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TF2 Character Scale Prefabs V1

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Takes way to long to make and update maps
Jun 11, 2015
TF2 Character Scale Prefabs - A set of Hammer prefabs designed to help scaling

Contains one prefab for each of the nine classes, as well as for the Engineer's three buildings

***To install:***
Copy the "TF2 Character Scale" file contained with the .zip to "...\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\Prefabs"
This should be all you need to do

The class prefabs contain a prop_static of the class, and a info_null at the class's view height
The prop_static has its render distance set to the distance each class can cover in one second while at base speed, creating a radius around the model for easy viewing
The info_null is set up at the class's view height for use with Hammer's Camera Tool
To use the info_null and the Camera Tool to see at a class's view height:
Select the info_null with the Selection Tool (Shift + S; you may need to change your selection style from Groups to Objects on the right toolbar)
Enter the Camera Tool by clicking on its icon on the left toolbar, or by pressing Shift + C
Once in the Camera Tool, create a new camera by Shift Clicking and dragging in the direction you wish to look
To delete a camera, select the camera by clicking on it in a 2D view, or cycling to it using the Page Up or Page Down keys, and then press Delete
More info on the Camera Tool can be found at

The building prefabs contain just a prop_static, except for the teleporter
The sentry prefab has its render distance to the sentry's detection range
The dispenser prefab has its render distance set to the range of its effects
The teleporter prefab contains two skip brushes, one to show the amount of room required to place a teleporter, and one to keep it on grid