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    Hey again!
    I'm working on my map, and i will use teleporters, (obj_teleporter)
    But the bad thing is that the enemy can destroy / sap them.
    There is a way to make the teleporters invencible or something?

    And if that dont works, because 1 teleporter for a whole team isn't enough, how i can make a invisible zone that teleports you in a instant to another zone?
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    obj_teleporter has a flag to make it invulnerable but it can still be sapped. You could try enveloping them in a block bullets-textured box that has very close, or overlapping dimensions.

    The best way to teleport players is using the point_teleport entity. You place it where the destination is, orient it and place it on the ground. Give it a name and for the entity to teleport, use !activator. Then for the source location, use a trigger_multiple > OnStartTouch > targetname of point_teleport > Teleport. point_teleport is great because it lets you use logic_case to choose random destinations, which could be handy later.

    Be advised that player direction momentum is preserved through portals... uh, I mean teleporting, meaning that no matter what direction a player faces when he arrives, he will still be moving in the direction he was when he ran in to the trigger.
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