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    Hey, I searched on teleports and such, but couldn't find a concise answer.

    On my map, I have 2 spawns for red, the 1st spawn being disabled as soon as blu captures the 1st point. The problem is, I want anyone still left in the 1st red spawn to be teleported to the 2nd spawn.

    I tried having a disabled trigger_teleport that was enabled as soon as the point was capped, but it did not work. My friend suggested game_forcerespawn, but that respawned everyone regardless of position (including blu!). I tried the teleport one with the clients flag checked, and having it sent to a info_target (then tried it later sending it to an info_teleport_destination, to no avail). I'm kind of stuck here guys, any ideas on how to fix it?
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    The teleporting idea is kind of tricky - a teleport brush can be targeted to a single point entity, which will result in everyone being teleported in the same spot. What I used in my map which needed this, was to simply kill the remaining players in the locked spawn room. Sure, it's not as elegant, but on the bright side, it adds an incentive for those people to not stick around in their spawn for too long :)
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    Teleports do work in TF2 and are OK as long as you aren't trying to make it seamless. (It'll be a weirder experience the higher your ping is.)

    Simply specify a target that points to a point entity (I use info_target) as the destination point. You can use a second info_target near the teleport brush as a "landmark". If a player is standing in a certain place relative of the landmark when he gets teleported, he'll end up in a similar position relative to the teleport endpoint. (You can't rotate players, however.)

    This means if your two spawns are the same shape, you can have people teleport into the same "spot" in the second room that they were in the first. (If they aren't the same shape, be careful that it's not possible to be teleported into a wall.)
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