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    I'm looking at doing another game mode and want to have engineers (only) teleport to a tower at either end of the map - can this be done?

    I'm also looking at if func_breakable breaks at location A (somewhere on the map) - I want it to respawn at location B (it's original starting point)

    Anyone know if this can be done?
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    Hi, Bug.

    Unfortunately there is absolutely no way to filter players by their TF2 class. That data is not given to the logic system. Your only solution is to make a trigger that sends an output to a point_clientcommand to force the player to switch to the class, using the join_class command.

    You can respawn entities using the point_template entity. You can teleport entities using the point_teleport entity. The point_teleport should be placed at the destination. Its origin point in the world will be used by the func_breakable when it appears. Likely what you'd do is build your breakable in its original location and teleport it to location A. After it breaks and you respawn it, it will appear at location B, where it was in Hammer.
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