Textures and alpha channels.

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    Hello there, steam's currently not running for me, maybe you can help me out:

    I was wondering which kind of textures already have an alpha channel (so you could just go for $basealphaenvmapmask to make them reflective).

    So, translucent textures would obviously have one, but how about the other standard textures? (and is there a quick way to access the alpha channel, other than converting the texture into some kind of image format?)
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    Most overlays will have an alpha channel, as well as glass and the chickenwire textures. The alpha channel can be found along with the RGB channels if you run the textures though photoshop. There's a plugin you can find on Nem's tools site that makes VTF files compatable with PS.

    Sorting out alpha channels via a program like VTFEdit is finnickity as hell. Do you have Photoshop by any chance?

    If you don't i know channels are a lot different in third party software like GIMP. I can't give any advice there.
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    Well, I know for a fact that there is a .vtf plugin for paint.net... So unless you have PS, that'd be a place to start.
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    You can open the .vtf in VTFEdit, then press ctrl-shift-a to view the alpha channel. Then it's as simple as screencapping and cropping :D