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    Imagine what this would do to the mapping community .

    If we had an option or a tracking tool that did that?

    Class with the most kills
    Most used class in Time
    Avg Lifespan
    Round win % per team per map

    and the OMG!!!11 of it all..

    Death Maps (Colors show where players died most often in each map.)


    edit: Heck even if they released the "how-to-do" so those running a server can set it up for the maps on the server. *sigh* the tools they have and we dont
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    Would be pretty simple given the proper stats. That's one thing that EA got right with BF2, "allowing" the community access to the backend stats so sites like could exist. Unfortunately EA sucks balls and backed out by the time BF2142 came out.

    SourceMod plugin development isn't very hard and a simple plugin to send server stats to a DB wouldn't be a huge challenge and the stats on the web end would be even simpler. I think there was even an update to TF2 a while back that added locations for events, so heat maps would be possible. The biggest challenge would just be to get enough people running such a mod for the stats to have any real value :)