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    A lot going on today!
    • Capture Point mini-contest Results.
    • Source/TF2 Rubik's Cube.
    • mentioned in PC Gamer.
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    Did anyone else cry when the dog died? But I digress. Sorry for the late update :unsure: I'm in my last 3 weeks of the semester, and that means crunch time. However, good things come to those who wait, or so the saying goes. And I've got some especially good news to share :D First off, our Capture Point mini-contest has ended, and the results were damn close; Mad props to all of the authors! Remember that it's ok to modify a prefab to suit your needs, but you must always give the author proper credit.

    On a lighter note, a classic brain-teaser has gotten a face lift, and it made me lol; And now for the big news. Two things actually. First, is mentioned by name in the June issue of PC Gamer Magazine :thumbup: Thanks to Vander for catching this! And second, I am pleased to announce that TF2M has become so popular that I am already talking w/ 3 different parties who are interested in sponsoring our next major contest :D Freaking awesome, lol. So take pride, and consider slapping a tag on your latest map; I'll move them out of the archives eventually, I promise :blush:

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    finalist vote?
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    Theres no better mapping community than anywhere. We are really lucky :)
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    What is it with you and nagging people!! I told you I'd get on it already

    -Be patient man!!!!!-
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    Sweet that we got linked in the PC issue. Ive stopped buying them though lately :/ Gotta start again.