TF2 Is Crashing, Slowly Going Insane

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Mar 17, 2016
Backstory (oh and you have to read this):
So my friend and I were doing some team cooperation on a casual server. I recorded a demo and played normal while some ukrainian people were conversating. The game ended and I left the server and went to do some errands on a koth map I would've published. Did the CompilePal, and launched tf2. Then it crashed. OH NOES. I went on discord for help and someone said to verify the files (thank you whoever said that) didn't work.

It crashes just before the main menu starts. Verified cache. Removed custom HUD. Restarted computer. Deleted demo. Don't know what to do next! I want to play TF2. Maybe the devil is playing tricks on me. Karma maybe? Maybe there's a simple fix that I forgot it existed? Oh and here's my custom folder:

Ughhhhh I just want to play TF2...

Da Spud Lord

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Mar 23, 2017
I can only suggest a few things:
-Clear out your custom folder. Cut everything temporarily to a different folder.
-If you have any launch options or parameters set, try launching TF2 without those.
-Go into your cfg folder and temporarily pull out your autoexec.cfg and config.cfg files. Leave config_default.cfg.