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    Hello All,

    I'm Darryl "Absolute" Allen of International Gaming League, Co-Founder & CTO. We're a new online gaming league for the casual/amateur, and even advanced gamer.

    Elevate your game!

    What is the IGL ladder?
    The IGL ladder is a place for 9vs9 Highlander (and soon 6vs6) teams to come & compete. IGL provides all servers, an easy to use team builder system, and a list of free agents looking for a team. Do you posses leadership skills? Perhaps creating a team & recruiting free agents is best for you. Do you not have time to run a team? Register as a free agent and join up with an existing team.

    How are teams ranked?
    All teams start with 100 points. If you beat a team ranked higher than you, you gain a good chunk of their points. If you beat a team lower than you, you only take a few of their points. But don't worry, every 15 days, we re-adjust the divisions so you're always playing against teams of your skill.

    When are matches?
    Matches happen when YOU want. We have 2 options available, the first being an hourly pool of teams. Every hour, on the hour teams can join a pool. Each team captain gets the option to vote for a map from a per-determined list. The map with the most votes at match time becomes the map for that hour. Teams are then paired against another registered team within their skill set. Players then enter the server by clicking a 'Play' button from their IGL Dashboard. All features are web based.
    The second match option is more traditional, allowing teams to challenge a specific team in their division, specifying the date, time & map of choice. The opponent can either accept or deny the challenge.

    I have more questions, or I need help. How can I get in touch with you?
    Any bugs, feature requests, comments or concerns can be sent to me directly.
    Skype: IGLAbsolute
    Twitter: IGLAbsolute
    Steam: IGLAbsolute
    Email: dallen[at]playigl[dot]com

    Thank you all for reading!
    Elevate your game!

    p.s. If you feel you have a new awesome, well balanced map ready for competitive TF2, please reach out to me.
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    both of those are maps by the way, they haven't just broken
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