TF2 Summer Jam 2017 Entry - Medic Candle 2017-08-06

TF2 Jam 2017 Entry - Sculpted, molded, and melted Medic Candle

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    TF2 Summer Jam 2017 Entry - Medic Candle - TF2 Jam 2017 Entry - Sculpted, molded, and melted Medic Candle

    For this I really tried to brain storm and think of something I haven't seen before. Somehow I came up with the bright idea to make a candle (Which I've never done before, so uhhhh). So, I spent twelve hours sculpting a bust of the Medic (Roman statue style of course). I felt I did fit in a lot of detail so I was pretty happy with the sculpt. After that I cast a mold of it using Amazing Mold Rubber, which turns out I didn't have enough of to cast the whole thing. I was lucky it did cover most of his body so I just used what I had. Of course though my sculpt was ruined because it got stuck in the mold and I had to cut it into pieces to remove it. After that I cut out the bone saw from an aluminum sheet and shoved it in the still warm candle wax with some pieces of red candle in the hopes of making a "bleeding candle" which worked okay but not great. Over all this isn't what I had planned exactly but came out half-decent. I think the bone saw inside was a cool idea but the aluminum was difficult to cut cleanly, but it came out fine. Also the reason he has black on his nose and forehead is because his nose was chipped while removing him form the mold so I tried to melt some wax and stick it back on but the wax burnt and turned black? I just went with it, otherwise at this point I would have self-imploded. It's the same for his forehead, his hait came out so good, but he little swishy superman-esque bit chipped off. :( Oh well, other than that I loved it.

    See the melting timelapse:
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