Terrible a1

Pretty bad i guess

  1. Anreol

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    Terrible - Pretty bad i guess

    Bad attempt in 72hr A/D
    Kinda lazy to upload screenshots or to add a description.
    Probably too detailed.
  2. Anreol

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    Cant it be more terrible?
    • Blue spawn now can jump off to the sea and die. Enjoy that.
    • Added a counter to see how much people suicided.
    • 2big4u: Changed all big health kits to mediums
    • Added stairs to the red spawn so you dont gotta jump. Somehow no one noticed this and no one gave feedback about it
    • New route: From A to the sideroute of B
    • Added cubemaps so the autobuild option of Compilepal is useful. Also because they are cool.
    • Moved airboat to the water, because thats where airboats are supposed to be.
    • Added crates and stuff to where the boat was.
    • Friendly reminder that the sign before B dont hides anything.
    • Fixed the gap above the door in red spawn.
    • Fixed the nodraw ceiling dark room. Lets act like that never happened.
    • Optimized with areaportals and some hints.
    • Changed capture timers since I forgot to change from the default of the prefab.
    • Added spectator cameras. Enjoy that perspective of the boat. That's a nice shape~
    • Made pretty obvious that you cant jump over the boat.
    • Tried to clip some prop doors. Expect getting stuck on them anyways.
    I tested the map with bots. I think they enjoyed it.
    The update was made inside my 72hr time, and until the map got approved a lot of time passed, so thats happens.

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