72hr TF2 training script 2017-02-11

A script based on the improved training scenero I came up with for TF2

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    TF2 training script - A script based on the improved training scenero I came up with for TF2

    A few weeks ago I designed what I consider a new, improved training mode for TF2 on Facepunch.

    The training mode I came up with:

    For the 72 hour contest I'm working on a script for the training mode mode. So far I've done the intro, the Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demo and Heavy. I didn't do every bit a dialog (for example I didn't talk about the melee weapons for every class).

    I'm hoping to finish some more of the training and maybe do some polishing of the document before the end of the contest.
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    I think that if I was wanting to get a quick tutorial on basic game functions I wouldn't have the patience to listen to a 4 minute cutscene (/glares at Helldivers). Especially for tutorial instructions on how resupply cabinets and health and ammo pickups work - might be obvious enough already.

    Maybe alternatively some brief optional lore available - maybe even a fan-comic, I'm not sure.

    I think it's a unique idea, and that it could work well in a way, but that it might be a bit of work to implement regardless.

    The hidden coach server slots is a neat idea.

    Maybe the 'class suggestions idea' would be annoying?
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