Tf2 Crashes when I try to load my Map

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    So I am working on a custom tf2 map. I recently put in a door and wanted to test it out to see if it works but it when I try to load it in tf2, tf2 crashes. I can load other maps and other custom maps as well as previous versions of my map. I have determined that its not the map name and that when the door is deleted the map actually works. I am new to mapping so I don't know what in particular could be causing it since the door was implemented just not working when I tested it awhile ago and now after quite a few changes to try and get it to work my map doesn't even load D: Any ideas on a particular thing that could be causing this?
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    Check your compile log here
    It's great to check if you have any problems with your map,
    Also, try changing game settings, that might be it.
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    so your door is the problem..

    try deleting it and making a new one by using a tutorial on doors