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Tera (wip name)

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by TerabyteST, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. TerabyteST

    TerabyteST L4: Comfortable Member

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    Hi, this is my second map ever. It took 1 day and a half to layout, and I've actually made it to play with bots :p

    It features two spawn points separed from the central point by a line of building that will help stop snipers. It has many buildings surrounding the point and there are 3 entrances to the point for every team, and each leads to a different capturing strategy. For the tests I've done with bots it plays fairly well, and players are able to destroy sentries even though the entire point fits in their sight range. That's due to the many ways to get on the point which help you cover yourself while attempting to stop the sentry.
    Under the point there is a pit full of water. It is a nice strategy element since pushed down players will have to follow the sewer line in order to get back to the battlefield, and this gives time to the enemy to cap the point safely.

  2. owly-oop

    aa owly-oop im birb

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    The tiny ramp going to the point looks annoying to maneuver on and too hard to get up if the enemy is on the point
  3. The_Ulf

    The_Ulf L6: Sharp Member

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    Yeah, the ramp might need to be wider - but it looks like you've got two more routes (per side) to the point, right? Looks very interesting, I'd like to see this on a gameday (with human players :D)
  4. Trotim

    aa Trotim

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    Cap area should probably be twice as big
  5. Exist

    Exist L6: Sharp Member

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    The possibility's for solly's are endless in this map.

    This also mean spam for demo. :(
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