TF2 Jam 2020 Medic Melted Wax Portait

TF2 Jam 2020 Medic Melted Wax Portait 2020-09-07

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Feb 10, 2017
TF2 Jam 2020 Medic Melted Wax Portait - The Medic Rendered in hot dripping wax.

HAPPY TF2 JAM!!! I hope you're jammin well!

So... a new year means a new challenge, and hoo boy did I challenge myself this year lmao I know from the outside it just looks like i'm dripping a bunch of candle wax on a canvas and… Actually that's exactly what I did. I sketched a portrait of the Medic using this ( rendering by kamixaqui on DeviantArt and a minimalist rendition of the Medic by Reddit user /u/Fcus. Also the framed photo is another minimalist portrait of the medic by DeviantArt user Pterodaction. This is my second tf2 jam entry involving candles, I guess this would be a followup to my second year when I made a candle bust of the Medic. So this idea basically came about when I was working (at a local thrift store) and brainstorming. On my break I was sketching some ideas and hated everything. I felt like drawing or painting, although it was still a challenge for me, was not thinking outside my creative box. So I thought up a melted wax ‘painting’-- which I’m sure is probably a thing but I haven’t seen one, not a portrait at least.

I also made a process video of making this, which I made a silly lil intro for too. So thats fun, check it out if you want