Tf2 Server on Windows 7 x64 Help

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    Hey all, was wondering has anybody done the command line install of the server on windows 7 64bit, if so did you get some some dll file errors and cant execute server.cfg. everything i have followed by the wiki and still get alot of errors. after it post the errors i will start and you can see it on the server master list but cannot connect to it.

    these are dealing with material models/player/items/all_class/id_badge_halo has a normal map and $basealphaenvmapmask. Must use $normalmapalphaenvmapmask to get specular

    then failed to load steam serviceexec: couldnt exec server.cfg
    couldnt exec ctf_2fort.cfg

    connection to steam servers successful
    VAC Secure mode is activated.

    PS: These are the Error DLL files i get when i try to start it "PLAT_GetExecutablePath cound not be located in the dynamic link library tier0_s.dll"

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