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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Fixed a client crash related to the Mann Co. Store
    • Fixed server crash related to the ConTracker
    • War Paints directly purchased with Blood Money in the Mercenary Park Gift Shop and the Dragon Slayer come as Factory New again
      • Existing War Paints and weapons affected by yesterday's change will be fixed-up in the coming days
    • Fixed the bite bodygroup for The Fishcake and The Dalokohs Bar
    • Fixed the Festive Jag not drawing the lights
    • Fixed a bug related to the Razorback and touching a resupply closet or respawning
    • Fixed the Mantreads description for reduced airblast vulnerability
    • Fixed bots constantly respawning during Training mode
    • Fixed bots constantly respawning when tf_bot_force_class is set
    • Fixed a case where bots would constantly respawn if tf_bot_spawn_use_preset_roster was disabled
    • Added tf_bot_reevaluate_class_in_spawnroom convar to allow servers to disable bot reselecting their class while in spawn rooms
    • Fixed a bug with the Phlogistinator's attack distance so it matches the other flamethrowers
    • Fixed the War Paint icons in the Steam Community Market
      • Known issue: War Paints still show as blank and with zero quantity in search results
    • Fixed a bug related to the Medi Gun overheal upgrade in Mann vs. Machine
    • War Paints now have individual listings on the Steam Community Market
    • Outgoing party invites now get a notification panel
    • Updated cp_badlands
      • Disabled collision on a bunch of props (mainly lights/lamps)
      • Reduced attackers' spawn advantage by 1 second when working on final control point
      • Upgraded the small ammo pack to medium in the yard (on the porch)

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    Heh. Setting tf_bot_reevaluate_class_in_spawnroom to 0 seems to fix the problem of bots suiciding in spawn.

    However, sv_cheats 1 has to be on to use it. That sounds fine on the surface, but if you set sv_cheats back to 0 after setting it, it also sets tf_bot_reevaluate_class_in_spawnroom back to 1 (which means 1/2 the bots still randomly suicide). You can only ever use tf_bot_reevaluate_class_in_spawnroom 0 on a server with sv_cheats set to 1.

    That... doesn't sound intended.
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    So I guess this is the artpass update.
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    damn son
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    And they still have not updated enclosure with latest version.
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