Textures showing differently in editor and game

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    I have two brushes next to one another. They have the same material, and in the editor I have ensured that they stitch together properly. However, in game it's a total disaster as it looks like this:


    Desperately need help here.

    edit: turns out i was compiling an old version of my map because it had an error. good.

    anyway, there's still a problem: the two brushes are lined up properly now but one of them is considerably darker than the other. i don't even know how that could happen.
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    I'm unsure of your skill level (with one post and all) so I apologize if this is too obvious, but have you sewn the displacements together yet? It kinda looks like the alpha between the brushes isn't lining up, which could be caused by the vertices of the brushes not lining up on the grid. To fix this you can use the vertex editor button: drag a box around the off-grid or misaligned vertecies, drag them and match them up with their neighbours. Doing so will allow you to 'sew' the displacements correctly and make sure the vertices exist in the same space on the grid - which could get rid of the ugly shadows. Otherwise, if that's not the case, you can check the lightmap scale and make sure the scale is the same on each neighbouring brush. If that's also not the case then perhaps try just remaking the brush - source is weird sometimes.
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    If you are complaining about the shadow between this displacments, "destroy" every other displacment in the gorund, which can't be seen by players anyway.

    Also make all of your props prop_static instead of prop_dynamic.