PM GMT+0 (6PM EST)
    Goodluck entrants!

    A download to ALL the maps can be found here
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  2. phi

    aa phi Let Pain Be Your Guide

    Positive Ratings:
    all opinions are my own

    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 6 2 5
    cp_alloy_rc1a my map! my map! my map!
    cp_blizzard_b1a 3 5 4
    cp_catalyst_a1 3 3 1
    cp_hadal_b2 9 10 8
    cp_intrusion_a6 3 1 2
    cp_reactor_b4c 8 6 5
    cp_ricochet_a6b 1 3 2
    cp_sulfur_b3 10 9 10
    cp_winer_a3 6 4 4
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  3. Berry

    aa Berry spooky scary skeletons

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_alloy_rc1a 6 8 10
    cp_blizzard_b1a 8 (short and sweet, noticable, not intrusive) 7 6
    cp_catalyst_a1 3 (don't know what was dynamic) 6 5
    cp_hadal_b2 8 6 9
    cp_intrusion_a6 7 (I love the boulder) 6 6
    cp_reactor_b4c 5 7 3 (devs still)
    cp_ricochet_a6b XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_sulfur_b3 5 (can't remember what was dynamic) 8 10
    cp_winer_a3 5 (^) 6 6
    cpr_safteyhazard_a9 - - -

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  4. Freyja

    aa Freyja ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 7 4 6
    cp_alloy_rc1a 4 8 10
    cp_blizzard_b1a 6 6 4
    cp_catalyst_a1 2 5 3
    cp_hadal_b2 6 7 7
    cp_intrusion_a6 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_reactor_b4c 5 7 6
    cp_ricochet_a6b 3 4 3
    cp_sulfur_b3 n/a n/a n/a
    cp_winer_a3 7 6 5
    cpr_safteyhazard_a9 - - -

    Scores subject to change as I play more maps and rate these comparitivly

    Quick feedback/Basic thoughts behind scores:

    Abyss: A strong theme, if a bit barren. The curves are gorgeous and the dynamic element changes the layout quite significantly compared to the other maps. However, the final area is way too big and the spawn faces the wrong way for good flow in my personal experience. With more iteration this could be a great map.

    Alloy: A really nice looking map, picked a style and perfected it. Lighting is amazing. Gameplay is solid and fun, geometry is interesting, although A is a little more frustrating to fight in due to it's flat approach. The dynamic element is a bit lacking though, and could be expanded upon to alter routes more, change gameplay more, such as B cooling the metal around final allowing a lower approach and A moving blue spawn forward or something.

    Blizzard: My favourite part of this map is the elevator on 1-2, I think it actually works really well. The rest of the room however isn't very fun to attack, the main "safe" way can be held very easily by a demoman or soldier. Aesthetics wise, this map is terribly unfinished as you probably know. Some of what's there is quite nice, but it all feels very unpolished, like mirror stairs, missing textures, flat lighting.

    Catalyst: I feel this map has potential but it simply suffers from lack of iteration and development. It feels like there are too few ways to attack each point, and the dynamic element is barebones at best and seems to work better for attacking mid than attacking from it, which is the opposite of how it opens. The aesthetic could be nice, the artstyle is already started, but is quite clearly very underveloped and not there yet. There's also a very large, floating something over mid.

    Hadal: A strong map, very unique points and geometry. I've always felt this map was a bit too tight in some flank routes, and sometimes the direction you need to go is a bit unintuitive, but the stripes do a good job of guiding the player around this. The aesthetic could use some work in my personal opinion, some parts like A use textures that feel like they've weathered in ways that don't make sense compared to the rest of the base, and a lot of the props and walls feel much cleaner than the textures you've chosen elsewhere, it feels a bit inconsistent to me. That said, the detailing is still strong, but the feel in general is off to me, at least compared to something like Abyss. The dynamic element is neat as it changes how you approach the final point which I quite enjoy over just making the final point easier to attack.


    Reactor: I always liked this one, I feel it plays quite well. The steam vents are always entertaining but in general I feel the dynamic element is a bit uneventful, maybe it's because the reactor feels like it can be taken fairly easily from the start due to the bridge opening up after B. The detailing is good, but loses points for being unfinished. What is there is quite nice though. It also should have a larger distinction between the teams, or at least progression as you go further into the map. The use of yellow is very nice though.

    Richochet: The dynamic elements in this map seem like they could be interesting, but I never saw them had any impact on the gameplay nor did I really understand how they worked. I might change this after I play more of the map, but it seemed to be a lot of locked doors that restricted routes with seemingly no indication of when they'd open or where they'd go when they were open. The fire room was interesting but I only ever encountered it when it was a dead end, so I'd like to see that be a bigger focus of the map. As for the layout, it didn't feel very logical. B and A seemed to just be connected in a strange way for a linear map and the deathpits around B made the flow for attacking and defending the point weird. Especially considering Red's main point of defense on B seemed to be intercepting blue as they tried to make it to the point. Attacking A was also very frustrating, coming out of spawn you only have two routes that both go past an area where red has height advantage. C was probably the most enjoyable point but it was quite hard for blue to get onto it without crossing through red's main defensive position in my experience. In terms of aesthetics, this map feels drastically unfinished, in part because of the missing content packed into the map and the thousands of error models.

    Sulfur: shit map

    Winer: The final point on this map is really wonderful for some reason. It just feels good, the water is actually amazingly fun to play around. The dynamic elements actually seem really fun, moving the entire flow to the final point. The only problem is that A and B seem to be captured really quickly and the entire map comes down to the final point. I was a scout on A and saw that B started to get capped, and ran all the way to B, and only got there just as it got capped. Red has a very hard time defending them both in my experience, which basically renders a third of the map a give to blue. Aesthetics wise, this map could be really neat, the final CP feels huge and that's awesome, but the rest of it shows how quick you made this map, haha.
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  5. Yrr

    aa Yrr An Actual Deer

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 8 7 8
    cp_alloy_rc1a ╙.‿.╜ ╙.‿.╜ ╙.‿.╜
    cp_blizzard_b1a 6 5 7
    cp_catalyst_a1 3 5 4
    cp_hadal_b2 8 7 9
    cp_intrusion_a6 2 3 4
    cp_reactor_b4c 8 7 7
    cp_ricochet_a6b 3 5 4
    cp_sulfur_b3 8 8 10
    cp_winer_a3 3 6 5
    cpr_safteyhazard_a9 w t f

    votes subject to change when i get to play these more
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  6. TyeZenneth

    TyeZenneth L6: Sharp Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 8 6 7
    cp_alloy_rc1a 5 8 8
    cp_blizzard_b1a 4 6 6
    cp_catalyst_a1 4 3 4
    cp_hadal_b2 5 7 10
    cp_intrusion_a6 3 5 5
    cp_reactor_b4c 6 7 7
    cp_ricochet_a6b 3 5 4
    cp_sulfur_b3 7 8 10
    cp_winer_a3 4 5 6

    Scores subject to change.
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  7. radarhead

    aa radarhead Level 20 "Mapper"

    Positive Ratings:
    Will update occasionally if I play more of these.

    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 8 8 7
    cp_alloy_rc1a 5 9 8
    cp_blizzard_b1a 6 8 6
    cp_catalyst_a1 4 6 5
    cp_hadal_b2 5 7 9
    cp_intrusion_a6 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_reactor_b4c 4 6 7
    cp_ricochet_a6b 3 5 5
    cp_sulfur_b3 6 7 8
    cp_winer_a3 5 6 7
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  8. Moonrat

    aa Moonrat The end of an era

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 7 6 7
    cp_alloy_rc1a 6 7 9
    cp_blizzard_b1a 10 8 7
    cp_catalyst_a1 4 3 5
    cp_hadal_b2 7 9 10
    cp_intrusion_a6 3 3 4
    cp_reactor_b4c 6 8 8
    cp_ricochet_a6b 6 7 5
    cp_sulfur_b3 9 6 10
    cp_winer_a3 3 3 4

    I'll also be updating this list as I get to play more of the maps.
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  9. Lain

    aa Lain heath ledger with some dreads

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_alloy_rc1a 5 5 8
    cp_hadal_b2 8 8 8
    cp_sulfur_b3 8 9 10
    cp_reactor_b4c 5 8 8
    cp_blizzard_b1a 5? 5 6
    cp_winer_a3 3 5 4
    cp_catalyst_a1 4 6 4

    Dynamicness: I still have no idea what the dynamic elements are, they could either be accentuated better, or made a bigger part of the gameplay.
    Fun: A victim of the extended time period of the contest. Could have spent a few more versions in alpha over the extended period to become something amazing, but right now never feels like an attack defend map. It's quite hard to hold any point, players don't set up in chokes, and sentry guns are ineffective on anything other than the last point.
    Aesthetics: Executes the foundry/industrial theme very well, uses a nice color pallet and nothing seems out of place. Would fit into TF2 as a stock map.

    Dynamicness: There are so many dynamic elements in this level (maybe a bit too many?) I feel like whenever I capture a point I am opening up holes in a massive defence for when I enter the point. The last point is also a very nice remix on what is otherwise a stale layout of the steel last point, and while it only raises it gives great benefit to anyone using it.
    Fun: Started off okay, but has flourished into something great as people have learned to play the map. The level gets around the usual steel 'where the fuck am i going' trope by color coding each area, brilliant. Pushes feel as dynamic as the map elements, and finally taking that C point and pushing into D feels great. There are many new layout elements here too, it's not just the same stale formulae with each point, great map.
    Aesthetics: Executes a new theme well, and the aesthetics help layout attribution for new players. All the points feel like their own 'areas' all while keeping the theme whereas some other maps in this competition felt like a jumble of random areas.

    Dynamicness: The dynamic elements in this map are amazing, the dynamics (heh) of the last point completely change from an incappable Steel-type point, to a free for all koth map feel when B is captured. I love all the dynamic elements, executed perfectly.
    Fun: With a brilliant A point, a D point to die for, and a C point that starts feeling more like the steel E point than D does here, the map plays amazingly. Fighting players on D in a massive battle while players rush C to try to get that clock down from good team setups on D, engineer don't feel like they own the place, and neither do snipers. Dropping down to get the health packs always feels awesome, and I don't think that a map of this type could have been executed better.
    Aesthetics: Freyja pls.. absolutely flooring first time you see it, and it continues to amazing me every time i load up the map. The executed theme is somewhere between de_season and arena_suijin with its own TF2 twist. Amazing colors, amazing map feel, and the point areas are brilliant. Well. Fucking. Done.

    Dynamicness: The dynamic elements of this map seem like so much of an afterthought it hurts.
    Fun: I really like gameplay on C, and it deserves a better surrounding level. The water on C is used very well, and standing on the point and fighting is intense. Otherwise i've never seen A or B held for more that 2 minutes, so Blu always has 10 minutes to capture C, but they still never do until last minute.
    Aesthetics: While they aren't amazing, they definitely get the job done, though a lot of the architecture is amazing.
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  10. Bunbun

    aa Bunbun Gay sex slave

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 6 7 7
    cp_alloy_rc1a 6 8 7
    cp_blizzard_b1a 7 6 5
    cp_catalyst_a1 4 6 5
    cp_hadal_b2 8 5 7
    cp_intrusion_a6 7 6 4
    cp_reactor_b4c 8 6 8
    cp_ricochet_a6b 7 7 5
    cp_sulfur_b3 8 8 5
    cp_winer_a3 6 6 6
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  11. Bakscratch

    aa Bakscratch Finisher of Maps

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 8 10 9
    cp_alloy_rc1a 6 6 6
    cp_blizzard_b1a 4 3 4
    cp_catalyst_a1 3 3 2
    cp_hadal_b2 8 8 9
    cp_intrusion_a6 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_reactor_b4c 5 5 7
    cp_ricochet_a6b XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_sulfur_b3 8 8 9
    cp_winer_a3 XXXX XXXX XXXX
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  12. MegapiemanPHD

    aa MegapiemanPHD Doctorate in Deliciousness

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 4 6 7
    cp_alloy_rc1a 5 8 8
    cp_blizzard_b1a XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_catalyst_a1 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_hadal_b2 8 5 9
    cp_intrusion_a6 7 4 5
    cp_reactor_b4c 7 7 5
    cp_ricochet_a6b 5 4 4
    cp_sulfur_b3 7 5 9
    cp_winer_a3 6 3 5

    Will update as I play more.
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  13. Jusa

    aa Jusa

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 7 6 7
    cp_alloy_rc1a 6 7 7
    cp_blizzard_b1a 3 3 5
    cp_catalyst_a1 3 4 3
    cp_intrusion_a6 4 5 4
    cp_reactor_b4c 6 7 5
    cp_ricochet_a6b XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_sulfur_b3 8 7 9
    cp_winer_a3 XXXX XXXX XXXX

    These will change a lot as soon as I have the proper time to play the maps.
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  14. Wilfire

    Wilfire L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:
    Maps are judged based on their current version.

    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 6 7 8
    cp_alloy_rc1a 4 5 7
    cp_blizzard_b1a 9 4 6
    cp_catalyst_a1 2 2 1
    cp_hadal_b2 8 8 10
    cp_intrusion_a6 7 6 6
    cp_reactor_b4c 5 6 6
    cp_ricochet_a6b 3 3 2
    cp_sulfur_b3 6 8 10
    cp_winer_a3 7 6 5
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  15. Spicemyself

    Spicemyself L1: Registered

    Positive Ratings:
    Have not finish yet but I will update soon.
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 5/10 4/10 8/10
    cp_alloy_rc1a 4/10 5/10 10/10
    cp_blizzard_b1a 10/10 10/10 10/10
    cp_catalyst_a1 10/10 10/10 10/10
    cp_hadal_b2 10/10 10/10 10/10
    cp_intrusion_a6 XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_reactor_b4c 10/10 10/10 10/10
    cp_ricochet_a6b XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_sulfur_b3 10/10 8/10 10/10
    cp_winer_a3 XXXX XXXX XXXX
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  16. PyroDevil

    PyroDevil L3: Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 8 7 7
    cp_alloy_rc1a 6 8 9
    cp_blizzard_b1a This Is Mine
    cp_catalyst_a1 3 3 3
    cp_hadal_b2 7 8 9
    cp_intrusion_a6 4 4 4
    cp_reactor_b4c 7 8 7
    cp_ricochet_a6b 4 4 5
    cp_sulfur_b3 7 8 9
    cp_winer_a3 6 7 7

    Abyss is one of those maps that is dynamic in a simple, yet effective, way. Capturing the point doesn't just open doors to new area. Instead, capturing the point changes the map's geometry. Areas previously closed off are more open while the point rises to the second level and becomes asymmetric, giving the other team a better chance of reaching the point. I also love the way the map is made up of mostly curves, making it more memorable. This map does have some problems, however. The last points feel too spacious. The lack of a timer also means a match can go on forever without a way to end the round if there's a stalemate. Detail wise, the map really gives the player a reason to be interested in it. Blu's side showcases the ocean floor while Red's side showcases an underground section. It does feel a bit bland in some parts, but that's just my personal experience. Despite these issues, the map has been fun to play on.


    Can't Judge.

    catalyst's dynamicness was something that I did not notice until later on, and while it is interesting, I feel more could have been done with it. Other than that, the map is a 3cp push style with new paths opened up when the central point is captured. The map is underdetailed, being made of mostly dev texture.


    Writing this up

    This map has defiantly improved since the last time I’ve played. (a3 was the last one I remember) I do like that it’s a linear 3cp map, meaning I just need to go straight. Unfortunately, I got lost very often when attacking. I really did not like that Blu’s spawn was moved up after each capture. If the spawn was moved only after B was capture, it would be fine with me. However, the spawn moved up so often any engineer teleporters would have to be moved or rebuild. With Blu's second forward spawn, I got lost very often. I kept going through the doorway traveling to A because I was facing in that direction coming out of spawn. In judging Dynamics, the map didn’t feel like it had much. There was one trap (which did not work when I played) and the boulder, which was ok, but didn't affect gameplay too much besides killing a few people. Detail-wise, the map felt very under detailed, especially going from B to C. Sure the map had textures and props, but it felt bland. The map itself is ok, but it needs some level of improvement.

    This is definitively one of my top 5 favorite maps in the contest. While I personally do not find Steel to be confusing, it seemed that most people had a much better time navigating this map than Steel. While the map was not fully detailed, the places that were are very well done. My only criticism of the detailing is that it has too much white and yellow to it, and that some more colors would help it greatly, especially in the areas around C and D. In Dynamics, I did find the steam vents to be very interesting and the moving bridges found in many steel type maps were seen. However, it did feel a bit lacking with A and B. I personally loved the old point B, since it made the map feel a bit more dynamic, but I can understand why you would change it.

    Ricochet is a interesting attack/defend map, being set on a cliff side. However, I personally did not find it too dynamic. Aside from some routes changing, there is a fire hazard and a finale after C is capped. The fire hazard was not something I liked, however. Since it was part of a one-way route, I made me not want to use that route because the risk not worth any reward. Gameplay wise, the map has some issues. I honestly did not have fun attacking. Right out of spawn, the map felt like a spamfest for the first 30 seconds. I especially did not have fun attempting to Capture B. The distance between Blu spawn was too great in my experience, and red was able to completely close off the one way route, further discouraging me to use it. The layout allows red to have the same walking distance to B as to A, meaning they can reach the building separating the two areas easily without a teleporter. As for the detailing, the map is underdetailed, being made up of mostly dev textures. It's an interesting map, but it does need some changes.

    Another one of my favorites. I am very much a fan of Steel type maps and this one does not disappoint. The layout is fairly easy to understand and not too confusing, and the added element of the koth timer makes it even more interesting. Dynamic wise, the map is like any other steel map, except the koth timer changes the way the game is played. Blu team is encouraged to capture all the points because that is the easiest way to win. Blu is able cap the point right from the start, but they won't be able to hold it for the given amount of time. This encourages the team to Capture A, B, and C, then go to D, yet capturing each additional point gives Blu a better chance to capture and hold D. There are some sightlines that have the potential to be overpowered, but I wouldn't worry about them too much Needless to say, I've had lots of fun on this one.

    Haven't played enough
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  17. Beef Bucket

    aa Beef Bucket L41: Blessed Member

    Positive Ratings:
    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 10 8 8
    cp_alloy_rc1a 4 4 6
    cp_blizzard_b1a XXXX XXXX XXXX
    cp_catalyst_a1 1 2 2
    cp_hadal_b2 7 XXXX 10
    cp_intrusion_a6 3 4 3
    cp_reactor_b4c 5 3 6
    cp_ricochet_a6b 1 5 4
    cp_sulfur_b3 8 7 8
    cp_winer_a3 5 4 5

    Because I am an asshole I am capping all maps that did basically what Steel did at five for dynamicness

    Abyss is my pick
    Ugh, maybe I wouldn't be so indisposed towards Alloy if it didn't call itself a release candidate but here we are
    So Catalyst, that's... really something
    I like the idea of Intrusion: an interesting event that goes on cap could work on a KotH map, but not on an attack/defend map where the event goes off at most once per (very long) game
    Well, I mean at least Reactor looks alright
    I like what Ricochet looks like so far, though I feel it has many gameplay issues to iron out before focusing on aesthetic. It also has missing textures so there's that. I also have no idea what is dynamic about it
    I haven't played Winer in a while, has it gotten better?

    I haven't played Hadal, so I can't attest to it's fun, but I walked around it today and can attest to its dynamicness and looks and I like what I see. Meh, whatev's. I'm sure it will win with or without my vote

    Update: Ricochet is alright, Intrusion is underwhelming
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  18. Egan

    aa Egan

    Positive Ratings:
    DynCP Egan Votes:
    I wish more admins ran contest imps.

    Map name Dynamicness 'Fun' Aesthetics
    cp_abyss_b1 8 9 9
    cp_alloy_rc1a 7 8 9
    cp_blizzard_b1a 6 5 4
    cp_catalyst_a1 1 3 3
    cp_hadal_b2 6 6 8
    cp_intrusion_a6 2 4 6
    cp_reactor_b4c 4 6 6
    cp_ricochet_a6b 2 5 4
    cp_sulfur_b3 6 8 10
    cp_winer_a3 8 8 6

    C and D felt too open
    D was frustrating to take because the point progress seemed to go away so quickly. like, sure you can have a point that takes a long time to secure, but it was more like both teams didnt want to approach the point because it was so dangerous and so when blue started capping it was hard to back that up.. and it wasnt that red defended it by throwing themselves onto the point necessarily, they defended it by clearing out the area completely, which wasn't really fun..
    the dynamic element on c wasn't really active much. i feel like the steam catapult trigger should have been a bit more leniant as i would sometimes get caught in them if i was moving against the steam direction, repeatedly launching.
    A point felt pretty good.
    B point felt ok.
    the routes behind D and from A felt good I think.
    the routes from B to C felt a bit open too - and maybe a bit too easy for red team to secure? they got really uncontested highground at least in the rounds we played.
    As much as I ripped on D's fight, while weirdly focused it was a battle that included all members of both teams (I say weirdly focused because we all at a weird distance). While weird a bit, it was fun.
    Dyn: 4 Fun: 6 Aesthetics: 6
    https://youtu .be/fJx2TSIH2f8

    I must be an idiot because I didn't realise it wasn't a more gimmicky 3cp, but I was expecting the dynamic element to be more prevalent I guess.
    there are some sightline issues at mid, just walk around as a heavyweaponsguy and try to approach the middle CP - you cannot without encountering a sniper staring you down from 2500 units away, totally blocking the approach - all approaches!
    there were missing resupply cabinets for red team at least (idk about blue team), a couple of the doors were missing or broken, and not having a texture on the ground seems like a weird choice because you couldnt easily tell how far people were away from you, i kinda dont like that people use flat dev textures generally but on the ground makes no sense @ all mappers.
    I feel like if you had released two more versions of this prior to the end of the contest you could have fixed up most of the more obvious problems and the map would have felt generally better all around.
    Ill try to play more..(egan maybe update)
    General theme seemed good. Green is a great color!
    Dyn: 1 Fun: 3 Aesthetics: 3

    Harder to make critical feedback of a more complete feeling / looking map..! Aesthetics feel very tf2 and the glowing heated caged things approaching red base and #1 unique and cool, but also really good feeling. I wonder if the map could have had more of that feeling but it's probably fine. B point felt a bit too grey, particularly towards the higher locations around it.
    I seemed to get separated from the attacking force (when i was attacking i mean) a lot, like, i'd go through A to mix it up a little, but my entire team is going through B because the B door is closer to Blue spawn exit - I feel like the exits should be equal distance to the blue spawn room, even if it is less visually interesting, small thing.
    C felt really good. The dynamic bridges, I know like Im rating other maps down for their lack of dynamic element and then I say here that the dynamic bridges are cooler - but they do feel cooler here because there isnt a bridge from red's right exit to the point - and so you really do notice that negative space junk - you notice the other bridges and how important they feel, and that feels good! (whether unintentional or not I dont know, maybe intentional, anyway its good).
    red spawn feels really good too. its probably the same style of steel but that's fine, it looks and feels warm and red and good and spytech too in the mix.
    I wonder how comp would like it, i bet theyll like the lack of interesting floor texture mixes for their sticky traps.
    I will say that as much as Im praising the bridges and maybe as much as more dynamicism wouldnt really fit - I do kinda wish there was more obvious dynamicism in play somewhere, even if its just a moving-feeling detail object, like billows I think theyre called, those accordian-like things that power a furnace. making noise and blowing in some particles and like somewhow affecting C sometimes, or like in the route approaching C. or like some moving furance parts turn on when blue starts capping.. etc. Idk.
    The fight in the approaching coordioors to C, as we approach C - that rush to secure the point itself - when we were all there it felt good.
    Dyn: 7 Fun: 8 Aesthetics: 9

    I feel like A is good. B is a bit too open and weird. The dynamic element neeeeeeeeeds to be broadcasted #1 to blue team better all around - blue team kept exclaiming "why isnt there another route past this awful choke!" and they didnt even notice the weird dyn tunnel thing..! also #2 its purpose / rules / method needs to be broadcasted better. sometimes it would turn off .. but for how long would it turn off? I dont know and Ive played the map at least 2 hours by now..! (sorry if im being harsh). also that one way door doesnt quite look like a door - it might look like a solid glass wall somehow instead.
    C feels hard to attack on the point itself a bit, but id need to play more of it to be sure.(egan maybe update)
    B felt weird and open because the upper routes gave a weird sense of ownership to blue team, but then theyd have to deal with the encamped red team all over the place, and it was hard to tell who was really owning the area - it kinda felt like we were all everywhere. even for red team it was hard to tell.. suddenly blue is on the point and now they capped and theyre on their way immediately to C o shit get on the point all! the demos are already here with their annoying catapulting blue-glowing pills! I wish on C that I could, as red, go from one side of the defense area to the other without getting seen so easily by snipers. it seems really hard to counter that feeling as a red guy at all. like, I want to defend, but I cant that well.. but not because Im bad, but because Im blocked off by a sniper sightline. :^(
    Glass on that corner route felt good, I like that change I think.
    (egan maybe update)
    A feels good! I like A! I think if you were to keep working on the map that you could detail, or polish the gameplay of A a bit, but mostly just go into detail of A right now and I'd be fine with it (assuming you made that dyn element easier to understand generally).
    Also, the name of the map Ricochet doesn't feel that good - I keep forgetting what on earth Ricochet means to the map. There wasn't really anything ricocheting around.
    Dyn: 2 Fun: 5 Aesthetics: 4

    Lighting felt weird and gray sometimes, like, a bit boring and darker than it could be. I feel like D could #1 have had the D label on the HUD so I remember that D is in fact the last point better, #2 could have looked more aesthetically dramatic - it felt as indoors as C and B and the routes behind A. There are windows above D but I only noticed them when I died and my camera randomly flung upwards a bit - they seem good, but they could be so much cooler I bet!
    The map drawing in blue spawn is so cool.
    B point attacking feels a bit limited but we had low players. B point otherwise felt great.
    A felt good other than aesthetically being a tad boring in the red-held area.
    -1 point (half joking) for not letting red back into their spawn through the locked A door if they ever fall of D when it's raised to its highest peak. I suggested that feedback in that long video for a few minutes honeslty because I really wanted something like it or alternatively solving its problem..
    (egan update)
    Dyn: 6 Fun: 6 Aesthetics: 8

    i liked it!
    Mid dynamic element was very noticeable, it was part of that feeling I was hoping for when I thought 'Dynamic Control Point Contest' initially. The big window themes were great. Great use of colored lighting, good mood themes. Actual good looking volumentric lighting!
    Map was generally fun to attack and defend, even repeatedly, as it happens with 3CP maps.
    I want to play this more.
    As nicely clean the map looked, and it was very easy to read the locations of players - of gameplay - which is great - the walls sometimes do look a bit empty. Maybe having more pipes along the ground-to-wall connections in blue base.
    (egan maybe update).
    Dyn: 8 Fun: 9 Aesthetics: 9

    I currently need to play it more - with more people.
    Blue spawn looks great. Fix that weird pop-in thing going on with the hanging signs.
    A feels decent. I'm not sure I quite like the routes blue can take they feel a bit open and dangerous, I'd need to play it more.. I don't quite like the aesthetics on A - the ground being so gray, all-weathered rock with moss/grass growing on it in patches - looks ugly in this lighting. I think if it was more green, particularly towards the edges that meet up with the cliff wall - opposite the waterfall I mean, it would feel less weird. That the roof above A is unclipped but every other roof that looks that way is clipped was surprising and annoying, maybe have like broken shingles revealing wood places and like a box with a lantern up there - show that you can get up.
    I think B was too hard to attack. It was a lot to control, it was too horizontally spacious for me - you'd almost need to rocketjump over to the sides to maintain a push on the point, but red seemed too powerful in respawn times for you to consider it. There does seem to be a medium healthpack over there on the right from blue's perspective, but I still felt like I'd never want to try it. The water underneith was a deadzone for blue team - no one ever used it because you could be seen entering easily, and it put you at a serious disadvantage. Moving around in spectator this is the first time I've seen this place down under B, had no idea this existed until now (make it bigger and light it up better):
    C looks really great! I wish there was a bigger battle for it - it does kinda seem to take a backseat once it's available to blue capturing D point, maybe that's fine.
    D also looks really good. Red spawn I know you were wondering what you were gonna do with it for a while but I genuinely think it looks really great.
    I did feel like D was a bit big to control at first but I liked that after playing it a while.
    (I hope I can play more of it - Egan maybe update)
    Reason for a 6 in dynamicism is kinda my beef with steel maps generally. Changing how gameplay feels on the final point doesn't really affect most attackers since most will be attacking the easier-to-contest points prior to the last one. The gameplay also doesn't change anytime really thereafter on the final point - not while people are attacking I mean. The door to C really did have an impact at least, so did the doors that open behind A point.
    Dyn: 6 Fun: 8 Aesthetics: 10

    Stage 1 - A, Really gray and boring-looking. Gameplay feels ok, better than previous versions for sure. The routes that blue could take onto B felt interesting, lots of different strategies to attempt.
    Stage 1 - B, Thank you for actually having a Dynamic Control Point where it being dynamic had an affect on gameplay..!!!!!!! (however short-lived it was). I kinda wish it took longer to move that platform up, and that cap time was increased by like 5 seconds. I know it's the first stage and it shouldn't be 'so difficult', but I intentionally had to turn away from the point because I could capture it so easily that it felt bad to end the round so quickly. It could also look better a bit, maybe a bit more moody right on the point.
    Stage 2 - A, Hard to find point because the train blocks your perspective of it once it rolls out. The two building rooms from A's resting place after the train stops and behind it are confusingly similar. Probably could increase captime on this point also by 4 seconds without too much worry. The battle for this point was pretty interesting, good height variation.
    Stage 2 - B, Same problem as stage 1 b where it felt a bit too easy to attack. Lighting looks kinda ugly at the moment, especially with the error models/textures strewn about:
    Dyn: 6 Fun: 5 Aesthetics: 4

    A: Short lived. I don't remember defending it more than the initial startup gates, which got overrun by rockejtumping soldiers and heavies too easily it felt. Too easily I mean in the sense that once that was gone, so was the point..
    B: Too much space to cover? The boulder was kinda funny for 5 seconds and then it rolled out of the playspace and never made another appearence..? The rooms adjacent to the point felt too large to defend conveniently.
    C: Not bad to defend, kinda interesting. Felt maybe a bit easy because that height was so powerful and blue needed a really good push when red was distracted to make it onto the point. I think a lot of players were almost worn out by the time we arrived here that they weren't too happy to play it.
    Of course the map could be detailed more, a lot of blank walls with no props or decals even in the main play areas - like, on capture points. Good attempt at going with the general TF2 aesthetic though, does remind me a lot of early TF2 maps, which is nice. :) More focus on dynamicism would have been neat to see. I think B would need to be trimmed down a lot. A made easier to defend from on the capture point - maybe let red get to the point a bit faster.
    Dyn: 2 Fun: 4 Aesthetics: 6

    Exiting blue spawn was a bit confusing for the first handfull of rounds that I played on the map. I'd spawn and be very close already to the doors exiting into the point sections, and I'd hold W or whatever to exit, and I'd be at some point before I even knew where I was! Not necessarily an inconvenience, but it was a bit confusing. I wish simply I spawned a wee bit farther back from the exit doors.
    A: Short lived, got taken really quickly. Geometry above and around is sick af yo! Really cool style.
    B: Good amount of differentiating gameplay elements. Time it took to cap felt good.
    C: A lot of fun! I was hesitant about the water at first, that it hurt you when A and B aren't capped - seemingly without reason might I add. Pyrosharks were crazy cool in the dark misty waters.
    A lot of maps in this contest did doorways that opened after points were captured, but these doors that opened were the only routes into C so they had a massive impact - like Alloy's bridges. So they alone felt decent for dynamicism - but you also had the C gizmos that felt good also once they opened up.
    P.S. Why is this map called Winer? What is a winer?
    Dyn: 8 Fun: 8 Aesthetics: 6

    Good job you mappers!
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    cp_intrusion_a6 2 3 3
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