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    so, some of you may know of a little app by the name of amino... if you don't, thats okay! ill tell you what it is here!

    So amino is a social media app, used to interact with people who like the same things! in the app, there are tons of smaller communities, where you can get down into some deep conversations with some people... on amino, there is the tf2 amino (which i curate), an amino I made (we'll get more in depth in a moment) and tons of other aminos!

    now, I want to advertise my own personal amino... currently, there are 9 members, not including me, in the amino, and there are 2 posts in total... which absolutely sucks! so I highly encourage you to download the app and give my amino a try!

    features: are you an artist? a mapper? do you make sfms? come! join us! its a place for all content creators to get together and hang out!

    and sure, maybe you cant upload your maps there, but i personally find it hard to so stuff on on mobile, and with this amino, I hope to change that!

    If you have any questions about this, please ask away, and if this is not allowed to be advertised here, please tell me, and i will take it down immediately...

    LINKS! Community | Appstore download | Google playstore download
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    Cool, I may just have to download this!