TF2 is now 8 years old.

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    Todays marks the day, 8 years ago, that The Orange Box was released, with Portal, Half Life 2: Episode 2 and of course, Team Fortress 2. So happy birthday TF2 :)

    Now instead of leaving it at that, I'd like to know at what point you fine mappers joined the game, how many hours you have spend in it, what your favorite update is out of all the bazillion updates released, what your least favorite update is and what your favorite in-game moment is in those years.

    I'll start: I joined right after the Über Update. Yes, I was one of the many F2Ps that joined, but now I have about 2530 hours in the game, most of that time is spent on Pyro, and recently in Hammer. My favorite update would be the 2013 Summer house holding update since it fixed a lot of bugs, improved a lot of maps and made some (at the time) welcome weapon changes. Least favorite would be End of the Line, and I think you know why. Favorite in-game moment that I can remember is the fact that I got a 52 killstreak (without a Medic on my ass at any point) as a Loose Cannon Demoknight. I was happy, and then I got facestabbed. Yay.
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    Happy birthday tf2.

    I'll continue i started tf2 in the new years eve and I have about 402 hours (Yeah I know that's so little time)
    And my favorite update was love & war. My least favourite update was scream fortress VI. And the moment I liked the most was the moment when I decapitad someone who kept speaking after that.
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    Anyway, I just surpassed 1000 hours in TF2 c: (It was a nice milestone)
    My favorite update would probably be Gun Mettle (I like contracts) and my least favorite would be End of the Line.

    My favorite moment would probably be the first time I got a market garden :)
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    I started playing TF2 back in 2007, when it first came out, before any of the major updates.

    I only have a little over 2000 hours in-game, since between 2011 and 2015 I didn't play very much and was mostly into other games at the time.

    My favorite update is the Heavy Update, because it's the update that brought us Badwater, which was the first truly exemplary map for the best gamemode, payload. It also added Badlands, an absolutely fantastic 5cp map.

    My least favorite update is the Mann-Conomy update. I really liked the items in it, but requiring hats to get a set bonus with significant gameplay effects wasn't a great idea.

    I'm not sure what my all-time favorite moment is, it's rather hard to remember everything amazing that's happened over the past 8 years. One of my recent favorite moments was when I completed the entirety of a Heavy Contract, bonus objectives and all, in a single life when I steamrolled through the entire red team's defensive line three times in a row on a round of Borneo.
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    I started playing this game like 8 months ago, and I really well and truly regret not coming earlier. But I feel like if I came along any sooner I wouldn't have met all the wonderful people I have.

    If anything, I can say I met the love of my life through this game. So I owe it quite a lot. One day I will be able to give back.

    I have spent 2500 hours in game.
    My favorite update was Gun Mettle, since it was the only really big one that effected me at the time and it fixed many things that where almost making me quit the game entirely.
    My least favorite would be Love and War, because it introduced a lot of trash that plagues the game to this day.
    My favorite moment would be the time I won the division 3 finals by killing two players as medic and capping the final point. It's my highest point.
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    I am not going to count the minutes here and there that I played before I got my computer. If I did, that would mean I had started playing as a middle school senior and wouldn't have played again for many years. So I'm going to say I started playing the day after the Mann VS Machine update. As for hours...I reset my stats about a week or two ago. I didn't want the time spent dicking around in trade servers to count towards my playtime. But before that I think at least 1000.

    My favorite update probably is the Mann VS Machine update because, come on. Friggin hordes of robots.

    Least favorite is End of the Line because I can't actually think of one I didn't like less.

    My favorite moment (that I can remember) was during a match on Dustbowl. I was on offense as Medic with a Heavy about to assault the final cap in stage 2. I uber and the Heavy goes in eating the fire from the 500+ sentries that are always in Dustbowl. All of a sudden I start laughing mid-uber, the Heavy loses invincibility and gets shredded, and we lose the match...#valveplsnerfholidaypunch
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    I don't think resetting your stats in-game resets the number of hours that Steam has you logged as playing.

    My figure is skewed considerably from when I was in the habit of leaving the game running while I worked on editing and recompiling maps, but I've logged 4,759 hours.
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    I joined in time for Pyromania because I wanted to get those sweet vintage pyrovision goggles.

    I'm always away from home for every major summer update, it seems. I missed MVM's release.

    I've released one map that got to beta, and one joke map that a few people enjoyed.

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    I joined in the Limited Late Summer Pack. ( 5 September 2014 ) after Love&War Update and before Halloween 2014
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    i actually quite liked eotl.
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    I joined in January of this year, and have 500 hours in the game, and quite a few in hammer.
    My favorite update is the only major one that I've been in the game for - Gun Mettle, and I haven't had any reason to dislike any of the updates that I've been around for.
    The best moment for me was on Upward 1st where I was engi and set my sentry up on bottom of the hill. This was the first time that I actually got a hang of going through the paces of wrangler for targets far away, back to the wrench to fix and to the usual sentry spot where my dispenser was to heal and get more metal. We held them on the first point, and this was after we won the previous round attacking, on the push where I got a level 3 sentry in the opening into the last area.
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    Started playing when I got back from a trip to Europe in July, 2011.
    Spent 900ish hours of my life on this.
    Halloween 2013 was my favorite update of all. I just have fantastic memories of playing the cluttered and borderline unplayable plr_helltower with my friends laughing our asses off.
    As much as it saddens me, EotL. So much hype for some wintery cosmetics, an all-class melee and a decent SFM.
    I've had a lot of great moments. One of the most recent ones was, with a friend, started a cult of people that would votekick the lowest scoring team member. If they were kicked, they were weak. If the vote failed, they were strong and became immune to further voting. We used this as our flag.
    thank based sam hyde. We kept this shit going for two hours before eventually someone managed to kick us all. We may have ruined a few people gameplay experiences that night, but it was fun!
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    I first played TF2 in December of 2007. I currently have around 1500 hours played (and it's by far my most played game of all time)

    I bought the Orange Box because I wanted to play Portal and the Half Life Episodes. I had very little interest in TF2 honestly.

    I first played it at a LAN party that my friend hosted. I didn't like TF2 at all at first. My entire team had never played before and we had no idea what we were doing. Also I had old video card drivers on my computer and stuff like the water textures in Well were purple.

    As TF2 got more and more free updates with new maps and weapons I started playing it more and more because I liked Valve giving away free stuff for the game vs what was happening with DLC in most games.

    I'm not sure what my favorite update was. I liked the Engineer update a lot for the new weapons, mechanics and maps they added. I also really liked how Valve handled the Spy vs Sniper update (how it started as just the Sniper update and then became spy vs sniper). I also liked Gun Mettle a lot.

    I was really disappointed by End of the Line because of the lack of Snowplow after having tested it felt like a punch to the gut from Valve, I can't imagine how Frozen and YM felt.
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    TF2 has probably been the most influential games for me in a lot of ways. It was one of the first "real" games I ever owned when I got it in April, 2008. I now have over 4500 hours logged, and I think all the countless valuable experiences and good times I've had on various servers in this game have had a bigger impact on my life than a lot of things have.

    Needless to say, it's still my favorite game of all time :)
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    I don't remember percisely when I started, but I remember carrier tanks being on 2Fort, so Late 2012 is a good guess.

    I have 2184 hours in game, my favorite update would probably be 2 Cities.
    Idk about least favorite updates. If I can call out an update that happened before I started playing, I would say the scout update, because it had nothing but the most annoying scout items and the worst maps. (except fastlane, fastlane is coo)

    Most of my favorite moments come from a 32 player 24/7 instant-respawn 2Fort server I used to play on while perfecting the art of Deadringer spycicle spy (I thought I was the only one using that loadout back then)

    I also remember looking all over the wiki trying to find out how to apply orange paint to my rocket-launcher after seeing a rocket-jumper in game.

    My mains are Spy -> Demo -> Scout ... but I can play all of the classes to a certain level of goodness.
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    I remember all the drama.
    yeh thats all i remember...
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    I bought the orange box back in June of 2011. Right before the Free-to-Play update.

    I actually bought the orange box with no intention of playing TF2 at all. I only wanted to play HL2 and portal. The first day I tried TF2 was the 11th of September, 2011. Since then I have logged 2507 hours, and 460 on an alternate account.

    When I started playing, my main class was spy. I used to be really good at deceiving people and doing trick-stabs.
    I guess my mains now are pyro and soldier, with heavy and engineer being a close second.

    Back when I was new, I thought random weapon drops were caused when you walked over a weapon that someone had dropped when they died. I also found a hatless sniper hat right when I got my first achievement which showed a picture of sniper getting his hat shot off, so I thought you got hats from achievements.

    This is a hard one, but my favorite update might have to be the 2011 Scream Fortress event. I loved how demoman's eye came to life and tried to kill everyone with crit-rockets. The seal mask was also really funny to me, as was all the collectible paper masks for each class. I also thought eyeduct was the coolest looking map when it came out.
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    I'm kinda surprised I didn't start playing earlier that year because I was really hyped after seeing the first Meet the Team video (Scout in April 2008) and couldn't wait to try it. I remember a friend saying, "Hey, you know that video? That game is out now" after awhile. At the time, we were playing a lot of ZPS and other HL2 mods.

    4500 hours now but some of that is from map testing. I play all the classes, but medic & heavy the least.

    I don't know what my favourite update was, but the one I have the fondest memories are from the Scout update. Old school sandman uber stuns FTW! :D

    I don't think I have a least favourite update. Maybe Halloween 2014.
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    It was 2006, when I saw this video in the first time, now It's 2015 and It's still gives me the chills... I found this on my old magazine disk.
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