TF2: Condensed Summer 2019 Cosmetics (YT video)

TF2: Condensed Summer 2019 Cosmetics (YT video)

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Jul 23, 2016
TF2: Condensed Summer 2019 Cosmetics (YT video) - An experimental style of video I decided to make over the weekend with some donut trickery in SFM

Honest to god, I made this video over the last two days. The entire premise is an experiment to try and speed up videos, because lots of TF2 channels have... honestly, I can best describe it as fluff. Just meaningless words that are there to pad out time. You know who I'm talking about. So, this is meant to be an antithesis to all of that where I try and cut off as much fluff as possible to make a cohesive video that you can just watch and learn from in two minutes.

The SFM experimentation you can see with the texture overlay; that's actually all done inengine. I found out about a trick to make bokeh round in SFM, and I'm like "yeah sure I can get behind this", except a 4K render at 1024 DOF samples takes approximately until the heat death of the universe, so I had to make due with 64 samples. Also, lossless 4K burns up space hard, that video raw was over 90 GB.