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    The First Ever
    TF2F Ladies' Night


    January 24, 2009
    2:00 EST (replaces the normal Saturday SPUG)

    Sarah -
    Alice -
    Ventrilo -

    All the women of TF2! But... this is open to everyone (men too!). We encourage as many girls to make it out for the event!


    What is the TF2F Ladies' Night event?
    For more information on TF2F Ladies' Night, go to the official announcement at Team Fortress 2 Fort.
    We here at TF2F have the privilege to play alongside many skilled, mature, and fun girl gamers. It's a demographic that you don't commonly attribute to online FPS PC games. Sadly, this is simply a stereotype, and we want to prove that wrong! Join us for a day of TF2 as we pay tribute to all the ladies out there!

    But this isn't just an invite to play with girls... this event will be controlled by them! All aspects of the day's games will be in the hands of the women. Here's how it will work:

    Similarly to the SPUG we hold every weekend, anyone wanting to participate will meet in Ventrilo. You MUST have Ventrilo! There will be 2 organized matches (or mini tournaments depending on how many people make it out for the event). The first will be a Ladies PUG, and the second will be a Guys Vs. Gals Highlander. Following the organized matches, we will continue the fun in our public servers. Anyone is welcome to stay for some Pub action.

    Ladies Pug:
    Unlike a normal PUG, men cannot be captains. The girls will be picking teams, and to push it further, no guys can be picked until all girls have been selected. Girls will also decide on the maps.

    Guys Vs. Gals Highlander:
    Instead of a mix of men and women, teams will be separated. As an added bonus, the girls will play Highlander as well as picking Failander teams for the guys. For those who don't know, a Failander is similar to highlander, but the opposing captain picks the classes for your team. So better be nice to your fellow girl gamers!


    For the most part, we will be following standard SPUG rules. You can find those here:
    But, since this is a special event with preferential treatment to women, there will be a few changes...

    - We will try to keep this open to as many people as possible, but we may get to a point where we are full. If this is the case, and more girls are wanting to join, they will be let in at the cost of booting a few guys out. Sorry, but this is a special day. Guys will lose their spots only if we are at maximum capacity and more girls are wanting in. The last guys to join will be the first to go.

    - We here at TF2F respect ALL gamers. This will be open to all players, and so we may not know everyone. But keep this in mind: we expect the HIGHEST level of maturity and respect for EVERYONE. Don't let your hormones take advantage of the event. There will be no complaining of any decisions the girls make, and you will be expected to not be sexist or annoying. Basically, just don't be an ass.


    We encourage all of you to reach out to any girl gamers you may know. We want to make the best of this event! If you see any ladies on random pubs, please invite them out for the fun!