TF2 Crashing Engine Problem

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War Paints Everywhere
Apr 26, 2015
When I am playing in my custom map, tf2 will crash randomly and then give me this message. ED_Alloc: no free edicts. These maps are both PL D-Day and Koth Cease FireWhat is going on?


MvM Maniac
Apr 5, 2017
Exactly what the error says on the tin:

You have so many entities on your map that during run-time the game exceeded the 2048 edict limit.

You need to lower the number of entities on your map (e.g. prop_dynamic to name one) to < 1500 so that there are enough free edict slots for players, projectiles, etc (run-time entity creation)

You can type "status" on your console to get the edict usage at any point in time.