Teleporters and Rendering

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    I have an unusual question: I was reading up on area portals, and I realized that some of the locations on Shenanigans are rather unusual in that they are completely cut off from the rest of the map via teleporters. You never see them unless you teleport in, at which point you can't see the rest of the map.

    So how does that work with area portals? I'm assuming the game just says 'can't see it, do it later' and so it's only actually rendering a relatively small portion at any given time. But I'd like to doublecheck.
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    Area portals do the same as when you have 2 sections completely seperated. They will split 1 area into 2. So if a map section is completely seperated dont worry about them. Even if they are the same area as an other part of the map it wont harm. simply as they dont leak into each other.